Lohas Teriyaki in Irving.....how come nobody told me about this place?

by Eddiehaskell7 8 years ago

It is excellent. Quality Menu. They make their own teryaki sauce. I have been searching for good grilled Teriyaki chicken, beef, etc. for 4 years now. Tokyo Teriyaki in Farmer's Branch was my only ...

Best Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese in (or very near) Irving

by tango7000 8 years ago

Which restaurants are the best choices for each of three cuisines in or near Irving?

Where can I find the best fried chicken in DFW? 15 mile radius of Irving would be great!

by Regina1983 9 years ago

My father-in-law is coming to visit and would like some good fried chicken. I can not fry to save my life! So I'm looking for a great fried chicken joint. I live in Irving so anything in a 15 mile ...

Looking for the best indian food in Irving

by spicemist 14 years ago

Hi friends ! I moved to DFW recently from Virginia and am living on N MacArthur Blvd in Irving. I have seen a few Indian restaurant names like Ourplace, Indya Fusion, Mayuri and Masala etc aroun...

Eating in Irving

by LuLiV 9 years ago

I need ideas for a good meal in Irving. I've been to Mr. Max (yum!) recently, and I'll be trying out El Tesoro del Inca tomorrow. I've also had an assortment of Vietnamese meals in the area. I a...

What makes that salsa at La Margarita (Irving) so...unique?

by chumdawg 9 years ago

Greetings, all. Long time lurker, first time poster. I am on a quest to find out what is going on with that salsa at La Margarita in Irving. It is my absolute favorite salsa I have ever had--and...

What's a can't-miss in the DFW-Irving area?

by Gin n Tonic 10 years ago

I will be in the DFW-Irving area next week on business and will have Mon-Thur nights available. I will have a car but have never been in the area. I probably don't want to spend more than 20 minute...

Irving Four Seasons - Where to eat?

by veganhater 10 years ago

I'll be at a convention at the Four Seasons Las Colinas without a car. Anything notable close by would be greatly appreciated. Local flavor, barbecue, ethnic, anything interesting. Also, is walk...

BBQ in Irving?

by Anne 14 years ago

My husband is on a business trip and will be in Irving tomorrow evening. Where can he get good BBQ? Thanks!

Breakfast in the Irving area

by flomogal 10 years ago

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good place to have a business breakfast in the Irving area? Thanks.

Best Sports bars in Irving/Addison/Grapevine

by indigator 10 years ago

Looking for a fun sports bar to watch the NCAA championship game tonight. Been to Flying saucers, Champs and Buffalo wild wings a bunch of times so looking for something new.

African Village Rest. Irving

by battman1_2000 10 years ago

My wife has next week off and she lets me go have lunch with coworkers at "unique" restaurants without her because she really doesn't like the different flavors from around the world. So ,as we mak...

Desperate pregnant lady seeking good gyros in Grand Prairie/Arlington/Irving!

by KMessina 11 years ago

Since Dunes in Irving is closed, I'm at a loss who has good Gyro meat in this area. And I am craving Gyros and Hummus like CRAZY! I wasn't all that thrilled with Gyro House. It seemed a bit...la...

great Chinese near North Irving in Dallas?

by kungfufi 11 years ago

Looking for a place that is good for weekend brunch around North Irving, Valley Ranch, Las Colinas area. Is there any good Chinese places outside of the Plano, Richardson areas?

Help! (Irving-Las Colinas) Looking for tex-ribs style fun place for group of 25.

by mak136 11 years ago

Hi, I'm counting on you folks. Coming to Dallas for a wedding at the end of the summer. We have an extra night there to celebrate mom's 80th. Since we're already doing italian and such as part...

ISO-long defunct "Italian Garden" in Irving

by CocoaNut 11 years ago

This wonderful restaurant used to be at the NWc 183 and o'Connor (at the back of the Albertson's shopping center). It's been gone now for multiple years, but the food was so good. Prior to openin...

Irving/Grapevine recommendations

by jasmine_bay 11 years ago

DH and I live in on the east side of Plano so the only time we go to Irving is on our way to the airport. We're attending a conference in Grapevine over Valentine's Day weekend and I'm hoping to ge...

Good Vietnamese in Irving/Las Colinas

by Suchef2008 11 years ago

I am looking for a good noodle place in Irving/Las Colinas. Not really into Pho, since I don't eat beef. Thanks!

DAL / DFW Best Korean (Royal/Irving)?

by Jambon_It 11 years ago

Soon my office will be moving from downtown Dallas to Los Colinas, minutes away from Koreatown. The only thing that's currently making me happy about this move is that I can have bi bim bop for ...

Sushi in Las Colinas/Irving area

by Suchef2008 11 years ago

I am looking for reasonably priced sushi in the Las Colinas/Irving area. I'm burned out on Sushi Tokyo and Blue Fish and would like to spend less money if possible. Any suggestions?