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Fine Dining in Knoxville

by RuthieDC 8 years ago

I'm a DC foodie that would like to give my Dad a gift certificate for one of the best restaurants in Knoxville. Fining dining preferred but not a must. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Knoxville lunch.

by Harters 8 years ago

We plan to break a journey and stop for lunch in Knoxville - probably first going to listen to the midday live music at the Visitor Center on South Gay Street. Any thoughts for a casual lunch in th...

Knoxville Nosh?

by jjoyy 8 years ago

Staying the night in east Knoxville and need a rec--please not fried or BBQ!

the best four dollars I've ever spent - knoxville, tenn

by vinouspleasure 8 years ago

every year or two our kids make the finals of a problem solving competition called destination imagination. we stay in the dorms at university of tenn @ knoxville and eat terrible dorm food. This y...

ny hound at university of tenn knoxville without a car

by vinouspleasure 8 years ago

hi, back at u tenn for a kids problem solving championship. Food on campus ranges between bad and very bad. first and foremost, is there any great bbq around campus? last I checked there wasn't ...

1-40 between Knoxville and Nashville - Friday Dinner

by sarahyla 8 years ago

Here's a shot in the dark. We're driving from Asheville to Nashville Friday and will be pretty much halfway around dinnertime. Any recommendations for something easily accessible from 40? BBQ, dine...

Best BBQ in Knoxville TN?

by lenijacob 14 years ago

Hello - am travelling to Knoxville for the NASCAR race in Bristol next wknd and living in NYC (wher we have some bbq but not a lot) I am itchin' to get authentic REAL southern BBQ when I'm in Kn...

Knoxville's AliBaba will close in March (2012)

by shallots 8 years ago

After forty years, the owners of Ali Baba's Deli on Kingston Pike will retire and close the restaurant March 19. We will miss them both for their deli and for their food resources. http://w...

Knoxville / Eastern Tennessee Recommendations

by Bayjarba 9 years ago

My wife and I will be visiting the Knoxville area over Halloween, and are looking for some recommendations. The trip will end with a two-night visit to Blackberry Farm (no need to sell us on that,...

(A little) Vietnamese food finally comes to Knoxville

by EarlyPM 11 years ago

Went to Bida Saigon today for the first time (noticed it driving by the other day) and had to spread the word. This place just opened six weeks ago and only serves beef pho and pork banh mi, with t...

Best BBQ in Knoxville area

by foodwhisperer 9 years ago

Dead End BBQ is definitely the best. The pork and the chicken are amazing.no one else comes close

driving st louis to knoxville, tenn

by jwk714 9 years ago

HHHEEELLLPPPP!!! I seriously need interesting, non-chain, home-type quality, high-end (or any of those!) foods on the driving route. 5 or 10 miles off the route wont kill me if it's worthwhil...

Saturday Date Night downtown Knoxville?

by CindiR 9 years ago

We'll be staying downtown (Union Ave.) on Saturday the 16th. Any suggestions for cocktails or dinner (or after?) Nothing too terribly fancy, but it's my first time to the area and would like a lo...

Hong Kong House, Knoxville, closed; will become a 'crazy donkey'

by shallots 9 years ago

The restaurant that had Peter Chang as chef for a while has now closed. We drove by today, there was no "we've moved to......", only signs that they were soon to reopen as El Loco Burro. Hong...

Recommendations for Knoxville, Nashville and Memphis

by vtaran 9 years ago

My daughter(10) and I will be flying in to Knoxville. We've never been to Tenn. so I'm renting a car to tour around. I'm looking for recommendations for Must See, Must Do, Must Visit and any uniqu...

Knoxville - Best Place for Drinks After Work

by vols212 11 years ago

I'm looking for a place to have a group for drinks after work either downtown or in west Knoxville. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

Relocating to Knoxville.... Good Restaurants? Grocery Stores? Pho? Sushi?

by sfafard 11 years ago

Hello Everyone, I am relocating with work for a year from Maryland down to Knoxville, what are some good restaurants in that area? Good grocery stores? I must have a good sushi place with fresh fis...

West Knoxville

by chefmattryan 10 years ago

Hey fellow Hounders, I just moved to West Knoxville, and have found myself looking for great places to eat/work nearby. I am a seasoned chef, and don't want to end up at a dive or a place that d...