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Get 'Cherried' Away: 9 Creative Ways to Use Your Cherry Haul

Wondering what to do with your extra cherries? These sweet and savory cherry recipes should help. When I was a kid I loved cherries so much I made a song up about them and sang it during cherry season...

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What to do with lots of peppers

by jono37 13 years ago

I have a pepper plant which has exploded with growth and needs to be harvested. I don't know the name of the pepper variety, but they are about 5-6 inches long, about one inch thick, they taper to...

Leftover cranberry orange relish-need suggestions!!

by trolley 13 years ago

I have about 2 cups of delicious cranberry-orange relish leftover and not sure what to do with it. I think i would like to toss it with sliced plums and make a galette or does that sound too much ...

Failed Ricotta

by kflei 5 years ago

I recently started making Greek yogurt, and used 1 gallon + 4 cups of leftover whey, + 1 gallon UHT 1% milk, + 1 cup white vinegar, and the juice of one lemon, attempting to make Ricotta. Epic fai...

Need ways to use up minced olive salad

by inlovewiththedusk 5 years ago

I have an absurd amount of olive salad leftover from something my husband made. I could use suggestions on using it up. I welcome pasta dishes but we are limiting our pasta and bread intake at cu...

Uses for lots of mustard

by Danimal 5 years ago

I have a lot of brown deli mustard to use up -- about a pint. Any ideas for what to do with it? I googled how to use up mustard, and all the recipes used 1-2 T.

What to do with a lot of extra cannoli filling?

by pumpkin donut 5 years ago

Over Christmas my dad brought me 4 bags of cannoli filling. We used 2 bags & piped 60 mini-cannoli shells. I've got 2 bags left in the freezer. I live in the South & can't buy empty shells. The...

Grains of Paradise: What To Do With

by GoalieJeff 18 years ago

In a farmers market shopping buzz the other weekend , I picked up 4 oz. of grains of paradise , after reading something about them in a newspaper . Now , 4 oz. by weight is actually quite a lot of ...

How to use leftover Parsely, Cilantro, Scallions, and garlic?

by sweet100s 5 years ago

Hello Chowhounders, I made Naan tonight (or tried to...) with my sourdough starter and now have some leftover Parsely, Cilantro, Scallions, and garlic My new years resolution was to waste ...

Cleaning out fridge/freezer and using up ingredients

by grangie angie 5 years ago

I have 1/2 can of coconut cream(thick),1/2 jar of TJ's lemon curd and one sheet of puff pastry.......can I make some sort of dessert/strudel ? with these or will it taste weird? Just wondering if ...

What to do with lots of cut fruit

by Siegal 5 years ago

I have a huge bowl of leftover cut up fruit from a party. I can't eat anymore fruit! It's mostly strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, papaya, mango, pineapple. My mom suggested a cooked fruit dish? My...

What to do with lots of broken cookies?

by dtremit 6 years ago

Does anyone here have creative ideas for using up broken cookies? We've unfortunately ended up with a huge quantity (10+ pounds) of damaged ones following a storage mishap. Would be nice to figure ...

what to do with melted chocolate & butter

by bdeckermsu 6 years ago

I melted some chocolate, it wasn't smooth enough, I added some butter, never got it where I needed it to be, so I started over. Now I have a tub of melted chocolate chips (about 2 cups) to which a...

Any delicious Ideas to use up 10 lbs of organic rye flour?

by lecker 8 years ago

Please help. I am a very very new cook (started cooking a few days ago, after a life-changing trip through Italy and France). I am currently obsessed with making fresh pasta and I attempted to do...

How to use a lot of milk?

by Tehama 6 years ago

So, I still can't get used to this new CH format and dislike it every time I come to CH. I can't find anything on my local board or home cooking. I say this as a disclaimer because surely there a...

Blue cheese in twice-baked potatoes to freeze or some other ideas?

by KathleenMP 6 years ago

I am making some twice bakes to freeze and I need to use up some blue cheese. I have your basic sour cream and butter. Some Monterey Jack to use up, some bacon. Blue cheese is pretty precious; I...

roasted peppers

by spazita 6 years ago

Hi Peeps, I have about 2 cups of roasted red peppers thawed out. What can I make with them?

A Mountain of Cilantro

by Allegra_K 6 years ago

It was a golden opportunity not to be missed. The very rare occurance of cilantro with roots still attached was discovered at the grocer, and my root supply was dwindling.... Which is how I find m...

Leftover/reuse chicken nuggets/strips recipe ideas

by myintuition 6 years ago

I was cleaning out my freezer today and found many bags of chicken nuggets and chicken strips. Obviously my teenagers have stopped eating them. I admit they are not very good and quite dry. So I...

Help! Need ideas for 5 pounds of frozen ground white fish

by egebel 6 years ago

After overbuying ground fish for gefilte fish, I've had a 5 pound bag of ground white fish hanging out in my freezer. I'd hate to waste it, but I don't have any good ideas for how to use it up. I h...

What to do with loads of peaches?

by dimsumgirl 13 years ago

My neighbor just dropped by with a large flat of fresh picked peaches. What would you do if you had a bumper crop of peaches? I want to use them while they are still fresh. Would you freeze? Pi...

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