Irish Whiskey

11 Irish Whiskies to Try for St. Patrick's Day

If your Irish whiskey consumption has heretofore been limited to only that which you might call for as “Jame-o” and drink in shot form, perhaps this St. Patrick’s Day is a good excuse for an upgrade...

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Irish Whiskey Cake for St. Patrick's Day

by twodales 14 years ago

I've been longing for a good Irish Whiskey cake similar to Downeys. Anyone have a good recipe they'd like to share? Thanks!

Substitute Irish Whiskey for Bourbon?

by Newbie 15 years ago

I have a recipe for pork loin chili that calls for half cup of bourbon. I'd rather not buy something different when I have something else that might suffice. Will there be radical taste change if...

Middleton's Very Rare (Irish Whiskey)

by FatBob 18 years ago

Does anyone know where to buy this ? I know Pearson's in DC can order it. Anywhere else ?

Single Malt Irish Whiskey

by Val G 18 years ago

I'd like to give my brother-in-law a nice single malt Irish whiskey for his birthday. He's very knowledgable on the subject and I'm not. Can anyone suggest something particularly fine or unusual? M...

Paddy's Irish Whiskey

by Mr. Phil 18 years ago

Hi Guys, Not a particularly pleasant subject. Over the years, a good friend’s father has always had a soft spot for Paddy’s (I know most consider it a “lower” brand, and not being a whiskey pers...

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