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Sausage + bun = simple pleasure. Find the best hot dogs in your area, discuss recipes and grilling techniques, and share your favorite toppings with other Chowhounds.

If You're Not Spiral Cutting Your Hot Dogs, You're Making a Huge Mistake

Want to make the best hot dog ever? Spiral cut it and char it on the grill. Here's how and why to do it. We first declared...

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Hot Dogs N' Stuff (Sabrett dogs and Schwab Hot Links)

by slowcoooked 6 years ago

This stand is always out in front of the north central Lowe's off Steck / Mopac. I think Sabrett beef hot dogs are the best flavored going - and now a new winner tube steak has emerged, the schwab...

Hot dog choice dilemma

by eimac 5 years ago

I love Costco's hot dogs, but I have to supply the dogs for a picnic tomorrow and don't have time to go there. I usually get Boars Head natural casing when I buy supermarket dogs, but it seems like...

Houston Airport Hot Dogs

by SofiesMommy 5 years ago

Does ANYONE now what brand of hot dogs they sell in the Houston / George Bush airport?? We bought some at a little shop in the terminal area and they were fantastic. Unfortunately, the workers th...

Great lunch today

by Vinnie Vidimangi 7 years ago

A big tasty "Polish"sausage, nice soft bun with sesame seeds, good selection of toppings including pretty good sauerkraut. All you can drink soda fountain. Only $1.50 Really hit the spot and i...

Hummel Bros 5lb natural casing hot dogs - CT/NY/MA?

by shanagain 5 years ago

My son and DIL are in the Albany, NY area now and are about to come home to Texas for vacation before he's stationed in Norfolk. Anyway, having lived in CT for years I'm a Hummel Bros fan. Son sugg...

NYC Street Vendor Selling $30 Hot Dogs?

by coll 5 years ago


Off the beaten pah Chicago eats for a first timer

by Basscadet 5 years ago

I am visiting Chicago for the first time on the crowded weekend of July 2 - July 5th. I'm trying to plan places to eat as I am sure the city is going to be crowded everywhere unless its like NYC d...

Sport Peppers at Bed Bath and Beyond....

by diegonyc 5 years ago

Should you want or need Sport Peppers for Chicago Dogs and have tried unsuccessfully to find them here in NYC at a retail spot, I've good news for you. Bed Bath and Beyond on 18th street has them ...

Does anyone do a Newark hot dog in OC?

by Midlife 5 years ago

Someone had to go and post a video about Jimmy Buff's Jersey style Italian hot dogs that showed up in my Facebook newsfeed. Now I'm pretty much obsessed with trying one...... although the idea of ...

Deep Fried Hot Dogs

by Thesetts 5 years ago

CANNOT FIND THEM anywhere in Miami. Unlike Jersey's RUTT'S HUT, they don't even know what I am talking about. Can you help ?

When was the last time you had a REAL hot dog?

by brooktroutchaser 5 years ago

You know, hand made, natural casing, butcher shop hot dog? Maybe with sweet onions and mustard? The kind of hot dog that snaps and the casing splits from the heat. When did you last taste...

Hot Dogs... Grilled, Boiled, Steamed... or really?... Microwaved?

by FriedClamFanatic 5 years ago

I'm sure this must have come up before. With folks as vehement and vocal about what they want on a dog to the brand ( and the roll!), I can't believe it has been totally ignored. Growing up, i...

Coney Dog or Chili Dog?

by DuffyH 6 years ago

Thinking of making a chili-like topping for our 4th of July cookout, and I'm wondering if there's a difference. I've seen recipes for Coney dogs that read more like a beefy barbecue sauce, with ...

Best tasting veggie dogs

by lauren75 8 years ago

Hosting a BBQ and have some vegetarians coming...what is the best tasting brand of veggie dogs out there?

Long Island Hot Dogs

by motoeric 13 years ago

Has anyone visited The Hot Dawg Truck? It's located right off the Meadowbrook Pkwy in the Lowes parking lot. I've been trying to find a decent dog on Long Island (to no avail) and I was thinking...

Cupid's Hot Dogs MIA

by Steve Doggie-Dogg 16 years ago

Hello, I've been trying to find a Cupid's to review for the Hot Dog Spot blog, but they appear to be dropping like flies. Van Nuys, Panorama City and Northridge are all gone according to the phon...

I need a really good, thick wiener

by MsMaryMc 6 years ago

Go ahead, get the 12-year-old boy jokes out of the way. Can't blame you. I'll wait. Now then...where can I find some really tasty, high-quality, bodaciously-fat wieners in or around Seattle? ...

Best hot dog?

by sgwood415 14 years ago

I think there are two types of foodies. People who live to experience the highest forms of cuisine. And people who live to experience every form of cuisine. The former will spare no expense in the ...

PC Chili and Cheese All Beef Hot Dogs

by jayt90 5 years ago

This is a fine new product. The flavor is like Nathan's (hard to get now); Juicy and beefy, with a bit of chili zip. No apparent cheese. This is similar to a Nathan's product with added hot peppe...

Captain Paul's Firehouse Dogs, Lawrenceville

by Foody4life 10 years ago

Sometimes just a dog will do and Captain's Paul's hit the spot - dead center. J and I stopped here for lunch today and were impressed. I ordered a "Full Box" which is fireman's lingo for send...

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