What Is the Difference Between an Ale & a Lager?

When considering beer—and I'm often considering beer—there are really two overarching styles to consider: ale and lager. While the process for brewing both beers is similar, slight variations in the...

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Where to get Dogfish Head 120 Min IPA in Boston?

by mikexindy 11 years ago

Anyone know where I can get this amazing beer (either at a liquor store or at a bar) in Boston?

'Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA' in Philadelphia

by indiefoodie 12 years ago

Hi, Is anywhere aware of a place in Philadelphia where I can find the above mentioned beer on TAP? I have had it in a bottle and was wondering if there was a draft version. http://www.dogfish...

Terminal Gravity IPA?

by ricodanles 12 years ago

had an unexpected pint in a Portland hole-in-the-wall last weekend. Sublime. Anybody heard of/have tasted this or other beers from this truly micro micro-brewery in Enterprise, Oregon? Here's...

Dogfish Head IPA sighting

by grandgourmand 12 years ago

If you like the stuff, the Front St. LCBO right next to SLM has a few 6-packs. I picked one up.

Has Anyone Attended an IPA Tasting?

by tofuburrito 12 years ago

I’m thinking of hosting a tasting/scoring of IPA’s from California brewers. I’ve hosted a stout tasting in the past and it went well but my concern with IPA’s is that due to the nature of the ales ...

Brew Dog Punk IPA

by MOREKASHA 12 years ago

I got punked. This beer is not worth a detour, not worth the press, not worth the money. Not worth any more words....

Oliver's IPA

by Philly Ray 13 years ago

Can anyone tell me about this beer? I was in Baltimore a few weeks ago, tried it and liked it. Is it a local Balto beer or will I be able to find it here in Philadelphia? Thanks

Stone IPA draft other than LES?

by Gromit1030 13 years ago

I'm a big fan of Stone IPA, and the only place I've been able to find it on tap in Manhattan is at Spitzer's Corner in the Lower East Side. Does anyone know if it's served anywhere else in Manhatt...

What's that extra bitter taste in IPA's that make them so delicious?

abu applesauce
by abu applesauce 15 years ago

Recently had Dogfish 60 minute IPA the other day and whatever that strong biiter flavor is, this brew's got plenty of it. So delicious. What is it? Also recently had Stoudt Winter Ale from a fres...

ATL Looking for St. Peter's IPA

by weremonkey 14 years ago

My roommate's favorite beer of the moment is St. Peter's Indian Pale Ale. Alas, it has vanished from the shelves of all of the stores that sale other offerings like the English Ale and Golden Ale...

Alesmith IPA in New York City?

Andrew P.
by Andrew P. 15 years ago

Has anyone ever seen Alesmith IPA on tap in NYC? I've heard good things, and was hoping that Hop Devil, DBA, Spuyten Duyvil or Barcade (or similar bars) might have had it. Anything to report?...

Naive IPA Question

Billy Bob
by Billy Bob 14 years ago

Beer Hounds, I recently tried the Dogfish 90 minute IPA based on the IPA thread on this board. I did like it, but it raised a question for me. If this is held up as one of the best IPAs out...

Stone Black IPA

Professor Salt
by Professor Salt 14 years ago

Had the chance to try a limited run IPA from Stone Brewing: their Black IPA. It merges the dark color and toasty flavor of roasted barley and a potent hop kick of a proper IPA. A terrific combinati...

Best Brew Pub IPA in the South

by byteme55 15 years ago

Looking for the best Brew Pub IPA in S.C., N.C. or Ga.. Suggestions?

IPA tasting

by Wineman 15 years ago

Partipated in a tasting of American IPAs. Here are the ales tasted in the order of preference with some notes: Stoudt’s Double IPA Bottle conditioned 10% abv (Deep golden color very fragran...

Smutty Nose IPA

by KRS 17 years ago

I just tried Smutty Nose IPA after a recommendation in the times. It's just as good as the name is revolting -- the best bottled ale I've had, with just the right amount of body to balance the hops.

Saint Arnold IPA "Elissa"

by Tex Nosh 18 years ago

Got to try the newest beer from Houston's great brewery, Saint Arnold. It's an India Pale Ale, named Elissa. Tried it at a local brewpub in Houston, since it's not in bottles or widely distributed ...

ballentine india pale ale ?

by cocoagirl 19 years ago

This is my boyfriend's favorite india pale ale and he cannot find it anymore. He thinks it is not being made. Any idea? If it is still around I would want to get some for him. I live in the Bal...

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