The Perfect Glass for Every Type of Beer

For suds lovers and brew newbs alike, here's a guide to types of beer glass, plus where they came from, and what kind of beer to serve in each one. When I first encountered it, beer only came in cans...

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Brooklyn East India Pale Ale -- anyone had it?

by Tripeler 5 years ago

For a change of pace from my usual West Coast Style IPA, last night I had a bottle of Brooklyn East India Pale Ale. Said to be "English style," it was quite good and while not the usual hop bomb I ...

Why not IPA served with Indian Food?

by Tripeler 5 years ago

There is so much interest in India Pale Ale (IPA) so why have I never seen it featured with Indian food? Actually, I think it would be a pretty good match, much better than those (usually) lousy la...

Rogue Farms IPA: Beer Terroir? Will they evolve with aging or go flat?

by TombstoneShadow 5 years ago

Picked up an intriguing IPA the other day "Rogue Farms 7-Hop". Label says it includes the 7 types of hops grown on Rogue's own hop farm, i.e. sort of "beer terroir". Tasting it... it's real you...

Interesting IPA: Deschutes Fresh Squeezed w/ Mosaic Hops

by TombstoneShadow 6 years ago

So it seems like alot of new beers are hitting the cooler these days. I come across this new one Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA... Wins an award for clever label right off the bat... Anyway, ra...

Heady Topper Dbl IPA

by pacheeseguy 7 years ago

A friend came back from Vermont and gave me two cans of Heady Topper - The Alchemist Highly rated on all the beer sites. Was incredible! Best beer I've had in years. I'm a hop lover, this was fa...

Eagle Rock Brewery "Populist IPA" (on Nitro)

by EarlyBird 6 years ago

All, Do yourselves a favor and find Eagle Rock Brewery's "Populist IPA" on tap with nitrogen. I would describe it as "Boddington's on steroids," a very creamy yellow-gold English style ale. It...

IPA lover needs new beer

by DaKing 7 years ago

What beer should an IPA lover try if he wants to try something new ? Moretti's LaRossa is one I like when I try something different..... Separately, is there an IPA style where the aftertaste i...

Grand IPA Blind Tasting Results... Central Midwest Market

by TombstoneShadow 7 years ago

After being spoiled by years of the awesome range of great beer in Chicago, I'm re-planted elsewhere in the midwest and decided to do an exhaustive blind tasting comparison to find my new "go to" I...

Dogfish Head's 120 min IPA

by sasidhar79 8 years ago

Hi, I am looking to buy couple of bottles of 120 min IPA from Dogfish Head as gifts , but I am unable to find any . If anybody know from where I can get them please let me know. thank you

Linchpin white IPA

by Lewes 7 years ago

My new favorite - a 7.0 collaboration between Founders & Green Flash. The perfect, hoppy Summer beer.

ipa in a can

by brad4d 8 years ago

The best IPA I have found is in a can , only available in Maine Stowaway brewed from Baxter Brewing Co.

Best IPA

by podence 11 years ago

I am an IPA guy through and through. Dogfish Head 60 minute is tops for me, although I recently had a Snake Dog and thought it was pretty close. Harpoon IPA is my staple. I also love Sierra Nevada ...

Who's got Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA on tap?

by scarmoza 8 years ago

City Beer Store and The Trappist recently had it on tap. Anyone know of other places still serving this batch currently? Please post here if you know where it can still be found in the Bay Area. ...

We need to drink more of St. Arnold's Elissa IPA

by TroyTempest 8 years ago

Why you may ask. St. Arnold's brewery of Houston makes Elissa IPA, a wonderful, delicious IPA. For folks that can get it, that should be reason enough (i'm not really sure of the distribution out...

Pliny the Younger sightings, 2011

by Pius Avocado III 8 years ago

First tapping I'm aware of (aside from the brewpub in Santa Rosa) will be this afternoon at the HopYard in Pleasanton. Barclays is planning to tap a keg Friday at 6pm. The brewpub is handling...

IPA Championships

by californiabeerandpizza 8 years ago

Anyone else following the IPA Championships? http://www.brewingnews.com/nipac/ I picked about half the first round winners correctly and still have my two finalists but lost my other two from t...

Where to get Dogfish Head 120 Min IPA in Boston?

by mikexindy 9 years ago

Anyone know where I can get this amazing beer (either at a liquor store or at a bar) in Boston?

'Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA' in Philadelphia

by indiefoodie 10 years ago

Hi, Is anywhere aware of a place in Philadelphia where I can find the above mentioned beer on TAP? I have had it in a bottle and was wondering if there was a draft version. http://www.dogfish...

Terminal Gravity IPA?

by ricodanles 10 years ago

had an unexpected pint in a Portland hole-in-the-wall last weekend. Sublime. Anybody heard of/have tasted this or other beers from this truly micro micro-brewery in Enterprise, Oregon? Here's...