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9 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Instant Ramen

There’s a reason why over 100 billion servings of instant ramen are consumed worldwide every year. Instant ramen is cheap, easy to make, and tastes delicious. From the grocery stores of Nairobi to the...

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Japanese breakfast in SF?

by Andrew Raskin 18 years ago

Is there any place that serves Japanese breakfast in SF? In NY, I used to go to the Kitano hotel sometimes. Anything like that here?

japanese bakery

by herblau 18 years ago

any recommendations on japanese bakeries? thanx beforehand.

Need Sunday (ugh) B-day Dinner (possibly Japanese?)Ideas?

by Marcia P 18 years ago

This happens every few years that my Birthday falls on Father's Day. Also, we have a Graduation party (1/2 hr out of town) ending 6-ish. But we are getting free babysitting so I'm compelled to go o...

Kobe Japanese Steak sauce

by Steve 18 years ago

where can I find this steak sauce? it is also refered to as the million dollar steak sauce HELP Please reply direct

Any Chinese/Japanese Recs in Sonoma or Napa?

by Gene 18 years ago

For an area so chock full of great eating experiences (FL, Terra, Tra Vigne, etc.), it seems like good Asian is the one missing sector. Any recommmendations out there for good Asian (doesn't have...

Japanese ?

by Michael Piechalak 18 years ago

I am trying to make a reservation in one of these two Japanese restaurants, Nobu, Taka, Kuzuma Suzhi and Sugiyama. Which one would you recommend as the top Japanese food heaven. I don't care about ...

Berkeley Japanese Vegetarian Dining

by gordon wing 18 years ago

A week ago I was chatting with a friend who is now a vegetarian...she mentioned that she loved a Japanese Vegetarian restaurant in Berkeley...Cha-Ya - 1686 Shattuck Ave. @ Virginia. 510. 981-1213 ...

Japanese restaurants

by Jeff 18 years ago

I'll be visiting Japan this summer. I hear the language barrier can make a trip to the restaurant quite a challenge. Any suggestions, books, links that may help?

Japanese food in Eden Prairie MN?

by Michael Penfield 18 years ago

I understand from a classmate that there's a Japanese restaurant in Eden Prairie MN called Kabuki. Is this actually true, and is it any good?

New Japanese Sweet-Potato Restaurant

by Stefany B. 18 years ago

Hero's Sweet Potato is what its called(Yaki-imo in Japanese is roasted sweet potato) a small fast-food restaurant on 13th between Fifth and University specializing in yaki-imo and other sweet potat...

Good Japanese restuarants in DC

by Kiki 18 years ago

Hi, I will be visiting DC this weekend for the Cherry Bloosom festival and thought it would be great to extend the Japanese theme to dinner. I am staying in the Dupont Center area- what are the be...

Japanese influence on NY chefs?

by lisa 18 years ago

I'm a journalist working on an article about how Japanese cooking has influenced NY chefs... Who are the big-name, non-Japanese chefs who have adopted Japanese cooking styles or ingredients or meth...

Hawaiian Japanese Grinds

by Janty Sumimoto 19 years ago

Wow! I've been eating sushi my entire life and this homely little place called Moki's in Bernal Hights (on Cortland) just about made me dance. We sampled the nigiri, but all of the new-age, hybri...

Panya (Japanese Bakery on 9th St.)

by Steven Stern 18 years ago

I've mentioned this place before, I know, but I stopped in over the weekend and realized I don't stop in nearly enough. It's really good. I had what may become a new Favorite Thing: green tea pound...


by May Matthews 19 years ago

I just relocated to the city and I was wondering if anyone had good suggestions for Chinese, Japanese and Korean. There are so many Chinese restaurants, it is hard to decide... But, worse yet, th...

Kotobuki -- New Japanese in Brooklyn

by R Bergen 19 years ago

It's hard to believe but I've been three times now over the past three weeks, and this has to be the best Japanese restaurant that I've been to in Brooklyn. The hard to believe is that it is in Re...

Japanese grocers in Foxboro/burbs of Boston?

by Stevens 19 years ago

Does anyone know of a good basic Japanese grocery store in the Foxboro area/South Shore area? I would think that there should be some in Providence or metrowest, but so far the only places I've fo...

cross cultural cuisine (Japanese pizza)

by mr. skullhead 19 years ago

I've come across a couple of pages on 'Japanese Pizza', including the one below. I am curious if any urbane chowhounds (we don't get much stuff like this out in the sticks :) ) could describe any c...

japanese kaiseki

by kevin 19 years ago

anyone been to sugiyama, japanese restaurant in theater district area. how is it.

Japanese Noodles

by Vizier6 19 years ago

I love noodles! Anyone have a favorite Udon, Soba or Ramen joint in the Hollywood/Melrose area? I like Mishima but I'm looking for something more "family-owned." I would step over my own mother fo...

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