Best Alaskan food in Fairbanks, Anchorage, and Juneau?

by unamuno200 3 years ago

I'm looking to try the best Authentic Alaskan food while I will be in Fairbanks, Anchorage, and Juneau. If anyone has any suggestions it would be much appreciated. I'm looking for places that are u...

Alaskan Cruise Stopping in Juneau & Skagway

by Philly Ray 6 years ago

We will have one day in each port. Can anyone point to any Chow-worthy destinations in either port?

Sitka and Juneau

by anperkins 7 years ago

What are our best bets for 2 days of breakfast lunch and dinners in Sitka, and one lunch in Juneau? Thanks!

Dining in Juneau

by luciaannek 8 years ago

Hello all! A couple of month ago when I found out I was going to Juneau for a few days, I made a post about where to eat, but didn't get much response. So now that I've been, I decided I should sh...

Cuban food in Juneau, Alaska

by archipelagic 8 years ago

Although it's been there for awhile, I just checked it out: People's Place. You can now get Cuban takeaway in Juneau, Alaska, served from a spotless canteen style trailer in Lemon Creek (right acro...

Juneau for a Few Days

by luciaannek 8 years ago

Hello! I'm going to Juneau for an environmental literature conference in June. I'm going to be in town for a few days before the conference and I'm wondering if there are any must hit stops in tow...

Cruise stops - need touristless restaurants [Juneau / Skagway ]

by allieboy 9 years ago

Hi. Cruising in June. Stopping for the day in Juneau and Skagway. Would love chowhound recommendations that won't be packed with tourists....someplace real for lunch and dinner. THANKS.

Does a Fantastic Restaurant for a Wedding Dinner in Juneau, Alakska exist?

by discodollydiva 11 years ago

Bonjour and Bon Appetit! I'm curious if anyone has any suggestions for fantastic restaurants in or near Juneau, Alasaka? We're going to have about 12 people for a wedding dinner and there and ha...

Must eats in Juneau, Stagway, & Ketchikan

by debbieeats 13 years ago

The hubby and I will be headed to beautiful Alaska for the first time and stopping in these ports. Please let us know where the best eats are in each town. We are willing to travel out of town if n...

Big Night - Juneau, Alaska - October 2008

by gommista 11 years ago

On a rainy fall evening, seven couples reunited for their second annual Big Night dinner. Seven courses cooked by seven of the best chefs in Juneau, each paired with a special wine. This year, th...

Where to eat in Juneau, Alaska???

by swngdancir 16 years ago

I'm ISO some great places to eat in Juneau when I'm there in May. Any suggestions? It would help if you would give me an idea of the price range as well.

New dining spots in Juneau?

by susancinsf 12 years ago

I've been perhaps three or four times over the years, most recently two years ago, when my favorite meal of the short trip was a halibut taco at El Sombrero. Staying one night and two days this tim...

Grocery shopping in Juneau, AK

by mscommunikate 12 years ago

I'm moving to Juneau in January. Here in the SF Bay area, it's easy to keep myself in kaffir lime leaves, salted black beans, champagne vinegar, dry-aged beef and masa harina. Hell, I can get most ...

Alaska- Juneau and Petersburg recs needed

by TNC 15 years ago

I need some recs for Juneau and Petersburg. In Juneau I'd like a room with a view, great food, and a respectable wine list with price not a concern. Also, someplace with live music and good food fo...

Good dining in Juneau?

Nikki NYC
by Nikki NYC 13 years ago

I'm going to be in Juneau for two nights on business. What are the standout restaurants?

Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan

by chowhunt46 13 years ago

For our cruise port days, we'd appreciate any recommendations on great food. Thanks!

Juneau & Skagway

Big Cicada
by Big Cicada 13 years ago

Anybody got any ideas for large party of savvy diners eating out in Alaska in a couple of weeks???I know the cruise ships have wrecked expectations here, but maybe there's someone doing something s...

Suggestions in Juneau?

by Riva 14 years ago

Will be spending a few days in Juneau before departing for salmon lodge on Shelter Island for a week. Looking for cheap/reasonable places to eat. We enjoy all types of food!

Juneau, Alaska - The Fiddlehead Restaurant & Bakery

by rworange 14 years ago

Someone responding to a 2003 post was asking where this was, so here's the link to the website. I'm sure if anyone has any imput on this restaurant the poster would appreciate your opinion. Lin...


by Jonah 15 years ago

I'll have a couple of days there near the end of next week as part of a vacation (not a cruise!). I'm up for anything that's good. Thanks