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Hole in the wall in San Mateo that serves Dumplings

by van 14 years ago

I heard there's a hole in the wall in San Mateo that has really good dumplings and other little dishes. does anyone know the name of this place and there thoughts on it?

B.U. area hole in the wall?

by tatamagouche 14 years ago

Someone just wrote about one, maybe a week or two ago. I can't remember who or what. I just remember you liked it. Ring any bells?

Hole in the wall gem in Mexico City

by J 15 years ago

Fellow hounds, I want to report upon a phenomenal lunch at "Los Chamorros de Tlacoquemecatl" in Mexico City's "Colonia del Valle". This restaurant is right in front of "Tlacoquemecatl Park" (any ...

ISO the best hole in the wall places

by Brian C 15 years ago

After getting some groceries at Assi market in K-town, I found myself next to Pollo A La Brasa which I've read good reviews here. Ordered the whole chicken with beans and rice and was extremely sat...

Ultimate hole in the wall taco place found

by Just Larry 15 years ago

I had the BEST lunch today that I can recall in a long time. I know it is on Kester and I believe at the corner of Calvert (a few blocks North of Oxnard). It is a store with a mini restaurant in t...

lechon - Dominican hole in the wall

by janeherenow 15 years ago

Does anyone know the name and location of the Dominican take-out place with the good, cheap lechon and other goodies that's I think on First or York somewhere between 86th and 96th? Maybe it has "A...

Hole in the Wall Restaurants

by MM 15 years ago

Hi all, Topic for the day: What/where is your favorite hole-in-the-wall? Though I lived in San Fran and currently reside in Manhattan, my absolute favorite place is a tiny shack in Denver, CO c...

Between LA and SD, any good places (hole in the wall welcome) to stop to chow and play?

by Hungry Like a Wolf 15 years ago

my wife and I are heading to SD this weekend and on drive back on sunday, we would like to visit some places on the drive back for some chow as well as to walk around. Recommendations would be app...

Looking for great hole in the wall type places in Little Rock

by YUMPA 15 years ago

Going to be down there 4/7-4/10 - Any great bbq? Or anything else the locals go to and love?

rome best hole in the wall restaurants

by cenci 16 years ago

going to rome and love local joints of value and local character like fillete de bacala

**Aloha** HI via NYC now 1st time @ SF - hole in the wall foodie

by tug555 16 years ago

yo sf, As I said, I'm a hole-in-the-way to medium level fancy 'hound. Coming to visit SF after living in NYC 7 years and Hawaii the rest of my life. So I like plate lunch kine grinds but i get ...

Downhome hole in the wall off the beaten path......Jocqui-mo's??

by slowrider 16 years ago

Coming to New Oreleans for the first time this wknd..... Looking for a crazygood hole in the wall with super fattening good good chow.......Not high-end or anything just really good......no tourist...

EUGENE: Hole in the Wall BBQ...

by Nick 16 years ago

Was down in Eugene and a friend and I went out to Chao Pra Ya for some Thai food. One of my favorite spots. Had the pork larb, beef salad (yum nuer), and red curry. All were good, though the bee...

'Hole in the wall', time-tested', HOT SPOTS??

by Jackson 16 years ago

I'm new in LA... and feeling homesick for the very established, time-tested, 'friends with the staff', kinds of places i'm used to. I'm looking for any and all places in LA or the valley (breakfas...

Mid-Eastern hole in the wall: Sahara grill

by Caitlin McGrath 16 years ago

Looking for a quick dinner one night recently that wasn't part of the chain hell dominating 42nd St in Times Square, I walked a couple of blocks down 7th Ave (to 39th or 40th) and found myself in f...

Don Pancho - terrific hole in the wall Mexican in Clearwater

by Coyote 16 years ago

I buy plantains and avocados, Mexican spices, etc., from Don Pancho, on Drew, and had noticed a substantial lunch and take out business being done from a tiny kitchen in back of this market. Tried...

hole in the wall in Sacto

by Robert 16 years ago

The "Hot Pastrami" on Auburn road just north of Watt has a great pastrami sandwitch for about four bucks. Beer another buck. It comes with a bag of chips. :) Yeah I'm low brow. Service is friendly...

Hole in the Wall French??

by Joel 16 years ago

Since moving here to New York, I've been amazed at the amount of neighborhood/no frills French restaurants. It has to be the only city outside of Paris that has so many. I see places like Mont Blan...

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