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Screaming deal: raga indian lunch buffet, croton

by vinouspleasure 8 hours ago

we always liked India House in Montrose though their prices eventually got away from them. Still, their lunch buffet ...


gutreactions commented 8 hours ago

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Ruchi (Bothell)

by equinoise 4 days ago

I located a surprisingly good Indian joint in the wilds of Bothell's Sripmalistan. This place has the kind of uncomp...

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Cafe Bollywood (Bellevue)

by equinoise 4 days ago

Inhabiting the space adjacent to Garlic Crush (formerly occupied by the inexplicably long-lived Casa D's) is a new-is...

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Perfect Indian Meal in Milwaukee

by Slappey 10 days ago

How lucky we were to happen upon Durbar Indian Restaurant on Astor Street, just a block from our hotel. From the exqu...

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Why are there no Indian restaurants in Hendersonville NC?

by Anniebird 14 days ago

Where are the Indian restaurants? Why none in Hendersonville NC when we have THREE Thai restaurants within sight of ...

Does DFW Metroplex have full service thali restaurant?

by luckyfatima 2 years ago

I'm sure there are dozens of Indian places with a thali plate on the menu, but I am looking for a restaurant speciali...

luckyfatima commented 17 days ago

Punjabi By Nature (Halstead Square, "Vienna")

by MikeR 22 days ago

While at lunch at Dickey's Barbecue Pit, I saw this place being reconstructed from a short lived California Tortilla ...


VaPaula commented 19 days ago

Babu Ji on Valencia: New York City's Revenge for sending them Mission Chinese

by Thomas Nash 2 months ago

Babu Ji from Manhattan opened recently to much PR hype on Valencia St. Three of us shared a meal last night and it me...


caprimulgus commented 23 days ago

Himalaya Cafe Opens for B,L,D in Old Saybrook

by DonShirer 2 months ago

     The Himalaya Cafe, featuring "authentic" Indian dishes, has been open for several weeks, but recently expanded t...

DonShirer commented 28 days ago

Indian restaurants in East Bay?

by lqf2711 1 month ago

It's been a long while and many openings/closings/chef changes since any postings on Indian restaurants in Oakland/Be...


adrienne156 commented 1 month ago

October 2102 COTM: 660 Curries -- Legume Curries, Vegetable Curries

by blue room 4 years ago

Post here your reviews for these dishes: Legume Curries …. 311-458 Vegetable Curries …. 459-646 The Chowhoun...


hirsheys commented 1 month ago


by Allegra_K 11 months ago

Use this thread for the following chapters: Starters & Snacks - p. 21-54 Vegetables - p. 55-83 If you are the ...

pistachio peas commented 1 month ago

Help! Turmeric is Making my Kitchen Yellow!

by chezron 2 months ago

Experimenting with turmeric and curry and distressed that all of the cookware I use is now yellow, and so is the coun...

outRIAAge commented 2 months ago

Hechshered biryani masala spice blend?

by dckosher 2 months ago

Seeking hechshered biryani masala (not garam masala) spice blend. Found this, but can't seem to find it sold retail i...


zsero commented 2 months ago


by Allegra_K 11 months ago

Use this thread for the following chapters: Eggs - p. 143-150 Legumes & Grains - p. 151-174 Sides - p. 175-194 ...

pistachio peas commented 2 months ago

Mumbai Grill (Great Neck)

by stuartlafonda 1 year ago

Oy vey. Those would be the words of my Grandpa Harry if he had ever had to endure this train wreck. When last we left...


stuartlafonda commented 2 months ago

Indian dishes that do not contain Garam Masala?

by NiceySpicy 2 months ago

I'm interested in exploring Indian cuisine but I don't care for cinnamon in savory dishes. Can anyone list dishes tha...


fallingup commented 2 months ago

Kuku Canteen - delicious veg Indian

by el_saucyapple 2 months ago

Kuku Canteen, the cheap Korean counter on Mercer, was replaced over the weekend by a Indian restaurant (the name, d...

Ttrockwood commented 2 months ago

Sahib - Curry Hill: New and terrific Indian

by comiendosiempre 2 months ago

A couple of months ago we wandered into Sahib for dinner, in Curry Hill. It was, we think, the first night it was op...

The Chowhound Team commented 2 months ago

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