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Does deep frying chicken cause smoke?

by cgxy96 2 years ago

I live in a loft dorm with a fire alarm. I can cook as long as it does not trigger the alarm. My friend have smoke a cigarette in my toilet and I have shallow fried eggs in olive oil on an inductio...

Silampos Stainless Steel for Induction

by Milbader 2 years ago

Hello, I have been lurking and finally signed up. A new induction cooktop was installed in my home this past week. My 30 yr. old Farberware is out and new stainless steel cookware must be purch...

Rechauds--Plan A or Plan B? And why?

by kaleokahu 2 years ago

OK, so everyone here should by now be familiar with Plan A: Hound has gas or electric, has heard the drumbeat for induction, and so buys a PIC hotplate. There are common reasons given: trying th...

Stockpot on Induction Challenge

by Libranflight 2 years ago

Here is where to put results of your tests for stockpots on induction units. Everybody, start your engines.....on your mark.........get ready.............GO!!!!

How long does cooked coconut milk last?

by cherylchua 2 years ago

Hi all! I understand that coconut milk in cartons (like Ayam brand) doesn’t need to be cooked for consumption. But if I were to use it in some recipe, how long can the food item last aftern cooking?

Induction and cast iron

by CACook 11 years ago

cast iron is supposed to work really great with induction, but what can one do to avoid scratching up the cooktop surface? I am not moving the pan around, while cooking just small movements from ...

Questions for Induction cooking experts re: Le Creuset Griddle/Grill

by Macladybug 6 years ago

My new Electrolux Induction stove arrives this week and I'm very excited. I've been studying everyones comments and tips on induction cooking. Does anyone have experience using the Le Creuset...

Induction Cooktop experience

by Nav210west 2 years ago

I grew up with a Miele Induction stove in the Netherlands 35 YEARS AGO in my parents' house. When I built a totally new kitchen in FL 4 years ago, I decided not to spend the money for Miele Induct...

A Poor Man's "Control Freak", "Cue" and "Mirage Pro"

by kaleokahu 2 years ago

Here it is, a $150 smart induction hotplate. The only things missing are a knob and 300 watts... https://tastyonetop.com/

Portable Induction Cooktop with Wide Diameter

by Modoc 2 years ago

Hi all; newbie here. I'm looking to purchase a portable induction cooktop that can accommodate my 12' diameter stockpot. I'd want an 1,800 watt unit so that I can bring two to three gallons of wa...

Shrimp purchased defrosted vs frozen saute different, need thawing tips for firmness?

by TheKnottyHooker 2 years ago

Hi. I buy shrimp at a few local grocery stores to *saute once in a while. The ones I buy defrosted seem to cook up with a firmer flesh. I don't overcook them but they get this nice firmness and get...

Durability of Induction Ranges

by islandgirl 9 years ago

I'm quite interested in the option of an induction range instead of gas. However I'm concerned about the durability of these ranges given how electronic the components are. Does anyone have any t...

Induction Range Opinions, Advice, Education Please

by AllieM 2 years ago

After being without a range for a year while remodeling the home, I have decided that getting an induction range is the direction I would like to venture into. I have done a lot of research and my...

Does Anyone Make a Huge Induction Roasting Pot?

by westes 2 years ago

I want to do some experimenting with roasting large pieces of meat in an induction-compatible roasting pot. I want something large enough to hold a large turkey, and I want it to be induction-com...

Simulating an Oven With Double-Walled Stainless?

by westes 2 years ago

Kuhn Rikon has an interesting product line named Duotherm that uses double wall stainless on the sidewall to create an insulator and allow the food to continue cooking after you remove it from heat...

Thermodynamics with Copper cookware

by Bluecroc 3 years ago

I have been avidly reading the posts on copper cookware that were for me a source of great information and endless inspiration. A topic that fascinates me is the interaction at play - especially...

Cooking Clarified Butter / Indian Ghee on Induction?

by westes 3 years ago

I have run into my first cooking problem on an induction stove with stainless cookware. I want to make Indian Ghee / Clarified Butter. I have made it many times on electric stoves. The problem i...

Clarified Butter / Indian Ghee on Induction Stoves

by westes 3 years ago

I started a thread in the Cookware section on this topic, and I think it came up with some useful ideas. I welcome people to participate in that thread if this topic interests you: https://www.ch...

Empty Nester Kitchen Remodel #2: Melissa’s Kitchen

by drrayeye 3 years ago

A bit more than 2 years ago, I posted my first empty nester concept remodel. Here was my challenge: How does an empty nester restore and restyle his kitchen for culinary happiness and health? I...

Any Berghoff Cookware Users?

by drrayeye 3 years ago

Here's the home site: https://berghoffworldwide.com/bgh_en_int/?___from_store=bgh_en_int They're obviously huge in Europe! Here's the only Chowhound post I could find (2007): http://www...