Hot Sauce

Can you handle the heat? Find everything you ever wanted to know about hot sauce, from under-the-radar brands that other Chowhounds love to technical answers about chile peppers.

9 International Hot Sauce Recipes to Set Your World on Fire

One of the best (and tastiest) ways to combat the summer sun is bringing hot sauce to the table. Though it may seem counterintuitive to fight fire with fire, sweat induced from spice will actually cool...

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Sriracha vs "chili garlic sauce"

by fldhkybnva 9 years ago

Is there a difference between the Sriracha (Huy Fong brand) in the bottle with the squeeze green cap vs the smaller plastic jar with the twist off cap?

Whatdya Put Hot Sauce On?

Perilagu Khan
by Perilagu Khan 8 years ago

Not salsa. Not even taco sauce. Hot pepper sauce, such as Tabasco, Sriracha, Frank's, etc. And I don't mean cooking with it, I mean applying it after the food is cooked or is otherwise ready to be ...

Break of Dawn | Laguna Hills

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

Ever since I saw a photo of Break of Dawn's tempura eggs published by Professor Salt, I've been kind of obsessed with trying this place. Last week I departed Oceanside and drove up to Laguna HIlls ...

Missing kebab red sauce recipe - please help!

by irishmeateater 3 years ago

I made a lamb kebab some months back. It was absolutely delicious. The lamb was accompanied by red sauce the recipe for which involved charring red peppers and peeling them. I wrote the recipe down...

Best burrito (authentic) in Las Vegas/El Pastor on the spit

by mookied39 3 years ago

Where is the best (in your opinion) burrito in vegas. Love an authentic pastor/asada or a combo. The only real must is a great hot sauce/salsa in house. So recommend me your favorite, please and...

Townsman's gochujang maple hot sauce

C. Hamster
by C. Hamster 3 years ago

Matt Jennings has been experimenting with maple for awhile now and has come up with killer maple hot sauce using Rhei Maid gochujang. Its bottled and for sale in the restaurant (and I think served...

Taco Shop Hot Sauces

by keykey 14 years ago

I moved to Texas about 8 months ago from San Diego and today I decided I wanted to make my own hot sauce. Now, I'm not looking for tabasco, or Tapatio or Cholula... I'm looking to make hot sauce th...

Cottage and Laws in California for homemade hotsauces/candies

by wellsfargo 5 years ago

I was just wondering if anyone had any information on making hot sauces at home and selling online? Is there a limit how much money you can make? Is it legal to make it at home in the state of Cali...

Anyone Making Homemade Fruit Based Hot Sauce?

by Deborah 9 years ago

Love a mango hot pepper hot sauce but can no longer buy it so would like to make my own. I have checked recipe boards but would love to try a recipe from a chow hound. I am open for any ideas but...

Mild Sauce - Only in Chicago?

by xbeetfarmx 18 years ago

So this is my first post to chowhounds. Hi! One of my favorite things about Chicago, is something called "Mild Sauce" My cousin said its something only found in Chicago.. You get it at the neighbor...

Great non-perishable condiments

by Pan 4 years ago

Hi, everybody! I'm thinking of starting a business selling great condiments that are hard to find. Do you have any favorite condiments that you have trouble finding near where you live? I'm looking...

Hot Sauce

by scoot2 4 years ago

my plan is to use woozy bottles and would like an opinion as to ph levels as i don't have a meter. i use a blend of pablano and habenero peppers with garlic and onion cooked down in 3 cups of wate...

Asian chili paste

by Magycmyste 7 years ago

So, I went to a teppanyaki restaurant recently, and when I asked for a little extra something to spice up my meal, the chef gave me some chili paste that was absolutely delicious! I'd love to have ...

Hot Sauce

by Jm22clark 7 years ago

I make a sweet hot sauce which contains red pepper, green pepper, onion and vinegar. I had some spoil on me that were not refrigerated. I was wondering if there was a preservative that I could use ...

Cricket in Stratford, Ct.

by emilymary 11 years ago

Can anyone help me find the receipe for Cricket's hot dog sauce? It closed and isn't there anymore (near the Stratford Airport). They had the best hot sauce that they put on their hot dogs and I wa...

Las Cuatro Milpas hot sauce?

by pRon 6 years ago

Does anybody have a link or recipe for the type of hot sauce they serve at this fine establishment? BTW: I have done a Google image search with no results...d;^( Thanks in advance...d;^) ...

Trying to learn how to double+ my sauce recipes

by mugzi 4 years ago

I have recipes that I've mastered in small quantities at home, but now I'm planning to fulfill my lifelong dream and open a restaurant and would need to make them in much larger quality. I found ca...

Bottle Condiment Hot Sauce 101?

by zackly 4 years ago

I'm looking for a guide to bottled condiment hot sauces. In local Mexican restaurants owned by Mexicans around here (suburban NYC) I see Valentino Salsa Picante most often on tables. It's fine but...

Recommend Sauces for Rice and Vegetables

by westes 4 years ago

I typically cook for about four days of meals in advance, to accommodate my schedule and available time for cooking. A typical lunch staple for me is three or four roasted vegetables (which ones ...

El Yucateco Hot sauce: Differences between red and green

by bugmenot 12 years ago

Anyone know what the differences are between the red and green versions of El Yucateco Habanero hot sauce as far as taste and heat? I've tried the green one and it's good but I wanted something sl...