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The Best Bourbons for the Kentucky Derby

There was a time that bourbon could only be called bourbon if it hailed from Bourbon County, Kentucky. Now, the term Bourbon has widened its reach to include selections from all over the United States...

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Barbourville Kentucky:Mitchell's Market

by scrumptiouschef 12 years ago

There aren't a lot of regional specialty restaurant foods in Southeastern Kentucky.That being said the two that are prevalent are both really good.Chili Buns and Soup Beans. Mitchell's Market ha...

Food centric destination near Owensboro, KY for visitors from NYC

by indiefoodie 3 years ago

Hello, we're thinking of visiting Owensboro, KY to try their much talked about mutton BBQ. We'll have about 4 days so we're thinking of combining it with 1 more delicious destination, ideally 2-3 h...

Lunch in Louisville or Cincinnati

by topher83187 3 years ago

I am traveling from Buffalo NY to Hattiesburg MS in a few weeks, my plan is to stop for lunch in either Louisville or Cincinnati, I would love any recommendations but I have a few requirements. To...

Ham, ham, and more ham

by cajungwailo 3 years ago

Will be in Louisville for several days and want to eat (and take) a lot of ham. Where's the best for eating? Where's the best for toting away? I like very strong flavored, long aged ham, none of t...

KY and TN road trip report

by Joanie 4 years ago

Quick wrap up of some places I found best during my 9 day trip. I found very little info on this area (is that the way it is in general or because of the new CH?). Hopefully this helps folks travel...

Louisville, KY Trip

by rlcole4346 4 years ago

We always stop in Louisville en route to Cincinnati. In theory, this is to rest my back. In fact, we stop to have a good meal. Our Louisville dinner on the way to Cincy was rather disappointing. Ou...

Long Weekend in Lexington

by starbucksbrew 4 years ago

Hello! I graduated UK in 1998 and haven't visited since 1999. We're planning to take the kids to visit next fall for football and horse racing. I'm certain the food scene has changed considerably s...

Starving Lithuanian

by Geri 19 years ago

I'm a born and raised in Marquette Park Lithuanian. I moved to Kentucky several years ago and I haven't had anything good to eat since. Does anyone know who will ship: Lithuanian sausage, bacon bu...

Good liquor stores between Ohio and Florida?

by jtbeck419 4 years ago

We are driving from Ohio to Sarasota this weekend and looking for any good liquor stores along the way. So far, just planning on going to the beverage super store outside of Atlanta. Looking fo...

Road trip layover in Carrollton, Ky

by friesandgravy 4 years ago

We're (8 of us) on our way to Nashville for a couple of nights and then Lexington for 4 days. Our driving layover is Carrollton, KY....anyone think of a great place in the general vicinity to eat ...

"Fine" dining in Louisville without the fine dining cost?

by mattlavery 4 years ago

Have an overnight in Louisville in a couple of weeks and plan to meet up with a friend for dinner. Will be staying at the Galt House (right near the performing arts center) and looking for somethi...

Country Ham in Bardstown KY

by ohso 4 years ago

If I had to make one stop in Bardstown KY for country ham, should I pick Talbott Tavern or Kurtz restaurant? Thanks!

Old shoney's recipe

by Doe123 4 years ago

does anyone know the spaghetti sauce recipe for shoney's in the 70's and early 80's? Reminds me of one of my favorite childhood dishes but can't find it

Louisville, KY to be devoured by Portland food nerds over a four day period

by thedoj11 5 years ago

The lady and myself will be meeting her Boston chef mother in Lew-a-vul in a couple weeks. I wish I could narrow down what I was looking for but I really can't. I've eaten my way through all ends o...

Lexington Baseball Tournament

by bzzz 4 years ago

Hounds! We are going to be in Lexington from Chicago for a baseball tournament this weekend with a bunch of 15yo boys, siblings and families. We eat an eclectic mix of food at home, and we want ...

Berea KY

by syrup09 4 years ago

In about a month I'm thinking about making a trip down to Berea KY. After that I'll ramble on eastward. Can anyone recommend a good place in I Berea. I've heard of The Boone Tavern, but that...


by syrup09 5 years ago

I have a question about Burgoo. Is it found just in Western Kentucky or all over the state? I'm thinking of making a trip to that state and I want to visit Berea and points east, (I'm in Mich...

Coming To Your Town!

by franpelyk 4 years ago

I'm coming with the family to Lexington next weekend from Toronto Canada for a basketball tournament. Actually, I'm just there to eat! Toronto is a world class food city, but we're weak in the...

Restaurants------Lexington and Louisville

by Barbarella 4 years ago

Driving in a few days to Missouri from NJ and the first night should be either of these cities. Please tell me of your personal favs . Steak and BBQ would be great...

No Such Thing As Too Much Of A Good Thing: Bill's Restaurant, Owensboro, KY

by rlcole4346 4 years ago

First, a disclaimer. I rarely can indentify the ingredients in a dish. If I am blown away by a dish, I ask for details. As was the case with this dish. We each started with a cold asperagus bis...