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Fresh/Frozen Chervil in Toronto (or GTA)

by Estragon22 2 months ago

Hi, I'm desperately trying to find some fresh (or frozen) chervil in the Toronto area (preferably downtown, but - as ...


Estragon22 commented 2 months ago

Lots of Cilantro & Parsley !

by MadameC 5 months ago

Hi from France :) I nhave a few nice bunches of parsley and even more of Cilantro (coriander). Was trying think of ...


MadameC commented 5 months ago

Can anyone identify this herb / these greens? [SOLVED]

by sorachan 7 months ago

During my time living in England, I've had the depicted Sainsbury's ready meal a couple of times. (While nothing beat...


ricepad commented 7 months ago

ISO: chervil

by biggreenmatt 7 months ago

Chervil's surprisingly hard to find. Danforth or downtown preferred.


biggreenmatt commented 7 months ago

Blanched Basil is Bland

by HouseofEscobar 9 months ago

I am trying to preserve a pound of basil via blanch and freeze. I didn't think I did the blanching too long, maybe 8 ...


janniecooks commented 8 months ago

Dried Mint Any Good For Tzatziki?

by zackly 8 months ago

I like fresh mint but not fresh dill in my Tzatziki Sauce. If I don't have any fresh mint can I use dried like McCor...


Amandarama commented 8 months ago

Ground Angelica Golpar in Toronto

by mnajji 9 months ago

Hi everyone, Trying to make zeytoon parvardeh (Persian spread). Does anyone know where I can find this stuff in To...


mnajji commented 8 months ago

What should mint really smell like?

by Jellyhead 10 months ago

I'm new to herb growing, this spring I brought home a few herbs from one of our most reputable local nurseries. I pu...


Sablehart commented 10 months ago

Are Herb Scissors Necessary?

by Tinkerbell 5 years ago

I am looking at herb scissors. There is one pair that comes highly recommended made in Germany. Stainless steel Kut...


revealer commented 12 months ago

How To Preserve Dill?

by herby 1 year ago

I stopped by my little community garden today to assess what need to be done before planting and it is covered with y...


dfrostnh commented 12 months ago

What Herb/Spice Do You Most Dislike?

by Perilagu Khan 5 years ago

I'm pretty much a spiceophile. Rare is the spice I do not love. The strongest exception to this rule, however, is Mex...


itsmejessica commented 1 year ago

Help!!! Marjoram substitute needed

by eding888 1 year ago

I am making chicken and wild rice. I don't have any marjoram left. What spice should I use?


HeidiCooksSupper commented 1 year ago

Sorrel in Sydney

by mrmathew 1 year ago

I'm trying to find fresh herbs - Sorrel - in Sydney. Called Harris Farm and Norton St Grocer and neither have any. ...


PhilD commented 1 year ago

Where to find gentian root in Van?

by mendicity 1 year ago

I'm going to make amari for Christmas gifts this year and the recipe I've settled on calls for gentian root. Anyone k...


mendicity commented 1 year ago

Recipes to Showcase Spices

by Springbowk 1 year ago

Hello, Hounds! I need some simple recipes that include flavorful spices and/or herbs, to help make my non-foodie fami...


Ttrockwood commented 1 year ago

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Freezing Candied Sage

by changingwoman 1 year ago

I have an abundance of fresh sage and would like to candy some for holiday gifts. Does anyone have actual experience...

Wild Fennel Seeds

by OliveYou2 2 years ago

Does anyone know where I can purchase "Wild Fennel Seeds" in Los Angeles? I have been searching around with no luck,...


nannygoat commented 1 year ago

Best dried herbs?

by Fuffy 1 year ago

Am about to fulfill old New Year resolution of throwing out old dried herbs and buying new. I seem to remember that...


Fuffy commented 1 year ago

Hydroponic Window Boxes

by outRIAAge 1 year ago

Living in an apartment, I wanted fresh herbs. So I got into hydroponics, and invented a hydroponic window box. Just l...


coll commented 1 year ago

Lemon balm gone wild!

by CindyJ 2 years ago

Lemon balm is one of those plants that I like the idea of, but I really don't know what to do with it. Last year, wh...


valadelphia commented 2 years ago

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