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The Most Comprehensive Guide to Yogurt You'll Find on the Internet

Wondering how to choose the best yogurt to buy at the store? This yogurt guide will help break it down by nutrition, cost, and flavor factors. If you’re like me, you’re in an on-again, off-again relationship...

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Healthy Cookie Recipes

by Van 15 years ago

I am not sure if anyone has any healthy low fat cookie recipes they can share. I have a sweet tooth and love chocolate chip cookies. But I am on a diet and need to loose 10lbs. So i can't use my...

Super-Healthy Smoothie Combo Ideas?

by Lila 15 years ago

I'm getting sick of my banana-blueberry-soy milk smoothie I make in the morning. Does anyone have any ideas for other healthy non-dairy combos?

healthy,low fat Passover receipes

by ildavis 17 years ago

Planning a family seder and want to cook some great food that is low fat and healthy. Where can I find the best ideas or suggestions?

healthy way to eat OATMEAL??

by yum 15 years ago

i'm kind of getting bored with my oatmeal so i want to spice it up a little without being too sweet or rich.. i usually eat them with a little rice bran for fiber and a little maple syrup with cinn...

kale and other healthy leafy greens

by larry 15 years ago

Hi, Looking to incorporate kale and other healthy leafy greens into my diet--any thoughts? Thanks!

Healthy, yummy and totally inauthentic scallion pancakes

by piccola 15 years ago

There's no way these can be considered Chinese anymore, but they're mighty tasty - and very healthy. They're heartier than the regular ones (because of the whole wheat flour), but still very flaky ...

Healthy scallion pancake?

by piccola 15 years ago

Had lovely scallion pancakes at a Chinese restaurant for Lunar New Year today (yes, I know it's not a traditional LNY food, but still...) Anyways, I love them, but they're always so greasy! I wan...

healthy(ish) creamy tomato soup

by helen 15 years ago

Whole Foods used to make an amazing cream of tomato soup that was the most fattening thing ever but was mmm delicious. Anyone out there with a good recipe for creamy (or cream of) tomato soup that ...

Healthy Vegetarian Recipes for a Crowd?

by Amuse Bouche 15 years ago

I'm hosting my book club gathering this month, and as the hostess, I'm providing a main dish for 12 people. One is a vegetarian. Several have requested healthy, so it would be good to stay away f...

ISO healthy-ish treat, little or no refrig., no heating

by Donna Gresh 15 years ago

Ok, I have to prepare a snack for a late evening "social hour". From past history, the order of the day is typically chips and dip, and I'd like to make something a bit healthier and more elegant. ...

healthy butter substitutes

by naomi 15 years ago

I've been replacing most of my butter with smart balance - mostly for sauteeing veggies or cooking eggs - and it works great. Will this substitute work in baking too, or do I need the fat?

Please Share Your Favorite Healthy Veg Recipe

by Dev 15 years ago

I made my favorite healthy roasted cauliflower recipe for Shabbat dinner tonight and my husband raved, as always. I have a few of these healthy, delicious recipes in my repetoire; I'd love to hear...

Looking for healthy recipes for the new year

by brooklynmasala 15 years ago

This is a good thread to start as we are all probably feeling heavy from the holiday eating (I know I am). I would love new ideas for healthy and satisfying lunches and dinners. I am not thinking...

Is this Such A Thing as a "Healthy" Cookie Recipe?

by sivyaleah 16 years ago

Request from my husband, please find me a healthier cookie! I'm not a baker at all, because I don't personally have a sweet tooth, so I'm totally mystified by this request. He had heart surgery ...

healthy rice pudding?

by piccola 16 years ago

I have a craving for rice pudding, but don't want to add to the holiday poundage with really fattening recipe - is there a healthy rice pudding recipe out there, or is this one of those all-or-noth...

Travel-friendly & healthy baked treats

by Chi-Girl 16 years ago

I try out different healthy versions of cookies and quick breads, using my co-workers as guinea pigs (if it disappears quickly, then I know I have a hit). This alleviates much crankiness. However...

Zucchini (or other Healthy) Muffin Recipes

by kfk 16 years ago

Have turned into a devious mama and am now hiding veggies in mini-muffins. The pumpkin ones were great (adapted the sweet potato recipe from Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone) and ...

healthy meal ideas?

by Sarah K. 16 years ago

Hi there. Can anyone help me with some suggestions for healthy and nutritious ways of cooking ordinary foods? There are so many resources for this sort of thing on the web, but I just get a case of...

Best fresh & healthy Shabbos take-out in N. NJ?

by Southern Belle 16 years ago

Ok, my work schedule has increased and I plan to dispatch DH for vittles for shabbos. I try to avoid "all-brown" seudas.... Where can I get healthy veggie sides that arent loaded up with fat and ...

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