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Seasoning for kale?

by Bethcooks 7 years ago

I love kale but need some ideas for seasoning as I have tended to do same old, same old simple recipe. Ideas?


kugelmaker commented 9 months ago

Your favorite recipe for cooked kale

by donna19631963 3 years ago

Can you post or provide a link to your favorite recipe for cooked kale? Thanks.


travelerjjm commented 2 years ago

Move Over Kale: The Next Super Food is Okra!!

by opinionatedchef 3 years ago

I grew up in the Post WWII 50's and 60's and dinner vegetables were 99% of the frozen persuasion. My mom was a really...


shethatisnau commented 2 years ago

Why no food, not even kale, is 'healthy'

by MplsM ary 2 years ago

I found this an interesting opinion piece on the words used when we talk about food. And, how words in the food world...


Katz_UK commented 2 years ago


by fleenshop 3 years ago

I saw bags of this new-to-me vegetable and made them for the first time tonight. They're a cross between brussels spr...


Shrinkrap commented 3 years ago

Rave over kale over?

by HariGhotra 3 years ago

I'm not sure if it's me but it seems the rave over kale seems to have fizzled out? Are people still cooking/eating it...


tcamp commented 3 years ago

What's this kale love?

by nemo 4 years ago

We love almost all vegetables, but we don't get this (for us) recent raw kale love. We get that it's a nutrient-rich...


sunshine842 commented 3 years ago

Freeze cooked kale?

by Bethcooks 7 years ago

We will be away for a bit and I have all this cooked kale. There was a little bit of vinegar in the recipe so it mig...


trishaxuk commented 3 years ago

What do I make with these ingredients?

by anniam 3 years ago

I am doing this farm share thing this summer and I have to use this stuff before it rots. Week 1 included the followi...


Ttrockwood commented 3 years ago

WHAT is this?

by Sal Vanilla 3 years ago

I am stumped as are all my neighbors. I have eaten it, so apparently it does not kill humans. Muchas gracias amig...


tcamp commented 3 years ago

Whole mess of greens in my CSA box

by alixschwartz 3 years ago

What's your favorite way to cook a hell of a lot of greens? I have kale (from last week's box--I am falling behind), ...


kaymbee commented 3 years ago

Cavolo nero/Tuscan kale/dinosaur kale, or indeed any kale

by shiraschnitzer 8 years ago

Having my usual mid-winter craving for dark greens, and my local market in the 12th (aligre) has nothing but chard. A...


PhilD commented 3 years ago

Is there still hope for these seedlings?

by sasha1 3 years ago

In 2 weeks, I went from excitement to anxiety. I'm a new gardener, and have always relied on starts from the nursery...


raytamsgv commented 3 years ago

Taming raw garlic in Kale Pesto

by MSK 3 years ago

I made a great Kale Pesto last night that basically required all the ingredients to be piled into the cuisinart and p...


nothingswrong commented 3 years ago

What happens if you freeze raw kale?

by itryalot 4 years ago

I love using kale and Swiss chard in soups and stews all winter but dislike that blanching before freezing takes out ...


itryalot commented 4 years ago

Kale Shortage

by MGZ 4 years ago

I thought others might enjoy this 'Shouts & Murmurs' piece from the 9/1/14 issue of the New Yorker. In fairness to t...


Chocolatechipkt commented 4 years ago

Food Media Be the first to comment

Inside the World of Food Forecasting

by patsully 4 years ago

"Slowly but surely, the kale salad will make its way to TGI Friday's menu, then McDonald's, Kraft, and, eventually, a...

Please, need ideas to use up LOTS of broccoli, cauliflower, kohlrabi, kale, cabbage, etc.

by meerastvargo 5 years ago

Hi everyone, We eat tons of veggies (no red meat but poultry and seafood, yes). Right now we just have a whole b...


lilaki commented 4 years ago

Kale Preparation

by Kayasuma 6 years ago

Any suggestions on how to cook this stuff? I love it, but every time I prepare it (saute), it comes out so darn toug...


zeldaz51 commented 4 years ago

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