Kansas City

Food fans, here's your list for Kansas City (yes there is barbecue!). Chowhounds tell us where to eat, and answer your questions about everything from bars to tacos.

World Series of Food: Kansas City vs. San Francisco

Kansas City or San Francisco: Whose regional food sweeps the series? Baseball fans will be spending the better part of this week figuring out which wild card team, the Kansas City Royals or the San...

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Seafood Markets in Kansas City

by sirregular 14 years ago

I am often looking to purchase good seafood in Kansas City, but more often than not, I'm stuck with Whole Foods Market, who invariably thaws out frozen fish and leaves it sit all day, then charges ...

An SF Boozehound in Kansas City

by aal00 5 years ago

I was attending a conference in Kansas City earlier this month, without much of a plan for what I'd do with my evenings. For want of ideas, and being an increasingly shameless cocktail geek, I de...

Kansas City: 2 friends, fancy cocktails, great food, catching-up, talking, talking, bday celebration

by tmontauk 6 years ago

Saturday night bday dinner rec please. Driving in from STL to have a long overdue dinner with a friend of mine from the east coast in early March. We are looking for a fun place that has gr...

Looking for Chongqing (Chung King) Chicken in KC

by EatingTime 6 years ago

I'm looking for Chongqing chicken, a spicy, dry chili Szechuan chicken dish. Szechuan Dynasty in Olathe serves it, but it's not quite what I'm looking for, too saucy, not enough flavor, and not ver...

Is BBQ delivery (long distance) from Jack Stack a good gift?

by vvv03 6 years ago

I am sending two different people food based gifts for the holidays. Someone on another message board said that Fiorella's Jack Stack in Kansas City send out amazing BBQ meals that hold up well. I ...

Fine Dining in Kansas City?

by kickerconspiracy 6 years ago

Looking for a fine dining restaurant in KC or the closeby area for Thanksgiving weekend. Flying in from the SF Bay Area to have Thanksgiving with the girlfriends family. Will be there Wednesday thr...

Anniversary dinner in Kansas City

by mle3 6 years ago

Hi hounds! We're coming over from Lawrence for our annual anniversary dinner in mid-November. Thinking of staying at AC Hotel in Westport, maybe. We will have dinner Saturday night and brunch on Su...

Kansas City Restaurant Report

by antonia2 6 years ago

We are back from our 5 week road trip. One of our last stops was Kansas City. This was our second time back and we had a great time visiting the Jazz Museum, Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, World ...

4 days in Kansas city end of June

by sdsnugs1 6 years ago

Hey everyone, I'm overwhelmed by all the great food possibilities in your wonderful city. Any recommendations for local faves in the low to mid range price category. I love all kinds of food and a...

KC ~ did all the posters move?

by tomatoaday 6 years ago

I moved to JoCo and have found some good eats (Burg & Barrel, Jerrys Cafe for breakfast, bbq of course, O'Neils) some average (Blue Moose, Strouds, Bristol, BRGR, Ponacks) and some awful (every Asi...

Are steak chains better in KC vs non-steak towns

by dwkayak 6 years ago

I'm planning a food-oriented tip to KC. I plan to do BBQ at Joes, Danny Edwards, and BB's Lawnside; burgers at Town Topic, The Jacobson, Grandstand, and/or Westport Flea Market; and steak at Jess a...

Best Lunch in KC? July 3rd (Friday)

by Benjamin B 6 years ago

I'm going to be in KC for one day on July 3rd. I wanted to go to Bluestem or The American, but my friend in town decided to surprise me with Royals tickets for that night. I'm not into sports, but ...

Must eat places in KC? Need some suggestions.

by Matronix 6 years ago

We will be visiting some family in KC soon and always looking for some new places to try. On recent trips we have tried Joes, Arthur Brants, Gates, and Grinders. What are some other must eat plac...

Any good sushi recommendations in KC area?

by emakaroni1 14 years ago

I moved from South Florida to Overland Park, Kansas over six months ago. Boy do I miss good diversity! Recommendations would be highly appreciated! Places I've tried so far and my thoughts: (the q...

Jack Stack in Kansas City?

by feelinpeckish 12 years ago

I've eaten at one of the Jack Stack BBQ restaurants in KC a couple of years ago and in fact assumed there was only the one. Several have now turned up in a search of the area. I would imagine the...

Transplanted San Diegans living in Kansas City, I have found a place that makes San Diego-style Carne Asada Burritos!!!

by dawnie2u 7 years ago

I have lived here in St. Joe for almost 11 years and have not been able to find a decent Carne Asada Burrito. Last weekend I took a little road trip to KC to check out a Mexican restaurant calle...

One Dinner in Kansas City - No BBQ

by sunnyadrienne 9 years ago

Hey hounds, we are here in Kansas City by the convention center downtown and need one more place to eat dinner at tonight. We've done the BBQ rounds, perused a few restaurants in the Power and Lig...

BBQ this Sunday in Kansas City--help please

by gnosh 7 years ago

I will be in Kansas City for the day on Sunday, and would like to have BBQ for lunch. We will be coming from Topeka, and have to catch a plane at around 5. Our hope is to see a bit of the city (WWI...

Kansas City for one night

by salesgirl19 7 years ago

I will be in Kansas City for two lunches and one dinner, open to all foods, no budget restrictions. I have been to blue koi, bluestem, Arthur Bryant's, Oklahoma Joe's, jack stack, extra virgin,...