Find this classic Creole specialty in your city and discuss what makes a proper gumbo, plus share recipes, stories, and cooking tips.

What Is the Difference Between Mardi Gras and Carnival?

There's one obvious answer to the question, What is the difference between Mardi Gras and Carnival? and that's where they're celebrated. Mardi Gras is synonymous with New Orleans, and Carnival is mostly...

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What kind of wine to serve with gumbo?

by Christina D 16 years ago

We're having a seafood and sausage gumbo tonight. It's a relatively low-fat version, so it shouldn't be terribly heavy. It will, of course, be spicy. Any thoughts?

gumbo shop

by Rick Worthy 16 years ago

My wifes first trip to New Orleans and after eating spinach & Artichote dip at the Gumbo shop, well the rest of the evening was a wash out.

Chicken Gumbo

by Dell 17 years ago

I was born and raised in a rural area outside of Napoleonville. The standard gumbo at home was a simple chicken gumbo topped off with file. Sometimes duck and gizzards. Occasionaly when someone got...

The Gumbo Shop, Two Sisters, and Palm Court: your opinion

by Aviga Loo Hoo 17 years ago

Hey all! My shoe confusion is solved and the New Orleans trip is over and done with. Had a blast with the food although the conference was a drag. Question: What is your opinion of the restaur...

gumbo file' powder

by lorentz hendrik antoon 17 years ago

Where can I get this in midtown Manhattan? Every so often I get a craving to (a) cook Creole and (b) purchase something with folding money (not plastic) and via a human (not a mouse).

A,mazing Gumbo

by Just Larry 18 years ago

I went back to Stevie's On The Strip again today for the Gumbo. It was amazing again. The same nearly religous experience as the last time I tried it. It is a HUGE serving of 2 types of sausage,...

looking for: local, under $15, gumbo, etoufee, etc

by john 17 years ago

I'll be visiting NO in a couple of weeks. Staying 3 days. Will be traveling alone. Staying in Garden District with no car. Looking for fairly inexpensive local type fare, casual atmosphere. Def...

Gumbo Recipe

by Nick 17 years ago

I've never made gumbo before and I'd like to try out a good authentic recipe. Any suggestions?

Hey Charlie - where is the Gumbo Shoppe?

by KristyC4 18 years ago

Charlie, Based on your recommendation below, my family and I went hunting for the Gumbo Shoppe in Aston. But it wasn't at the address listed on Superpages.com. Can you give directions for a future ...

Gumbo, Po Boy, Hole in the Wall in Pasadena

by Guidoman 17 years ago

If you like gumbo, don't miss this one! But be warned, there is nothing glamorous about this place. It is truely a hole in the wall in the less than trendy part of Pasadena -- which is why I thin...

gumbo day trip

by mothgirl 17 years ago

I want to get out of town this weekend -- a drive someplace new, but I'll return to the city the same day. I'm craving gumbo. Does anybody have a day trip suggestion with gumbo as a destination? Th...

Collin cookbook, gumbo, and celery question.

by Chimayo Joe 17 years ago

I notice that the gumbo recipes in Collin's "New Orleans Cookbook" don't have celery in them. Is that a fairly normal variation or a Collin heresy? Or maybe celery is a relatively modern addition?...

Wine with Gumbo and Chili

by Iowagirl 17 years ago

We're having some pretty picky folks (no onions or green pepppers for him, mild to medium spice for her, no seafood, etc.) over for dinner on Sunday and I want to have wine and beer available. Aft...

seeking vegetarian gumbo recipe

by wow i'm a dog 17 years ago

Any "leads" to a good - doesn't even have to be great - vegetarian gumbo recipe would be appreciated. By vegetarian, I mean no meat (inc. chicken) and no meat-based stock. Thanks!

lunch in quarter acme vs gumbo shop

by sobe 17 years ago

In case i can't get to both places which is better for lunch? looking for great po-boys, gumbo and jambalaya

gumbo article

by Beau Noppatee 17 years ago

The link below is for an article, with recipes, in a newspaper today in the Acadian region of Louisiana. Link: http://www.theadvertiser.com/accent/html/249B9A50-458D-4AA8-B20B-FC6B48D7DBA1.shtml

My very favorite soup - Vegetable Garden's vegetable gumbo

by Lauryn 18 years ago

That's the veggie-only Chinese place in Rockville that pops up from time to time on this Board. Delish! Ingredients include carrot, onion, beans - almost as thick as a bisque. I just LOVE that ...

Looking for gumbo

by Gordon 18 years ago

Does anyone know where to get a great bowl of GUMBO in New York?

Uncle Darrow's Gumbo

by Just Larry 18 years ago

After all of the praise here, I tried Uncle Darrow's Gumbo today. The soup (roux) was excellent but for $11.00 I got half a chicken wing, half a tiny crab that had been cooking for hours, 2 small ...

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