What Is Za'atar and How Do I Use It?

It's possible you've seen earthy za'atar seasoning piled up in soaring mountains in an Israeli shouk or tucked away in packets in your local spice shop. But if not, you may be wondering: What is za...

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How To Preserve Dill?

by herby 2 years ago

I stopped by my little community garden today to assess what need to be done before planting and it is covered with young dill! Someone planted dill a few years ago and now we all get some or lots....

Help!!! Marjoram substitute needed

by eding888 3 years ago

I am making chicken and wild rice. I don't have any marjoram left. What spice should I use?

Sorrel in Sydney

by mrmathew 3 years ago

I'm trying to find fresh herbs - Sorrel - in Sydney. Called Harris Farm and Norton St Grocer and neither have any. In my hometown, Melbourne, I could easily order from my favourite greengrocer...

Where to find gentian root in Van?

by mendicity 3 years ago

I'm going to make amari for Christmas gifts this year and the recipe I've settled on calls for gentian root. Anyone know if we have a local source or am I best to order online? Thanks in advance fo...

Recipes to Showcase Spices

by Springbowk 3 years ago

Hello, Hounds! I need some simple recipes that include flavorful spices and/or herbs, to help make my non-foodie family less fearful of bold ingredients. We live in eastern Kentucky and we make a m...

Freezing Candied Sage

by changingwoman 3 years ago

I have an abundance of fresh sage and would like to candy some for holiday gifts. Does anyone have actual experience in freezing candied herb leaves and if so, any tips would be much appreciated.

Wild Fennel Seeds

by OliveYou2 4 years ago

Does anyone know where I can purchase "Wild Fennel Seeds" in Los Angeles? I have been searching around with no luck, and was hoping to find them locally vs. online. Any help would be appreciated! :)

Best dried herbs?

by Fuffy 3 years ago

Am about to fulfill old New Year resolution of throwing out old dried herbs and buying new. I seem to remember that Cooks Illustrated once tested various brands of dried herbs and spices but I ca...

Hydroponic Window Boxes

by outRIAAge 3 years ago

Living in an apartment, I wanted fresh herbs. So I got into hydroponics, and invented a hydroponic window box. Just like a regular window box, but made from 3/8" cedar, and only sealed on the joint...

Lemon balm gone wild!

by CindyJ 3 years ago

Lemon balm is one of those plants that I like the idea of, but I really don't know what to do with it. Last year, when I shopped for my summer herbs, I bought one lemon balm plant. I never plante...

Favorite ways to enjoy basil

by ChefyV 3 years ago

I love basil and use it in sandwiches and pesto. What are some of your favorite ways to use basil? Just looking to add more basil to my life.

culantro vs shado beni

by Shrinkrap 6 years ago

Need some help here! I am running into both in my quest to recreate my late aunt's West Indian pepper sauce. It is mustard colored, with scotch bonnets and vinegar, and not a lot else. My m...

How to counteract the bitterness in a blended soup?

by glify 3 years ago

I recently came across a YouTube video that said blended soups should balance watery vegetables with water, citrus juice, sodium, pungent vegetables and herbs, and a fat to act as a creaming ingred...

Can you grind dried herbs with kosher salt in a salt mill?

by danablake 3 years ago

I'd like to make some seasoned kosher salts (like salt with dried rosemary, for example) and wondered whether I could just mix kosher salt plus the herb and then put it in a salt mill/grinder. W...

Mole con pollo newbie / hoja santa in Boston?

by contaminatrix 3 years ago

New initiate to mole con pollo, want to go for the gold with Oaxaca-style mole negro as my first attempt at actually making it. I hear (i.e., Wikipedia says) that hoja santa imparts a crucial fl...

Variations on Tabouli (or tabbouleh)...

by debbypo 3 years ago

I love this dish... especially in the summer. Mine is pretty traditional except for a little finely chopped persian cucumber along with green onions, tomatoes and lots of parsley and some mint (eit...

Agar "sheet" problem when attempted with herbs

by calf 7 years ago

I've been trying to make an agar film with basil juice (finely puréed and filtered), but the basil keep precipitating out when the agar sets. Is there a way around this? I am following the Basil Ge...

Suggestions needed - adding dried herbs/spices to melted chocolate

by susan_e_webb 3 years ago

Hello Hounds, I'd like to make small molded chocolates using melted Lindt dark chocolate and incorporating dried herbs/spices (e.g. cardamom). Any suggestions for the correct proportions - how m...

'Expensive' spices vs 'cheap' spices

by Monica 13 years ago

I am sure this topic was discussed before but I need to know if there is a difference between dry spices bought from a gourmet shop and spices bought from a local supermarket for like $.79(or two f...

How to use leftover Parsely, Cilantro, Scallions, and garlic?

by sweet100s 3 years ago

Hello Chowhounders, I made Naan tonight (or tried to...) with my sourdough starter and now have some leftover Parsely, Cilantro, Scallions, and garlic My new years resolution was to waste ...