Ground Beef

Ground Beef Sent to 9 States Is Recalled Due to Contamination

Over 2,000 pounds of raw ground beef has been recalled due to contamination from “clear, thin plastic” according to an announcement by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection...

Ground Round same as Ground Chuck?

by kjonyou 2 months ago

So I went to a real butcher shop, asked for ground chuck and when the guy started digging into the case I told him I wanted chuck not round. He told me they were the same. Is that true? I though...

In Love With Jim Boy's Tacos

by JENNYBEEAY 9 years ago

My husband is addicted to the crispy tacos at Jim Boys (Northern Cal/Nevada locations)...he's been eating them since he was a little boy. Does anyone know how they make the ground beef filling for...

Meatloaf recipe for the unadventurous?

by ninrn 4 months ago

I want to take a meatloaf over to neighbors I don’t know all that well. I have limited experience eating or making meatloaf, so I could use some tips and/or recipes. Their son tells me meatloaf is ...

Another Cook it or Toss it Post

by JerkPork 6 months ago

I know in theory it is supposed to be tossed but what does everyone else do? Took out a vacuum sealed 1lb frozen pack of ground beef put it on the counter at about 9PM with the intention of stickin...

Why is my ground beef always chewy?

by fldhkybnva 7 years ago

SO and I often throw together quick meals at night with ground beef + other ingredients available. However, I can't figure out why when I cook ground beef in a pan it always has a chewy texture. ...

Ground Beef: Are my taste buds getting too old, or does Ground Beef have little taste compared to apprx 20 years ago?

by sylvan 7 years ago

After all these years, I suddenly remembered having to skim fat off the ground beef when I made pasta sauce with it. Now, even with 20% fat it still has little taste. I've tried adding half with gr...

Ground beef being grabbed and smushed when ordering at the meat counter

by MarleneDietrich 9 months ago

I read somewhere that hamburgers will become more tough and chewy when you press the meat down too much when forming a patty...however it often gets smashed before you get home. When you are orderi...

Extended Shelf Life Fresh Burgers?

by zackly 9 months ago

Over the last several years there has been a proliferation of "Gourmet" fresh hamburgers @ my supermarket, ShopRite. They are generally mixtures of chuck, brisket, and sometimes short ribs. They a...

How do you get the fine cooked ground beef texture?

by groover808 10 years ago

I tried making a hotdog chili this weekend, but this always baffles me when I'm cooking ground beef. When you need a really fine ground texture, how do you cook it? Usually I dump the meat in a hot...

Still looking for those Jim Boy Taco's

by TheGirlWhoLived 11 months ago

I found a link to this site but it's years old. I am looking for a recipe to make the ground beef filling in Jim Boy Taco's. Does anyone have one? would be so grateful. Thank you!

Ground Beef: Pound to Cup Conversion

by icecone 9 years ago

Does anyone know the following: How many cups in 1 pound of raw ground beef? How many cups in 1 pound of ground beef after it's been browned and the fat drained off? I am assuming that t...

Making ground beef crunchy

by chowhormones 5 years ago

Does anyone know how I can make ground beef crunchy? I had a dish in Korea that was called Crunchy Bulgogi and I've had no luck searching on the internet. I don't need the bulgogi flavour, just lik...

Pink Slime Is Back as "Ground Beef"

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

" . . . Though ABC made the term 'pink slime' famous, the network didn’t actually coin it. The term originated with a USDA microbiologist, David Zirnstein, who used it in a 2002 email to agency sta...

Taco meat recipe like my local restaurant needed

by socko 1 year ago

Ok, so our local Mexican restaurant makes some really great basic ground beef tacos. But the strange thing is, the meat is not heavily seasoned at all. It’s very subtle. I know they are probably bo...

Your best ground beef mix for burgers?

by kjonyou 1 year ago

So my all time favorite burger in LA is at Stout Burger in Hollywood. I would love to replicate it at home but apparently they use a mix of different cuts of beef that they do not disclose. So it...

cooked burger - how long in fridge?

by yfoodie 14 years ago

i had a cooked hamburger (just plain ground beef burger, no egg) in the fridge for 9 days. is it ok to eat at this point? if it's been too long, what do u think the cut off point is? 3days? 7 d...

Method to brown ground beef

by antihawk 3 years ago

Hi, all. Assuming I want to brown ground beef properly, to the point of it being quite dark, I have a question about the most effective method for doing so. I have approx. 2lbs of ground beef...

How long can ground beef stay in the fridge?

by paper_bag_princess 11 years ago

I made some hamburgers on Sunday evening using fresh ground beef. I left two burgers in the fridge uncooked. Are they still ok to cook today and eat?

I bought Kitchenaid Meat Grinder, now what?

by walker 9 years ago

My favorite butcher in San Francisco, Bryan's, has great ground chuck but I've decided I want to grind my own (am I a control freak?). What do I ask for? Center cut chuck? Do I need to buy fat f...

Meat Quality: Costco, WF, Local Butcher, Supermarket

by khymari 2 years ago

We are only 2 in my household and to be honest, we only really cook on the weekends due to time constraints. I've been buying our meats from Costco as I have an inherent (and potentially misgu...