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Kid Friendly

Bringing the little ones along? Don’t panic: Chowhounds know where to go for the best kid-friendly restaurants and shops, plus brilliant ideas for cooking food that'll make your toddlers come back for seconds (even vegetables!).

Rome & Venice with Kids in August

by BethBenandKids 6 days ago

Family of four (kids ages 3 and 5) will be in Rome and Venice at the end of August. We have traveled a number of tim...


BethBenandKids commented 1 day ago

New Orleans (Spring Break) with 4 Teenagers

by rubkra 7 days ago

Looking for restaurant ideas for a week long trip to New Orleans with 4 teenage girls (15-17 year olds). Would love ...


ktmtp commented 3 days ago

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Long Island City with Kids?

by Westbrancher 14 days ago

Looking for Long Island City dining options with two younger children in tow (ages 3 and 7). Standard American-style ...

Gracia/Eixample Recommendation with Child

by DaviHome 22 days ago

I'll be visiting Barcelona soon and staying around the Gracia/Eixample area. I will be traveling with a 5 year old. W...

BCNLocal commented 21 days ago

8 days Tokyo & 4 days Osaka/kyoto Food trip

by erickp 2 months ago

I'm bringing my 13 year old daughter with me for the first time. I've been to Japan many times...but want my daughte...

erickp commented 23 days ago

Better alternative to Rainforest Cafe for 8-year-old's birthday meal

by rusugiru 2 months ago

My husband and I are bringing our two sons to Chicago on a four-day visit in mid-February to celebrate my younger son...


NShewmaker commented 26 days ago

Restaurants to eat with young boys

by dualvansmommy 1 month ago

We’ll be visiting the children’s museum of Manhattan and American museum of natural history. Both on upper west side,...


dualvansmommy commented 1 month ago

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Amsterdam restaurants with small kids

by purpleceline 2 months ago

We're going to Amsterdam with our 1 yr old and 4 yr old. We love restaurants and in pre-kid life, would approach trip...

Kid-friendly Restaurants in Melbourne, Sydney and Tasmania

by MrsBear 2 months ago

I’m looking for recommendations for some kid-friendly but also Chowhound worthy restaurants in Melbourne, Tasmania an...

PhilD commented 2 months ago

Santa Barbara - 7 days

by suetibu 9 months ago

Hi, We are a family of 4 (2 kids) planning a week long stay in Santa Barbara (hotel Milo). Can you please suggest res...

glbtrtr commented 2 months ago

Kid-friendly in Old Montreal

by kmesquita 1 year ago

Taking a day trip to Montreal with our young children (baby, 3 year old, 5 year old) next week and would appreciate r...


CaptCrunch commented 2 months ago

Casual Sunday dinner

by BerriesAndToast 3 months ago

Traveling to New Orleans for one night, arriving on a Sunday afternoon. Looking for something quick/casual for dinner...


collardman commented 2 months ago

Brewsters Beer Garden (Petaluma)

by Malcolm Ruthven 2 months ago

I had lunch there today, choosing their BBQ brisket plate ($18 for 1/2 lb of meat). It arrived quickly with a roll (...


pinotho commented 2 months ago

Family friendly in Morristown vicinity

by nab71 3 months ago

Will be in Morristown with my kids, looking for a family friendly place for an early dinner. Reasonably priced prefer...


fourunder commented 3 months ago

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Happy Hour @ Marston's 101 | Atascadero (SLOCo)

by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

In May before my evening meeting in the area, I spent the day chowhounding around the area. Our food stops ended with...

Where To Eat With 2 Kids in August (near Union Station)?

by js76wisco 11 months ago

Hi Toronto CH friends. It's out first time in Toronto with a 4 and 6 year old for 5 days. We are renting a place near...

prima commented 4 months ago

Trendy Sacramento restaurant that is family friendly...

by sienna221 5 months ago

I don't know the Sacramento area AT ALL, but trying to find somewhere for Friday night family dinner (~10 people) inc...


gooster commented 4 months ago

Kid friendly restaurant with outdoor space to play

by TastyFreez 5 months ago

I have 2 active tweens and am looking for a place to eat out where they can practice their handstands, Jiu jitsu move...


collardman commented 5 months ago

Restaurant in Mission Hills, SD

by lizberg310 5 months ago

HI - looking for a yummy but casual restaurant on Sunday night for 6 people, including 2 kids. Brooklyn Girl? Patio ...

DiningDiva commented 5 months ago

North American destination city for culinary vacation with young kids?

by smiles33 3 years ago

Hello CH'ers! I found a few older threads touting New Orleans, NYC, SF, Montreal, Vancouver, Oaxaca, etc., but I won...

hill food commented 5 months ago