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Unlined copper pans: beneficial or just more cost effective?

by damiano 9 days ago

So, I have recently bought a Falk unlined copper jam pan - to the ridicule of some of my family and friends. :-) I...


kaleokahu commented 7 days ago

Homemade "jam sugar"?

by Father Kitchen 2 years ago

I have a friend who wants to make jam in small quantities. I found Sonia Allison's book "Quick and Easy One Pot of Ja...


Fiaska commented 3 months ago

Real Marmalade Recipe Wanted

by obillo 12 months ago

When I say 'real' I mean very tart Scottish marmalade with lots of rind and made with Seville (sour) oranges.


Candy commented 6 months ago

Canning question

by lisaimmarco 7 months ago

I am making a big batch of kumquat marmalade. Can I let the jam sit in the jars with the lid on for a few minutes bef...


ricepad commented 7 months ago


Making jam with or without pectin?

by Lazar 9 years ago

quick question to the jam makers out there. Made strawberry jam with pectin (a brand other than Certo), however, my ...


GrandmaJoyce commented 8 months ago

Jam too thick - can it be saved?

by BobB 7 years ago

I made jam for the first time recently (from fresh sour cherries) and I while I followed the ingredient proportions p...


SouthSideChicago commented 9 months ago

No syrup after macerating

by defndnature 10 months ago

Hello, i tried to make this jam and syrup recipe and the next morning there was no syrup, the sugar was only very lig...


defndnature commented 10 months ago

Jam Making? What Does "Calcium Water" Do, and Why?

by kaleokahu 3 years ago

Title is self-explanatory. I bought some pectin, and the firm instruction was to use it with "calcium water". Wou...


AmethystSamia commented 10 months ago

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

My Rasberry Peach Jam tastes bitter

by KJHALLADAY 11 months ago

I made some raspberry peach jam and added 2T of lemon juice like the pkg for peach jam suggested. Now the jam tastes...

Markets & Stores Be the first to comment

Lala’s Jam Bar and Urban Farmstand in Petaluma?

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 12 months ago

Passing through Petaluma yesterday, I noticed this neatly painted cottage storefront when I was stopped at the light....

Markets & Stores Be the first to comment

Healthy Bev Bar @ Star Pharmacy & Gifts | Salinas

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 12 months ago

Star Pharmacy & Gifts opened in June. I was in there during the early days to check out the Healthy Bev Bar. The staf...

No water bath jam

by martak 7 years ago

Hello, I made my first batches of strawberry jam in the fall. I still have some jars left. The person who showed m...


ricepad commented 12 months ago

Bottling with clip top jars

by damiano 1 year ago

I have some Kilner clip top jars and am now making jam for the first time. I would like to keep the jam for at least ...


dave_c commented 1 year ago

Can I add pectin to a pectin-free jam recipe?

by jne123 3 years ago

I was trying to find a recipe for black raspberry and jalapeño jam, (I have more berries than I know what to do with!...


margaret0527 commented 1 year ago

Help Finding No-Sugar Pectin

by obillo 1 year ago

Desperate to find no-sugar pectin at retail in NYC. Foubnd lots on line but w/outrageous prices and even worse shipp...

jen kalb

jen kalb commented 1 year ago

Make freezer jam!

by Stephanie 14 years ago

I've read many posts in the last few weeks about what to do with an overabundance of fruits. Some people comment that...


carlascooking commented 1 year ago

Bacon Jam

by mgs68 1 year ago

I want to make some Bacon Jam and give out as gifts. I have a standard recipe but any out of the box ingredients I co...


Ttrockwood commented 1 year ago

Jar and lid options for canning jams & jellies

by raccoonmario 1 year ago

Are there any other good jar and lid options for canning jams and jellies? I've been using the 8oz Ball & Kerr jars w...


rasputina commented 1 year ago

Jam or jelly - no added sugar?

by abbefaith 11 years ago

i only buy jelly every few months or so, so maybe the product is discontinued... but i was at the store looking for s...


MikeG commented 1 year ago

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