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Hing Lung (disguised as Ichi Ramen) in San Bruno

by Melanie Wong 10 months ago

Following up the latest rumors of Hing Lung's rebirth, earlier this month I dropped by Ichi Ramen in San Bruno for a ...

Recommendations for exceptional Congee for Bivalvia-Vegan?

by scherz0 10 months ago

I define 'Bivalvia-Vegetarian' to mean a vegetarian who can eat anything in the [Class Bivalvia](https://en.wikipedia...

Charles Yu commented 10 months ago


by 1248663740 2 years ago

To make delicious millet congee , what kind of boiler should I use


tastesgoodwhatisit commented 2 years ago

Kraken Congee

by babette feasts 3 years ago

Lunch today at the recently opened kraken congee in pioneer square. Pork belly pinch buns with kalamansi aioli $8...


equinoise commented 2 years ago

Congee/Jook in Baltimore?

by yalekim 2 years ago

I would really love to get some great congee or jook in Baltimore (and surrounding areas). Any suggestions?


eatinjeff commented 2 years ago

[Penang] HK's Tasty Congee & Wantun Noodle lands in Georgetown

by klyeoh 3 years ago

HK's popular Tasty Congee & Wantun Noodle restaurant has opened its first outlet outside HK & China at the St Joseph'...

klyeoh commented 3 years ago

Best congee in Toronto - 2014 Dec 31 Edition

by scherz0 3 years ago

My emphasis is on quality of both the congee and ingredients, rather than price. My family prefers North York, Richmo...


yippy commented 3 years ago

Can I make Congee (Jook) in a Pressure Cooker?

by goodeatsgal 8 years ago

I have made congee in a rice cooker, on the stove, and in a slow cooker. All come out well, but they take a long tim...


VitalForce commented 3 years ago

Can I make jook with a smoked turkey wing?

by merkat 3 years ago

Bought a smoked turkey wing at the grocery store, but I see now the recipe calls for "fresh" which I assume means raw...


Erika L commented 3 years ago

Rice Congee - Another iconic Hong Kong Comfort Food

by Charles Yu 5 years ago

During my past trip to Hong Kong, in addition to my obsessive adventure with Won-Ton Noodles, I also manage to spend ...


Lau commented 3 years ago

Hit and miss experiences at 'another' Congee place - Mr. Congee, Richmond Hill

by Charles Yu 3 years ago

Nestle in a quiet corner lot on Yonge Street, directly across from H- Mart, is another newly opened Chinese Congee pl...


smfan commented 3 years ago

" Enjoy Noodle King " - First sighting of 'Jook Sing Noodle', aka Bamboo Rod Won Ton noodles in the GTA

by Charles Yu 3 years ago

'Jook Sing Noodles' aka Bamboo Rod Noodles is a rare Cantonese ancient art of noodle making. Featured in Anthony Bour...


plug commented 3 years ago

Mike's Noodle House Backup for Best Jook/Congee

by carcassone 4 years ago

Looking for best jook/congee in Seattle. From reading the posts, Mike's Noodle House is hands down an easy winner. ...

Mr Taster commented 3 years ago

Hong Kong - Congee & Noodles at Tasty, IFC Mall, Central

by klyeoh 3 years ago

Few chains in HK (or anywhere else for that matter) can actually garner so much plaudits from foodies. Tasty in HK is...

PhilD commented 3 years ago

Jook - SF Dish of the Month December 2013

by hyperbowler 4 years ago

The SF Bay Area Dish of the Month for December 2013 is Jook aka congee aka rice porridge ( 粥; juk (Cantonese, Korean)...


shanghaikid commented 3 years ago

How to cook Meiqili Lotus Mixed Congee

by annaesm 4 years ago

In the Asian supermarket the other day I picked up a bag of Meiqili Mixed Congee. It's the same as http://www.asiansu...

chefj commented 4 years ago

Any chinese congee places uptown?

by stah00 8 years ago

I've been craving chinese congee (rice porridge dish) but don't know any places except in chinatown that actually hav...


balzacnyc commented 4 years ago

How to use old dial-style rice cooker for congee

by dictionary00 4 years ago

I have been bequeathed with an old electric rice cooker as in the picture below. Since the user manual is long gone b...

Chemicalkinetics commented 4 years ago