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Chowhounds love uncovering hidden gems and sharing them with the community. Get tips on under-the-radar restaurants in your part of the world.

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Looking for any unturned stones in or near Gurnee

by abf005 15 years ago

Fellow Chowhounds, please help. I've lived in Gurnee for 10 years now, and I've pretty much hated every year here from a dining perspective. It seems like if you like Pizza, pub burgers and Du...

Maré at Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese (A Review and Photo Story)

by TheOffalo 6 years ago

[http://theoffalo.com/2015/07/mare-at-greenspans-grilled-cheese/] In the back of chef Eric Greenspan‘s eponymous Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese shop, through a freezer door—complete with a horizont...

Hidden Gems Close to Sheraton Toronto Centre Hotel. Any help???

by robhowden 6 years ago

Hi folks, Me and a crew of guys and girls are in Toronto working the IndyCar race and we're staying at the Sheraton Toronto Centre Hotel. There are the normal chains and high-price cookie cutte...

Hidden gem brunch

by Choeby 6 years ago

We've all experienced the frustratingly packed brunch joint and I'm always on the lookout for reliably delicious brunch spots that don't require a minimum 30 minute wait. The Whippoorwill at Bloor ...

Bamboo House...Ridgewood

by ELA 6 years ago

Bamboo House...in Ridgewood... A thread on another BB about "dive" restaurants got me thinking...and craving the Bamboo House in Ridgewood. Now, this is a real "dive" kind of place...aesthetics...

35W - What are your can't miss gems?

Db Cooper
by Db Cooper 7 years ago

Many Twin Cities folks drive in to the Cities on 35W from the far northern suburbs and beyond. I find myself heading up that way more often for business, whether it is for conferences at the casin...

Honey Cakes Cafe - A Hidden Gem in Centennial Hills, and the best darn Pecan Sticky Bun I've seen in a while

by uhockey 6 years ago

One of those rare 'off the beaten path' spots in Vegas that is absolutely worth a drive for those looking for some of the city's best pastries off (or on) the strip.

Green Papaya: Where can I find this hidden gem

by speed2fast 6 years ago

Does anyone know of a grocery in the Chicagoland area that sells green papaya? I have looked at Joong Boo Market on Kimball, Mitsuwa in Arlington Heights and in a few of the places in Chinatown, ...

Hidden gem spots on the way to San Diego from LA?

by Deidre7 7 years ago

Hey all! I'm finally venturing out of my Los Angeles bubble and making the short trek to San Diego next weekend for my birthday. Any breakfast or dinner spots along the way that you recommend? I...

Hidden burger gems for under $5?

by ronsilverado 8 years ago

I've been enjoying following L.A Taco's ongoing "Bang for your Burger Buck" series (http://www.lataco.com/tag/cheap-eats/burgers) and was particularly intrigued by the inclusion of Al & Bea's. Give...

Searching for Hidden Gems on the North Shore, Oahu

by kwool2004 6 years ago

Hi- I am visiting Oahu from LA with some friends next weekend, and since this everyone's first time on the island, we are in search of some unique and non-touristy experiences while we are there...

Chiu Hong Bakery – A Hidden Gem In Chinatown

by Lau 6 years ago

For full post and pic: http://www.lauhound.com/chiu-hong-bakery-hidden-gem-chinatown/ Chiu Hong Bakery is an old school Cantonese bakery located on the cusp of Chinatown and Soho. It’s the type...

Oyster Bar at Harrahs - Beyond Great Hidden Gem

by Ambiance 7 years ago

I have eaten some great fish on the New England, Florida, California, and Louisiana coasts. But, who would have thought I'd have the best in the middle of a smoky, mediocre casino like Harrahs in V...

Hidden gems on Montreal's West Island

by Haggisboy 12 years ago

Much talk here focuses on the downtown core. I was wondering if foodies had any secret gems to share - restos, grocers, you name it so long as it's food oriented - on the west island.

Seeking Oregon and Northern Cali hidden gems

by Beckyq 7 years ago

We learned about Chowhound last year when we found a fabulous little hole in the wall in Rome....and we are hooked! So, we are off soon for a trip to the west coast....starting in Ashland Oregon, t...

Airport Hidden Gems

by ChancesR 7 years ago

My go-to lunch spot at MSP for the past several years has been Surdyks Flights. Now don't get me wrong - I think Surdyk's is top-notch, but I do crave variety. I've tried Ike's for a burger, whic...

Any hidden gems for culinary gardening?

by emannths 7 years ago

I'm curious if anyone's got any places they seek out for buying herbs and vegetable plants around here. I'm interested in both interesting, varied selections and value. For example, Ricky's in ...

Jamaica Plain hidden gems...

by coolaugustmoon 7 years ago

So my regular dc and I have moved to JP (by the monument where Centre and South converge). We have done some scouting ahead of time and are familiar with Ten Tables, Grass Fed, Tres Gatos, Vee Vee...

ISO Hidden Gems in Greensboro and Winston Salem NC

by suzroberts 12 years ago

I am looking for the best of the best in terms of small, family run, made from scratch cooking. Please let me know if you know of any 'secret' dining spots in Greensboro or Winston Salem, NC. I am ...

Temaki Sushi on Broadway: hidden gem for sushi

by grayelf 7 years ago

Hidden from me, at least. Thanks to waylman, I gave it a try again. I ordered a veggie roll combo to go (spicy avocado, asparagus, yam $10 and change) and then went and did some stupidmarket shoppi...