A Very Green Guide to Kale and How to Cook with It

Longtime health food staple kale became a trend at some point (thanks, Brooklyn), but it's stayed so popular that now it's just a fact of life. No longer destined just for juicers, it still gets the...

America Has Lost Its Taste for Iceberg Lettuce

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

The rise of kale shown here is no surprise. But I'll speak up for escarole . . . I love making Italian wedding soup. Wedge salads using iceberg lettuce have been on many take-out menus during the p...

What would make my seafood chowder taste like soap?

by mushroomaffairs 1 year ago

I make variations of this dish a lot with whatever I have on hand, the typical dried herb I use is thyme. This time I added a little dried sage and not a pinch but a chunk of saffron threads. I a...

Lidia's Ribollita recipe?

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 15 years ago

I'm going to try my hand at making ribollita as a first course for 12 people and have been studying a number of recipes. I want to make an all vegetable version, such as this one from Lidia Bastia...

How to mix herbs into salads?

by josemartinlopez 1 year ago

My comfort food fix during the lockdown, funny enough, is a simple kale salad with cherry tomatos and a few walnuts. I've been trying to experiment by adding dried herbs and some combination of: ba...

What quality of vinegar to use in salads?

by josemartinlopez 1 year ago

My understanding is that you should use your best quality olive oil and honey for salads, but only mid-range quality vinegar. Is this correct? The highest quality balsamic vinegar is aged 25+ year...

How to keep kale in airtight bags from getting soggy in refrigerator

by josemartinlopez 1 year ago

There's an amazing Singapore urban farming company called Sustenir that supplies airtight, prewashed 125g bags of kale with the stems on to the Cold Storage grocery across the street from me. I hav...

White deposit on non-stick pan after steamed kale

by borisabrams 2 years ago

hey, pretty self explanatory title. I put some baby kale in a nonstick pan, added a splash of water, covered it and when as soon as i took the unseasoned kale out the pan, i noticed there was this ...

Have a frozen kale quiche recipe to share?

by Kaymoz 3 years ago

My family likes quiche with spinach, so am hoping it's not too much of a leap to swap in kale! But I can only find recipes calling for fresh kale, and I want to use the frozen product. Could anyo...

Why no food, not even kale, is 'healthy'

MplsM ary
by MplsM ary 6 years ago

I found this an interesting opinion piece on the words used when we talk about food. And, how words in the food world don't actually mean what you think they do. Originally published in the Was...

Kale banchan at Jang Su Jang

by learntocookchinese 3 years ago

Does anyone know how to make this? There's kale, some kind of tofu product (okara), garlic, sesame oil. There's something in the sauce I can't make out. I don't think they cook/blanch the kale.

Seasoning for kale?

by Bethcooks 10 years ago

I love kale but need some ideas for seasoning as I have tended to do same old, same old simple recipe. Ideas?

Your favorite recipe for cooked kale

by donna19631963 6 years ago

Can you post or provide a link to your favorite recipe for cooked kale? Thanks.

Move Over Kale: The Next Super Food is Okra!!

by opinionatedchef 7 years ago

I grew up in the Post WWII 50's and 60's and dinner vegetables were 99% of the frozen persuasion. My mom was a really talented cook but , like many of her peers, her creativity focused on the dinne...


by fleenshop 7 years ago

I saw bags of this new-to-me vegetable and made them for the first time tonight. They're a cross between brussels sprouts and kale, which seems a little gimmicky, but I liked them better than eithe...

Rave over kale over?

by HariGhotra 6 years ago

I'm not sure if it's me but it seems the rave over kale seems to have fizzled out? Are people still cooking/eating it? I did a few recipes trying to incorporate it into my dishes and diet but I ...

What's this kale love?

by nemo 8 years ago

We love almost all vegetables, but we don't get this (for us) recent raw kale love. We get that it's a nutrient-rich green, but raw is just too chewy, even chiffonade'd. Even stewed or steamed, i...

Freeze cooked kale?

by Bethcooks 10 years ago

We will be away for a bit and I have all this cooked kale. There was a little bit of vinegar in the recipe so it might keep in the fridge till we return but not sure of that so if I can freeze it ...

What do I make with these ingredients?

by anniam 6 years ago

I am doing this farm share thing this summer and I have to use this stuff before it rots. Week 1 included the following: Berkshire Pork Chops - 2 per pack, appx 1 # Ramp Linguine - 1 # Pastur...

What trends do you see in the preparation of foods and drinks in restaurants?

by gfr1111 6 years ago

Cooks and restaurant management seem just as subject to trends as other industries. What trends have you noticed? Here are some trends I have observed: The discontinuation of the spoon. You r...

WHAT is this?

by Sal Vanilla 6 years ago

I am stumped as are all my neighbors. I have eaten it, so apparently it does not kill humans. Muchas gracias amigitos! and apologies ahead of time for the startlingly old hand.