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Everything tastes better on a stick. Chowhounds tell you where to find kebabs of every type in restaurants, plus offer recipes and debate cooking techniques.

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Chef Vahit Besir to Open Mangal Mediterranean in San Francisco

by Melanie Wong 5 days ago

My favorite Turkish chef, Vahit Besir, is back! He's returning to San Francisco to open his own place, Mangal Mediter...

Parkway Mediterranean Grill in Buellton?

by Melanie Wong 19 days ago

After abandoning my breakfast plate at Ellen's

Melanie Wong commented 9 days ago

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Authentic döner kebab vs Westernized versions

by drjlm 6 months ago

Hi folks, I just returned from a trip to Turkey where I of course sampled the many döner kebabs on offer. I was...

Doner Kebab withdrawls in Detroit

by workinglunches2 9 years ago

After repeatedly traveling through Germany I find that I miss a good greasy Doner Kebab in Tasche or Durum while in t...

ALPOE commented 7 months ago

German-Style Döner Kebab in Chicago?

by Bada Bing 8 years ago

I live in nearby Indiana, so I am hoping that there might be somewhere in Chicago (or the USA!) that makes Döner Keba...


russ99 commented 7 months ago

Kabob Palace - what sort of style / recipes?

by pdm 10 years ago

I'm getting ready to move out of Northern Virginia, and one of the things I will miss the most is Kabob Palace. I've ...


issey5758 commented 7 months ago

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20th Annual Turkish Festival, Aug 5 & 6, Monterey

by Melanie Wong 8 months ago

Yesterday we noticed this banner flying in downtown Monterey promoting the 20th annual Turkish Festival to be held Au...

Berliner Döner Kebab "Scharfe Sauce" hot sauce

by Bada Bing 3 years ago

In my so-far-futile endeavor in the USA to replicate the Döners I used to enjoy in Berlin 25 years ago, I am thinki...


SarahC1234 commented 10 months ago

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Darya Grill - Santee

by phee 1 year ago

We happened upon this place a few months ago, purely by accident, and it's become a fairly regular dining spot for us...

Doner Kabob in The Cities?

by Phunnyfarm 6 years ago

My wife talks about getting a Doner Kabob in Vienna when she was in college, and it sounds like it's practically the ...


cglasford commented 1 year ago

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'Kandahar Kabab' - Surprisingly enjoyable lunch

by Charles Yu 1 year ago

In search of a place for lunch whilst waiting for my car to have its winter tires changed, I walked past Kandahar Kab...

German-style Döner Kebab in Detroit Area?

by Bada Bing 7 years ago

Soon I'll have a day a bit east of Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti, not far from Detroit. Because the nearby Dearborn area is ...


boagman commented 1 year ago


by outRIAAge 1 year ago

(I did due diligence, and found lots of comments about spiedies, but no actual recipe, so here goes.) Spiedies are...


trakman commented 1 year ago

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Using Cinnamon Sticks for Kebabs

by Querencia 1 year ago

This was in the Chicago Tribune today. It sounds delicious and looks like fun. Soak 8 cinnamon sticks in cold water f...

German/Euro style doner kebabs in NYC?

by huskerdont 11 years ago

Are there any restaurants in New York that do a proper, European-style doner kebab sandwich? As in a kebab in pide br...

vikingkaj commented 1 year ago

Meat from Target

by free sample addict aka Tracy L 2 years ago

Awhile back a friend of mine recommended meat from Target. Long story short I tried some kebobs from Target. I marin...

coney with everything commented 2 years ago

What cut of beef for kabobs?

by sw33t 4 years ago

Hi everyone. I'm making kabobs on the grill for a crowd (17). I'm doing the vegetables and meats on separate skewer...


momof5x commented 2 years ago

Kebab 49 (Dundas & Kipling)

by 5andman 5 years ago

Located 5308 Dundas St. W. replacing Turkish Kitchen Is it just a name change? New management? New ownership? T...

Food Tourist commented 2 years ago

Doner Kebab in AZ?

by ejs1492 9 years ago

Seth's review of Byblos just got me thinking: is there any restaurant in the Phoenix area that serves authentic Doner...


junseimotors commented 2 years ago

L'Istanbul | Reims, France

by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

After passing by countless kebab stands at the wrong time of day or without a moment to stop, our arrival in Reims wi...

Delucacheesemonger commented 2 years ago