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Help Identifying A Restaurant

by Barbara 17 years ago

Does anybody know what the name of a italian restaurant that has a buffet bar located on Broadway about 2 or 3 blocks down from the Ed Sullivan Theater on the other side of the street? I think it h...

HK - What is it?

by Randi 17 years ago

A new restaurant opened a few weeks ago on the north west corner of 39th and 9th. Very nice looking bar, and clean glass walls. That being said, what is it? Thanks.

identifying other chowhounds

by Beth 21 years ago

Does anyone out there have a good way of identifying another chowhound? I had the most exasperating experience last weekend-- I ended up at a party in Cliffside, NJ, and a bunch of us decided to l...

Help me identify this thing!

by Cynical Chef 18 years ago

The university near my house has this fruit tree that dropped fruit last week. The tree is about 30 feet high with leaves about 2" in diameter and they're yellow right now. The fruit resembles an...

Identifying a "golden" and /or "seafood" dim sum place in/near Pasadena?

by Blaney 18 years ago

In the summer of '96 I was briefly in Pasadena (field trip to the museum for a Chinese language intensive that I was taking in Claremont). My professors took me to this place for dim sum- Golden Se...

What is it??

by Giselle Clarkibanez 18 years ago

A coworker brought in this strange thing she found in the produce section. It's dry and dark brown. It looks like the shape of a rams head or perhaps a buffalo head. It's about two inches across. T...

Can anyone help identify this Chinatown restaurant?

by Chuck95 18 years ago

Hi, My wife visited a restaurant in Chinatown about 10-15 years ago and now we'd like to try to find it again. She doesn't remember the name or location, but here is a picture of the inside. Any he...

Can You Identify this Dumpling? - Dim Sum Question

by MB from Boston 18 years ago

Okay, so I know that dim sum discussion on this board gets old, old, old, but.. My first dim sum experience in the city was at Harmony Palace (or is it Garden?) on Mott just North of Canal. Soon...

Help identify Dim Sum restaurant

by ironchef1125 18 years ago

Please help me identify this dim sum restaurant in Virginia. All I can tell you is that it's fairly large and close to a church. Thanks if someone can help.

help with identifying hotel/restaurant

by ironchef1125 18 years ago

can you help me identify a hotel with a particular restaurant in it. apparently the hotel is very fancy, and the restaurant requires full coat and jacket and if i vaguely recall, a number in it? li...

trying to identify fish fluff spread

by susana l. 18 years ago

I hope someone can help me. I bought a sandwich at a jewish bakery in Le Marais area of Paris. It was some kind of fish spread--light (not a pate)and I think, Salmon. I had it on preztel bread. ...

Can anyone identify this Thai dish?

by David 18 years ago

I haven't had it for years, but we used to go to this little Thai restaurant in Phoenix, and it's what we ordered every single time. I just never memorized the name. I don't think it's curry. I...

We called it 'Korean Chicken' - What is it?

by nja 18 years ago

A very long time ago, my grandmother visited Korea and brought back the following recipe. My mother copied the recipe and made it often; I must have eaten this dish 2 or 3 times a month while grow...

Help me identify this Italian cake

by Eric Eto 18 years ago

The discussion about Veniero's bakery on the Manhattan board reminded me of this cake I bought in Rome a few years back. The only place I've seen it is at Veniero's but I've been reluctant to get ...

streaky bacon---What is it?!?

by L 18 years ago

Hello! I'm making a soup recipie out of a cookbook from the UK and it calls for "streaky bacon". I'm figuring it's another term for thick cut bacon or pancetta or some other pork product I'm jus...

Need help identifying a Chinese dish, PLEASE!!

by T-D. 18 years ago

In the 800 block of North Broadway, on the east side of the street, in the newer section of China Town, I always pass a table with a little old lady selling goodies. One item she sells is like a f...

Please Help Identify Chinatown Restaurant

by Seattle Chowhound 18 years ago

About 4 or 5 years ago, my wife and I were in San Francisco enjoying the restaurants and sights. We got a tip from a guy on a bus about a Chinese restaurant where we subsequently went for lunch. It...

Costa Rican tortilla-esque snack - what is it called?

by FML 19 years ago

I visited Costa Rica several years ago, and I had this delicious tortilla-esque snack sold by some sidewalk vendor in some little village. It was round and made of corn like a regular tortilla, bu...

Ramadan/Indian Sweet - What is this one?

by Michele Cindy 19 years ago

I'm sitting here eating this sweet that my co-worker gave me. It was brought to her home as part of a Ramadan meal. I've seen something similar in different colors at Indian Shops, but have no cl...

help identify this restaurant

by shan 19 years ago

I am sure someone here can help me to identify a restaurant. My husband visited Boston on business in February 1999 and came across what he calls "the best lobster restaurant", near the New Eng...

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