Jumpstart Breakfast with These Effortless Homemade Pop-Tarts

These days, I am spending a lot of time with my kids. It’s proven to be my chance to create fun, pantry-friendly desserts that not only break up the day, but also keep us in good spirits. Lately, one...



Does anyone add salt in their jams?

by N_Little 1 year ago

I'm looking to make a raspberry lemonade jam, focusing on the flavor of the lemons, but I'm afraid it will be too tart to be used as a convetional spread. I heard of and have tried salt on lemons b...

ATK's homemade strawberry jam, how long does this last?

by mushroomaffairs 2 months ago

I just happened to have bought the three ingredients for this ATK's recipe, however I only have fresh lemons and not the bottled lemon juice. If I had bottled lemon juice, how long will jam li...

Help with onion jam - too much butter in finished product

by sa_sam 1 year ago

Need help with onion jam/marmalade that ends up with visible chunks of butter/oil in it once jarred and refrigerated. How do I get an onion jam/marmalade that looks like those in shops? I've made i...

Indian blood peaches

by EllenCooks 1 year ago

I have two Indian blood peach trees. I believe they’re also called Cherokee peaches. The flesh is red. The flavor is a bit tart but really good! If any SF Bay Area Chowhounds want some starts I usu...

No water bath jam

by martak 9 years ago

Hello, I made my first batches of strawberry jam in the fall. I still have some jars left. The person who showed me what to do told me that filling the sterilized jars, sealing them, and turning...

Unlined copper pans: beneficial or just more cost effective?

by damiano 2 years ago

So, I have recently bought a Falk unlined copper jam pan - to the ridicule of some of my family and friends. :-) It is this one: http://www.falkcoppercookware.com/classical/28cm-copper-jam-pot/C...

Homemade "jam sugar"?

Father Kitchen
by Father Kitchen 3 years ago

I have a friend who wants to make jam in small quantities. I found Sonia Allison's book "Quick and Easy One Pot of Jam from Your Microwave." The recipes are enticing, but many call for "Jam Sugar,"...

Real Marmalade Recipe Wanted

by obillo 2 years ago

When I say 'real' I mean very tart Scottish marmalade with lots of rind and made with Seville (sour) oranges.

Canning question

by lisaimmarco 2 years ago

I am making a big batch of kumquat marmalade. Can I let the jam sit in the jars with the lid on for a few minutes before water processing? Don't have a water processing pot any more and would like ...

Making jam with or without pectin?

by Lazar 11 years ago

quick question to the jam makers out there. Made strawberry jam with pectin (a brand other than Certo), however, my mother who is a jam junkie, told me to make the jam without the pectin. Her rea...

Jam too thick - can it be saved?

by BobB 9 years ago

I made jam for the first time recently (from fresh sour cherries) and I while I followed the ingredient proportions precisely, I must have cooked it too long because now that it's cooled it's too t...

No syrup after macerating

by defndnature 2 years ago

Hello, i tried to make this jam and syrup recipe and the next morning there was no syrup, the sugar was only very lightly tinted in some places. Any ideas as to why? https://www.motherearthliving....

Jam Making? What Does "Calcium Water" Do, and Why?

by kaleokahu 5 years ago

Title is self-explanatory. I bought some pectin, and the firm instruction was to use it with "calcium water". Would someone please explain? Thanks!

My Rasberry Peach Jam tastes bitter

by KJHALLADAY 2 years ago

I made some raspberry peach jam and added 2T of lemon juice like the pkg for peach jam suggested. Now the jam tastes bitter. Can you help me?

Lala’s Jam Bar and Urban Farmstand in Petaluma?

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Passing through Petaluma yesterday, I noticed this neatly painted cottage storefront when I was stopped at the light. I did not have time to check it out. Who can tell us about it? Lala’s Jam Ba...

Healthy Bev Bar @ Star Pharmacy & Gifts | Salinas

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Star Pharmacy & Gifts opened in June. I was in there during the early days to check out the Healthy Bev Bar. The staffer offered me tastes of some fresh brewed tea and vegetarian sipping broth. It ...