Kid Friendly

Bringing the little ones along? Don’t panic: Chowhounds know where to go for the best kid-friendly restaurants and shops, plus brilliant ideas for cooking food that'll make your toddlers come back for seconds (even vegetables!).

How to Make a Healthy Easter Basket for Your Kid

Do healthy Easter baskets sound like an oxymoron—or just plain impossible? You want to see your children's eyes light up when they see their Easter baskets, but you don't want them to gorge on artificial...

Plates Com Tam | Seaside - Monterey Peninsula

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 days ago

Opened a year ago by the owners of the established Chopstix restaurant, Plates Com Tom offers a more authentic look at Vietnamese homestyle cooking. When I first saw the menu, I was dubious that th...

Golden Crab House | Outer Sunset - San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 10 days ago

Golden Crab House is the new offshoot of the popular PPQ Dungeness Island. When we were there on a Friday night in late March, the soft opening was in its third month. Eyeing the three large ta...

American School Lunch Is Becoming More Diverse, Like It Was in the 1910s

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

" . . . There’s a phrase for Dao’s experience: the lunchbox moment. While the food in these stories is diverse, from Filipino lumpia Shanghai to Cameroon peanut sauce, the emotional experience is s...

Eating in Albuquerque

by jwilbur 3 months ago

Hello my sister and I are coming into ABQ from Washington DC the last week of April and are looking for some cool places to eat preferably non chain for lunch and dinner. Also if we could find a ni...

Lunch near Tate Britain?

by marina13 3 months ago

Looking for a lunch recommendation within a short walk of Tate Britain that is kid and vegetarian friendly. Thanks in advance!

Rome and Florence/Tuscany with Kids, High End

by ben12345 3 months ago

I am planning a twelve day trip to Italy with my family, kids aged 7 and 9. I would like recommendations on restaurants that offer high quality food and experience, price is not a concern. The ab...

Itinerary Advice (Paris with a Toddler)

by ericdw 4 months ago

Hi all, We'll be in Paris for a week in April and we're working out our dinner reservations. We'll be dining with our 3 year old daughter. She's well behaved and used to eating out in nice restau...

Restaurant Suggestions Paris with Kids

by mlm228 5 months ago

Hi, and thank you in advance. I’ll be traveling end of summer with my family of 5 - kids aged 10, 7, and 2. I’m looking destination dining that wouldn’t be a total disaster to bring kids to. The...

Mexico City - traveling with toddler and looking for great food in vibrant settings

by waxyjax 6 months ago

Hi! My husband and I are planning a trip to DF and will be taking our 3 year old daughter. I'd only been once before - but it was a work trip so didn't have much time to explore :( We love Mexic...

Kid friendly

by bhelkins 6 months ago

Suggestions for kid friendly restaurants in Arlington for Sunday lunch. Not McDonalds!

Birthday Trip to NOLA - Fancy but okay with a toddler?

by thrashingstick 8 months ago

Hi folks, long time lurker, first time poster here. We're heading to New Orleans for my birthday that's right after Christmas. We would like recommendations for a fancy foodie birthday dinner that ...

Creative Alternative to Taco Catering 2018 version

by daintysharky 7 months ago

Hello, I saw a four year old post about alternative to taco catering for a children's party. I was wondering if you all had any ideas beyond BBQ, a food truck (logistics don't work), and burgers? A...

Birthday in Austin with kids

by nessagr 7 months ago

My family is traveling to Austin from Minnesota after Christmas. It's our first time in Austin (and Texas in general), and I would like to have a birthday dinner somewhere typical and family-friend...

Florence kid-friendly restaurant recs? Bakeries? Gelaterie?

by yehfromthebay 1 year ago

We will be in Florence for 4 nights in late June (staying in the Oltrarno area). I’d love some recommendations for meal options…we’ll mostly be dining with our toddler and 1st grader, but will also...

Infant friendly dining Manhattan

by organichick 7 months ago

We are visiting NYC staying on the UES with a 3 month old and looking for recommendations of what restaurants would be ok with us dining with her. One thing we are especially hoping for a is a sush...

Tokyo with a 4.5mo (non-family restaurants)

by vhyip 8 months ago

Hi all, I’ve scoured through all the chowhound and reddit posts regarding this, but I’m hoping to get some direct feedback on the restaurants we’re planning to visit. My husband and I have b...

Tokyo Food and Itinerary Recommendations (with kids)

by fujamaga 2 years ago

Hi! We're going to Tokyo for the first time next week and I was hoping to get some itinerary and food recommendations (breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks/desserts, etc.) from the group. It'll be the f...

Need a new downtown/weekend pancake option

by tanno 9 months ago

Where to go early AM, when diner pancakes won't do? I love pancakes. My six year old son loves pancakes. We love to go out for pancakes! We usually go to the Hollywood Diner, which is nearb...

Aruba Recommendations

by romeschica 9 months ago

Visiting in early December with a 4 and 2 year old. Will be staying in Palm Beach (near the Holiday Inn) and won't have a car rental. Please suggest outdoor dining options that is easy to get to...

Singer Island Restaurants

by dcbbq 9 months ago

We'll be headed back to Palm Beach Shores/Riviera Beach after a gap of a couple of years, and this time we'll have an infant (20 months) with us. What's new?