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Good East Asian recipes done in a pressure cooker?

by ninrn 1 month ago

I know there are lots of South Asian recipes that call for or can be adapted to a pressure cooker. Are there any good...

ChristinaMason commented 11 days ago

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Satay Sate - Indonesian Street food

by Teep 22 days ago

Went to this place near North York Centre. It has casual seating with counters and bar stools, and the food is served...

Indonesian Food Bazaar - Sunday, April 3

by geckoFeet 1 year ago

Hey, everybody. Excellent news: Perhaps a little over-optimistically, the Indonesian Mosque people have decided th...

geckoFeet commented 25 days ago

Making Rendang - looking for a few ingredients

by JNewman 7 months ago

I'm hoping to make Rendang for the first time this weekend. In looking through a few recipes online, I believe I sho...


Madrid commented 29 days ago

*May 2009* COTM Cradle of Flavor: Foods of Celebration (beef, goat, and pork)

by foxy fairy 8 years ago

**May 2009 Cookbook of the Month is Cradle of Flavor: Home Cooking from the Spice Islands of Indonesia, Malaysia, and...


qianning commented 1 month ago

Indonesian in Vancouver or Victoria

by xsivjosh 2 years ago

Is there any Indonesian food in Vancouver or Vicotria? I'd love a nice Riistaffel.

sumashi commented 2 months ago

Burmese food (and other cuisines Toronto is sorely lacking)

by highlyunlikely 4 months ago

I tried Burmese food for the first time a few years ago in SF and loved it - and had it again when I visited last yea...


MattHooper commented 4 months ago

Indonesian rijstafel in Amsterdam

by fenyeeteh 4 months ago

We'll be in Amsterdam for a multi-generational family trip in July. We're looking for recommendations for Indonesian...


saeyedoc commented 4 months ago

any recommendations for places to eat in Ubud Bali and Yogyakarta Indonesia

by enkay 2 years ago

We will betravelling in Indonesia and I was hoping to get some quick recommendations for places to eat. I am not rea...


SoCalSean commented 7 months ago

Twin Panda Austin

by xdcx 12 months ago

There's a place on Parmer Ln that is an americanized chinese restaurant with a secret daily Indonesian menu and weeke...

luckyfatima commented 10 months ago

[Singapore] Nasi Padang Lunch at Warong Nasi Pariaman

by klyeoh 11 months ago

Warong Nasi Pariaman is one of the most successful nasi padang spots in Singapore. It was started by Mr Isrin (like m...

klyeoh commented 10 months ago

Indonesian vendor from Masjid al-Hikmah to appear at the Hester Street Fair

by DaveCook 1 year ago

Tuson Sate -- always the first vendor on your right at Masjid al-Hikmah's periodic Indonesian food bazaars in Astoria...

DaveCook commented 11 months ago

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[Penang] Best Nasi Padang at Nasi Padang Minang, Transfer Road

by klyeoh 11 months ago

This amazing Nasi Padang spot was started by the late Padang-born Madam Ardaini Sabar in 1987. Indonesia's loss was P...

Kacip Manis

by bshinewald 11 months ago

Does anyone know where to buy kacip manis (Indonesian sauce) in Toronto? Many thanks,

paulj commented 11 months ago

Authentic, international restaurants

by tab615210 1 year ago

I am looking for restaurants serving authentic meals from around the world. My goal is to have a meal from a new plac...


hamster commented 1 year ago

Indonesian food in Amsterdam

by kurtwalter 1 year ago

Will be visiting Amsterdam at the end of April. Where can I find the best Indonesian food in Amsterdam? As authentic ...

Melanie Wong commented 1 year ago

Wonderful, Wonderful Woodside Avenue

by Jim Leff 1 year ago

Woodside Avenue in Queens is the most fascinating and fertile stretch of road I know anywhere right now. It's home to...


Amy Mintzer commented 1 year ago

Indo in Keego Harbor, MI

by boagman 1 year ago

Tried searching for posts about Indo, couldn't find any. Odd, that. Anyway, here's my take on it: I've been very...

rainsux commented 1 year ago

Ina Garten's Indonesian Ginger Chicken???

by mochi mochi 11 years ago

Has anyone tried this recipe for Ginger Chicken? I was thinking of making it for a potluck dinner. I was thinking of ...


shrdlukia commented 1 year ago

Rijstafel in Amsterdam

by tstrum 3 years ago

I am looking forward to having fantastic Rijstafel in Amsterdam. Tempo Doeloe is closed on the Sunday night I want t...

Melanie Wong commented 1 year ago