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How do you get the fine cooked ground beef texture?

by groover808 8 years ago

I tried making a hotdog chili this weekend, but this always baffles me when I'm cooking ground beef. When you need a ...


stephenvisk commented 15 days ago

How long can ground beef stay in the fridge?

by paper_bag_princess 9 years ago

I made some hamburgers on Sunday evening using fresh ground beef. I left two burgers in the fridge uncooked. Are ...


yupsure commented 28 days ago

I bought Kitchenaid Meat Grinder, now what?

by walker 8 years ago

My favorite butcher in San Francisco, Bryan's, has great ground chuck but I've decided I want to grind my own (am I a...


SpiritSage commented 4 months ago

Meat Quality: Costco, WF, Local Butcher, Supermarket

by khymari 7 months ago

We are only 2 in my household and to be honest, we only really cook on the weekends due to time constraints. I'v...


mikeycook commented 4 months ago

Odd Ground Beef

by smartie 3 years ago

I bought a pound of ground beef from Trader Joes, it's 85/15%. It's been in my freezer for about a week, I defrosted ...


melajoh commented 4 months ago

Stuffed Peppers: do you brown the meat before making yours?

by mschow 8 years ago

I was thinking about making stuffed red peppers for dinner. Just to check the proper amount of meat vs rice to cook,...


medlar commented 5 months ago

How to cook short ribs for frozen spaghetti/taco meat

by marys1000 9 months ago

Basically I am looking for a non beef alternative for ground beef. I thought maybe I could just simply bake some bon...


sr44 commented 9 months ago

Best beef cuts (and ratios) for grind your own hamburgers

by walker 7 years ago

I have the kitchen aid meat grinder attachment (that I STILL have not yet used) and have read different recs for the ...


seanspec commented 9 months ago

Cryovac Beef

by whyhi 9 months ago

I live in Los Angeles where we have one of the first Whole Foods 365 stores. They sell cryovac beef cuts that have a ...


zackly commented 9 months ago

Steamed meat

by paykhe22 9 months ago

Has anyone steamed ground beef before? Is it as simple as putting it in a steamer and covering it?


hotoynoodle commented 9 months ago

Ground Beef Question (solved)

by magnoliasouth 10 months ago

I have a strange question, but let me explain first what I'm trying to do. We are in a small RV and I want to make th...


magnoliasouth commented 10 months ago

Tajima Kobe Ground Beef Patties

by zackly 1 year ago

I bought a refrigerated, vacuum packed 16oz. package of these 80/20, 4oz patties at my local Shoprite supermarket i...


ferret commented 1 year ago

Coarse Ground Beef for Chili?

by BabyDollCook 1 year ago

Has this always been around? I've lately been seeing it in more and more northeast u.s. grocery stores. Maybe I'...


sarafinadh commented 1 year ago

Crockpot Help!

by sarahwjohnsen 1 year ago

Help! I was making a ground chicken and ground beef chili earlier, it cooked for about 2 hours on "low" (supposed to ...


carophil11 commented 1 year ago

Does ground hamburger have to be ground twice?

by msgenie516 7 years ago

Hi, I just ordered a 1/4 HP All stainless LEM electric meat grinder from Amazon. I did some grinding a long time ...


cheeseart commented 1 year ago

Interesting Creative Chicken/Hamburger/Pork Chop Recipes?

by walle58533 1 year ago

I have a finals for cooking tomorrow and we have to make a main meal using either chicken, hamburger, or pork chops a...


The_Libster commented 1 year ago

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

Calling on advocates of "oven browning"...

by antihawk 1 year ago

Hi, all. The title refers to the method of browning meat in the oven, at whatever temperature, over the more tradi...

Ground Meat Uncooked Freezer Friendly Recipes Please

by Allenkii 1 year ago

Hi all, I need your help please! In preparation for going back to work after a maternity leave, I want to stuff m...


PeanutButterJelloTime commented 1 year ago

When to add vegetables to ground beef recipes

by antihawk 1 year ago

Hi all, In recipes containing ground beef, such as Bolognese and Chili, there are a wide variety of instructions a...


tastesgoodwhatisit commented 1 year ago

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