It doesn't have to be Easter to enjoy ham's perfect balance of sweet and salty flavors. Whether you prefer it baked, glazed, smoked, or even fried, Chowhound's got the recipe for you.

How to Perfect a Croque Madame, the Comfort Food of France

A criteria for any hangover brunch date, the croque madame is a classic French comfort food with a major twist. We enlisted the help of Chef Gerald Kenny of Le Politique in Austin, Texas to learn what...

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Spiral Cut Ham: Trader Joes, Costco or Sam's Club

by lilygirl 9 years ago

Need to purchase a spiral cut ham for the family potluck/gathering on Christmas day. Need to feed 10 so how big a ham do I need? Also any thoughts on taste - I have Trader Joes, Costco or Sam's C...

Smoked ham hocks in N Colorado

by FoodFan100 2 years ago

Is there anywhere to buy smoked ham hocks in Loveland / Fort Collins area?

Fresh ham, bone in... best way to cook it?

by three_margaritas 6 years ago

I have a fresh ham, bone in, a small one. Not sure whether it was smoked or not. What would you cook with such an item? I am thinking ham and beans? Any advice or recipes would be very much appr...

Thanksgiving Ham in Durham / Chapel Hill

by mrobinson919 2 years ago

We loved the hams we got at Rose's Meats & Sweets. Now that they've moved away from the "meats" part of the concept, where should I go to get a really good ham for Thanksgiving in the Durham / Cha...

Ham at a Cocktail Party?

by mskilgore 2 years ago

Hi Chowhounders! For the past five years I've thrown a holiday cocktail party and the main proteins have been beef tenderloin and shrimp. However, a couple people commented that it was tough to ...

Jinhua ham substitute

by sjsto 2 years ago

So, I want to make XO sauce, and for that I need Jinhua ham. Can't get that, however, so I need to sub something. A fifteen-year-old thread here recommends Smithfield ham, but Jinhua isn't smoked, ...

Ham: when to toss?

by tonbo0422 9 years ago

I've found a great website about food longevity (I'm afraid to post a link in case this post gets pulled, so Google "Shelf Life Advice" and it should come up) and I'm wondering about deli ham -- yo...

Help with a ham?

by mdorton 2 years ago

Any ham experts here? I bought a ham from a local farm that was starting a farmshare. This ham was their first try. They said it was smoked. It *is* super smoky which you could smell even from froz...

Canned ham. What the heck?

by Deb Van D 16 years ago

A friend (or so I'd thought) gave me a 5 lb canned ham. Armour. I have never run across one of these creatures and thought that I would slice it and freeze it in little portions for the odd sandw...

Will my ham and turkey dry out?

by CMB_NYC84 3 years ago

I mail ordered a ham and smoked turkey from Burger's Smokehouse (this is the first time i ordered the turkey,but in previous years the hams are delicious). The ham is already sliced, the turkey is ...

Ham in crockpot

by minncalif 3 years ago

I would like to cook my ham in my crockpot; however it is too large. It is an 11 lb shank end 1/2 ham. would it turn out ok if I sliced it ? What and how much liquid would I need? i

NJ Costco - Spiral Ham- Disappintment 2017

by jnk 3 years ago

Easter 2016 I bought I spiral ham at Costco that was probably the BEST spiral ham I had ever had. Moist, well smoked...perfect! They had two types last year, one in a red package and one in a brow...

Ideas for bone-in ham, especially for someone who isn't a fan?

by herHiGHness 3 years ago

My SO just came home from his parent's house and brought with him 3 packages of cube steaks and a ginormous bone-in ham. My guy usually doesn't like ham, so it befuddles me as to why he would accep...

We just butchered a pig - Fresh "Ham" Slices

by Springhaze2 4 years ago

We just had our pig butchered and now have a freezer full of fresh pork. This is new to me so I have a lot of questions dealing with various cuts. I am going to make separate posts for the various...

Kramarczuk's or Hackenmueller Easter Ham?

by brlattim 3 years ago

Kramarczuk's has a double smoked ham from Iowa I have not tried. It is $4.99/lb. Hackenmueller has a nice smoked ham (which I have bought slices of a lot, and a half ham once) which had really nice...

Landrauchschinken by Olympia Provisions

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

Perhaps the most memorable bite at the recent Good Food Awards in San Francisco was the Landrauchschinken or "Swiss Country Smoked Ham" made by Oregon's Olympic Provisions. Velvety texture, fruity ...

Ham bone Broth instead of beef stock

by heetlr01 3 years ago

I was planning on making a no bean sweet potato chili this weekend that calls for beef stock but I don't have any. I do have a ham bone and some ham hocks that I could use to make Broth. Would that...

Help with cooking a ham

by adventuresinbaking 3 years ago

Hello! I bought a local smoked fresh ham from my local farmer's market for New Years. I am guessing I can treat it like a fresh ham, but not sure if I should go about making a brine and cooking it ...

How long is homemade ham stock good for?

by taj1107 3 years ago

I baked a whole ham at Thanksgiving. I reserved the drippings and placed them in a sealed container in the fridge. It is now gelatinous with a delicious layer of fat. I want to use it to make soup...