Create a Halloween menu with the help of fellow 'Hounds--get ideas for festive cocktails and mains, plus weigh in on the best Halloween candy (and get recipes to make your own at home!).

ALDI’s Top October Finds: Halloween Sweets & Pumpkin-Infused Everything

Fall has finally blown down the doors, and with the arrival of the season means a whole collection of new products to look forward to at ALDI, the German grocery store. For the month of October, we...

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What new Halloween candy have you found this year? or variations on classics?

by chompie 6 years ago

My annual Halloween question...Any thing new or interesting this year?? and if so, which store carried it? I haven't seen anything new, but then again I haven't looked past CVS, and the only varia...

Solo lunch on Halloween

by Jerioldio 6 years ago

I'm looking for something filling and of very high quality, but relatively inexpensive. I've been to EMP and that was amazing stuff, but this time I'd rather spend like under $40. I had a very go...

Glow-In-The-Dark Treats To Light Up Your Halloween

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

"...To get the effect, the pair says, you have to make food with the right chemistry. Tonic water, as they'd seen, glows because it contains quinine, which fluoresces under ultraviolet rays. Fluore...

Halloween – Trick or Treat Yourself | Food | TheGayUK

by Jordan_Lohan 6 years ago

Looking for some food and drink ideas for Halloween? Check out our feature at: http://www.thegayuk.com/magazine/4574334751/FOOD-Halloween-%E2%80%93-Trick-or-Treat-Yourself/8967429 We've made ...

Halloween Bake Sale

by hungryabbey 10 years ago

Hey everyone I need a cute recipe for something I can bring to a Halloween themed bake sale. Nothing TOO complicated or time consuming, but something attractive and attention grabbing. Thanks in...

Halloween and Pumpkins in Colonial America

by bustlingswan 6 years ago

'Tis the season! For pumpkins that is. Lovely article about the history of pumpkins :)

So what do you do with all the leftover halloween candies?

by Monica 7 years ago

Every year, I buy way more than I should and I also get candies from my daughter's trick or treating. What do you guys do with the leftovers? I usually let my daughter eat a few pieces of chocoal...

Candy you eat only during Halloween?

by ipsedixit 12 years ago

Candy corn Bit-o-Honey Now & Laters Vanilla Tootsie Rolls 100 Grand Chocolate Bars And you?

Real Kitchen dresses up as Alinea for Halloween

by JonParker 7 years ago

This cracked me up. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/31/real-kitchen-alinea_n_4181499.html

Halloween weekend in Plymouth, MA

by drewinmrblhd 7 years ago

We will spending the weekend at a hotel in downtown Plymouth for halloween weekend. Any rec's for good ethnic or seafood places would be greatly appreciated. Also, any local halloween activity tips...

Who has the best selection of Halloween candy? And what new items did you find this year?

by chompie 7 years ago

Just wondering... Every year there seems to be some new take on old standards.. Also has anyone seen M&M Minis for Halloween or fun packs?

Healthy for Halloween?

by Just Visiting 7 years ago

We finally moved to a neighborhood where kids actually trick-or-treat. There's a Halloween parade and people decorate their houses. So I want to stock up on goodies. Husband is lobbying for the tra...

Food Themed Halloween Costumes

by SaraAshley 7 years ago

So, I've been seeing a lot Halloween threads lately, and inspired by my own Halloween costumes both last year and this year, I decided to start a thread on food themed Halloween costumes. Have y...

What's for Dinner #252 - The Halloween Edition [Through October 31, 2013]

by LindaWhit 7 years ago

The foulest stench Is In the air The funk of forty thousand years And grizzy ghouls from every tomb Are closing in to seal your doom And though you fight to stay alive Your body starts to s...

Favorite and least favorite halloween candy as a kid.

by YAYME 7 years ago

When I was kid, my favorite halloween candy was butterfingers because my mom hated Nestle and wouldn't let me have them at home. My least favorite was tootise rolls.

Halloween 'dinner'

by deputygeorgie 7 years ago

I think I'm going to make mini tacos/nachos for Halloween. Just planning on browning some meat, added some seasoning from a packet and setting out toppings. Quick for in and out while handing out c...

Halloween Cocktails

by JMF 7 years ago

So anyone know any good Halloween cocktails? Not just 80's & 90's ones, but cocktails that actually have some quality presence and flavor to them? And fit the theme? I just picked up David J. Mo...

Halloween specific dishes/recipes.....(a take off of the scariest looking dish thread on this board)

by jrvedivici 7 years ago

There is a thread here about the "scariest" looking dish you have ordered and I responded with my scariest/fun dish which is a brain meat loaf I generally make this time of year. (Copy pasted my re...

Birthday Dinner South Beach-Halloween Night

by newbiefoodieinlaud 7 years ago

Celebrating a birthday on Halloween night, looking for a South Beach spot not to far from Lincoln Road area. Went to Bazaar last year and had a great time. Here is what I am considering so far: ...

Christopher Kimball's Halloween Letter

by Jacquilynne 7 years ago

http://the-toast.net/2013/10/16/happy-halloween-chris-kimball/ I have to admit, I read these letters every time my copies of Cooks Illustrated come in, and at the end of them, I almost inevitabl...