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Hungry for Something New? The 10 Best New Restaurants in America

Tired of the same ol' same ol'? You're in luck. Food & Wine just announced its 2019 list of Best New Restaurants and chances are, at least one of them is within striking distance. The list, which...

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[Hou] Crabs

by benjym 11 years ago

So anybody have any hot tips on where to buy crabs? A friend and I are having a crab fest this weekend and we are looking to buy a lot of crabs. Do we need to drive down to Galveston? Is there a...

Houston...Diana's Banana Babies???

by CynJen 11 years ago

Does anyone know where you can find these in the Houston Area?

Ethnic Markets in Houston

by foodpro13 11 years ago

I've been loving that new Korean market on Campbell with the food stalls on the right, including the one with the amazing spicy fried chicken. Does anybody have any other recommendations for ethni...

Dim Sum in the Galleria area of Houston?

by wozzle1974 11 years ago

Hi y'all. I have a friend who has just moved here from upstate New York, and of all things, he is craving Dim Sum. I live in The Woodlands, and he is in Katy - is there a good place for Dim S...

best bbq in/around houston

by napolean 11 years ago

Is Houston serious about bbq anymore? I'm from Memphis and want to know where to find the best Texas style bbq in Houston. We are wiling to drive out of the city a bit if it;s worth it. Thanks!

[HOU] Your favorite place for quail is . . .

by danhole 12 years ago

About 7 or so year ago my girlfriend took me to Guadalajara Hacienda off Katy Fwy for a bday dinner, and I had a mixed grill plate that included quail. Since then I have tried quail at many places,...

Cafe Amore - Northwest Houston

by geegeeTX 11 years ago

We actually stumbled upon this place by accident. We were planning on going to Cafe Soleil for Vietnamese sandwiches, but when we drove up, it had morphed into Cafe Amore. My husband went in and ...

[HOU] Afternoon/High Tea

by Knittingreader 12 years ago

Any recommendations? I'm spending a Saturday with my 9-year-old god-daughter and would love to take her to tea. I've heard of tea at the St. Regis, but wonder if it's worth $35/per person.

[Hou] South Houston suggestions?

by Dorothy 12 years ago

The EE and I plan to take a friend to dinner this weekend in/near South Houston. THe EE asked the friend (who lives in the area) and he suggested Red Lobster or Golden Corral. Not. The EE told t...

Where can I find "wax beans" in Houston?

by lazy_engineer 12 years ago

I want to make this recipe: http://www.elise.com/recipes/archives/002129wax_beans_with_mint.php , but I could not find fresh wax beans at HEB, where I would have expected to find them (and the guy ...

Sugar Land Take Out

by ccfoodie 12 years ago

My husband and I just got back from visiting my daughter,her husband,and 2 grand children(ages 4months and 2and a half) in Sugar Land . We didn't feel like cooking. My daughter suggested we get tak...

[Houston] kid friendly restaurants

by zoememel 12 years ago

i am looking for restaurants that are kid friendly, don't grunt at you when they see you have brought little ones, possibly provide kids menu's and make it easy to provide for children, toddlers, a...

Mark's [Houston]

by onatrip 12 years ago

I've read so many positive reviews of Mark's in Houston that my friends and I have decided to go there for a weekday birthday luncheon. I saw a "sample menu" on their website. Does their menu c...

BBQ in Houston

by firecracker 12 years ago

Will be in Houston at the end of July for a tradeshow at the George R. Brown Convention Center. Our CEO loves BBQ and insists on taking the entire corporate crew to dinner the last night before cl...

The Grove - Houston

by foodbevlaw 12 years ago

What's the word on The Grove? I'll be in Houston next month for a conference and will be having dinner there. Thanks!!

Casual Catering/Party Rooms in Houston

by KkLove 12 years ago

I am looking for a place to have a surprise birthday party for my mom in Houston. It will be for roughly 25-30 people. I don't want something super formal and would not like to spend over 1000k if ...

[Houston] Sichuan Cuisine, the real deal--long

by sambamaster 13 years ago

Ok, I have 3000 words on this place which obviously flipped my switch in a good way. I have three parts. Here is Part One. Shoud I post the others as replies to this, or should I start a new topic...

Wine delivery in Houston?

by cheezy1 12 years ago

I've posted this on this on the generic wine board but thought this board might be able to help out. I'm from Toronto and am looking to have a bottle of wine (approx $50) delivered to a friend in H...

Sushi Houston / Sugarland

by bigballoon 13 years ago

Looking for great sushi in Houston / Sugarland. Will be taking a client out. Client is in Sugarland, but not limited to stayiong in Sugarland if the best is in Houston. Any recommendations?

old place cafe (Sugar Land)

by John Scar 14 years ago

Anybody been to this place? It was mentioned as a place one of the chefs in the article in last weeks dining section says he likes to go with his wife? Authentic chinese dumplings.

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