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In-N-Out has a cultlike following amongst burger lovers. Tell us your feelings, chat with Chowhounds about menu items, and discuss the chain in the news.

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In-N-Out envy/hype?

by Heather 19 years ago

After the Krispy Kreme revolution, I wonder if In-N-Out will not be next to capture the country's tastebuds. In-N-Out burgers are a legend out west. I am wondering if they're hyped across the co...


by Robin Tuvi 15 years ago

After reading a post yesterday about them, I went to In N Out tonight and requested the off-menu animal style fries. They are fries topped with grilled onions, sauce, and cheese. FANTASTIC! If you ...

In N Out's secret menu?

by JeniH 15 years ago

I just recently found out about two "secret" menu items (animal style burger and fries)... are there any other secret menu items I need to know of? THANKS!

In-N-Out near LAX help

by Billy 101 16 years ago

I am staying here next week on an overnight layover at the Marriott Courtyard near LAX(6161 W CENTURY BLVD). I've always wanted to try In-N-Out which I know is nearby (9149 S Sepulveda Blvd). I ...

In-N-Out Burger

by Deenso 16 years ago

While in San Francisco on our anniversary trip in May, we finally got to try a double-double with grilled onions. I have to agree with Joe H. ("The 5,000 Mile Burger") - this was the best fast-food...

Animal Style Fries: In N Out

by mc michael 17 years ago

Tried these today. Basic fries with the animal style ingredients (minus lettuce and tomato) slopped on top. Sort of redundant if you're getting an animal style burger. Costs 50 cents extra. Wil...

In-N-Out Burger Virgin

by Deenso 17 years ago

Having read Joe H's "The 5,000 Mile Hamburger" in today's General Food Topics, I am now sure that my husband and I must share the experience when we visit California in May. We'll be landing in San...

FOUND: The secret source of In-N-Out's Hamburger Buns

by Dylan 17 years ago

A while back I asked if anyone had a recipe to reproduce an In-N-Out type hamburger bun. No one responded; I'd still love to know. However, I have come across a good tip -- the bakery that purporte...

In-N-Out Burger Hamburger Buns

by Dylan 17 years ago

Pursuant to the thread on fast food recipes below, one thing I'd love to make is a hamburger bun similar to that from In-n-Out Burger. After reflecting carefully on what makes an In-n-Out Burger so...


by squid-kun 17 years ago

The New York Times discovers In-N-Out Burgers in Wednesday's dining section. This generally favorable piece about "the un-chain," as one source calls it, features praise from Eric Schlosser, among ...

In-N-Out Style Meals?

by Old Gordo 17 years ago

I just learned that In-N-Out has different "Styles" in which they will prepare burgers if asked. For example, Animal Style is with 1000 Island Dressing and grilled onions. Does anyone know what the...

In n Out's secret menu?

by Newby 17 years ago

I've heard that In n Out Burgers has a secret menu. Things like protein burgers and wellies? Is there a link to this secret menu? If not what is a protein burger and wellies?

In-N-Out Alert

by Chino Wayne 18 years ago

The Dining Wilderness That Is The Inland Empire will be graced with a new In-N-Out in the old cowtown, Chino. Coming soon, at the new shopping center at the 71 Freeway and Grand Avenue, Double Dou...


by David Kahn 18 years ago

Looks like there's going to be some mighty unhappy hounds. (See link). Link: http://www.law.com/regionals/ca/stories/edt0325b.shtml

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