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Salt Lake City: My food favorites (by C. Thi Nguyen)

by Melanie Wong 3 days ago

Some of you may remember Thi from his years on the Los Angeles board and his writings in the LA Times. He's in Utah n...

Onion in Indian curries: to brown or not?

by SuchTaste 4 years ago

Many recipes say to "brown" the onions for that deep sweet flavor, but many others (Kris Dhillon for example) say jus...


foodyjack commented 8 days ago

Freezing Aloo Gobi (Indian Dish/Potatoes&Cauliflower curry)

by ruby1103 11 days ago

Hi, One of my friends gave me some leftovers on Saturday from a dinner party. Since it was a lot of food, I had to f...


Harters commented 8 days ago

MAY 2016 COTM - Made in India: MEAT, FISH

by Allegra_K 1 year ago

Use this thread for the following chapters: Meat- p. 85-122 Fish- p. 123-142 If you are the first to report on...


loveyournoms commented 12 days ago

Paneer Substitute

by sunflowerqueen 19 days ago

Does anyone know any cheeses that i might be able to sub for paneer in a tikka masala curry?


MikeG commented 17 days ago

Saaz Indian in Southampton

by Motosport 19 days ago

Our Wednesday lunch group decided on Saaz in Southampton for lunch today. We all took advantage of their $15. lunch ...

coll commented 19 days ago

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Himalayan Vegan Organic in Cotati

by CyndiN 1 month ago

Has anyone tried the brand new Sonoma County restaurant whose actual name appears to be Himalayan Vegan Organic? 5...

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UK chef looking for work experience in India

by trim2001uk 2 months ago

I am a chef in the UK and am visiting India in December and an looking for some contacts who can fix me up with some ...

Looking for Kaavi Poo Varuval recipe

by frencheetoast 2 months ago

Hey guys, I was away for work and I got Indian delivery from this restaurant that I've never tried before. One of ...


Foxeyblue commented 2 months ago

Kamana Indiana Restaurant in Guilford

by DonShirer 2 months ago

I haven't passed through Guilford for a while, so I was surprised to see a new (to me) Indian restaurant on Boston Po...

DonShirer commented 2 months ago

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Ambadi Kebab & Grill, White Plains, hangs new signage...

by gutreactions 2 months ago

The original Ambadi on East Post Road, White Plains, was opened about a dozen years ago by Simson Kalathara and his f...

Pressure Cooker Whistles in Indian Recipes

by ninrn 5 years ago

Many Indian recipes indicate cooking time in a pressure cooker as "two whistles" or "three whistles". How does that ...

paulj commented 3 months ago

Best Indian in Manhattan?

by dhkoenig 7 months ago

Recommendations on the best Indian Cuisine in Manhattan? Food being priority and ambiance following that and having ...

Ziggy41 commented 4 months ago


by Allegra_K 1 year ago

Use this thread for the following chapters: Starters & Snacks - p. 21-54 Vegetables - p. 55-83 If you are the ...

pistachio peas commented 4 months ago

Chennai Update - food highlights

by kasiav 2 years ago

In preparation for 2 business trips to Chennai, I wasn't finding much in updated information on food/restaurants, so ...


sanantoniospurs1965 commented 4 months ago


by Allegra_K 1 year ago

Use this thread for the following chapters: Eggs - p. 143-150 Legumes & Grains - p. 151-174 Sides - p. 175-194 ...

JoanN commented 4 months ago

Amaravathi | Andhran & Indo-Chinese in Sunnyvale

by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Amaravathi opened two weeks ago serving up South Indian and Indo-Chinese vegetarian food. I slid in five minutes befo...


Marigny commented 4 months ago

Ratanjot (alkanet root) for Indian/tandoor color?

by SuchTaste 4 months ago

As a natural alternative to artificial coloring, is ratanjot a good idea for marinating tandoori chicken? Thinking I'...


SuchTaste commented 4 months ago

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