Grilled Cheese

When you need your fix of ooey-gooey comfort food, ask Chowhounds where to find the best grilled cheese. Also get cooking and recipe tips and inspiration for crazy, over-the-top versions of grilled cheese.

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"Good" American Cheese-Does it exist?

by Shann 9 years ago

I've slowly come around to eating good cheese; I get the good parm not the shaker kind and eat more of the Vermont artisanal cheese than I used to. But I admit it, I love american cheese for g...

I need your experteses in cheeses - grilled cheese help please

by PeanutButterJelloTime 3 years ago

Make no bones about it, I am English and we are not the experts in grilled cheese. What I need to know is: for the outside of the bread, do I use butter or mayo?

Queso Kings @ Shift Coffee | Arden-Arcade - Sacramento

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

In October I was back in Sacramento for meetings at the Capitol. Arriving hungry, I made a quick lunch stop at the newly opened Queso Kings Grilled Cheese Bar inside Shift Coffee.

Best Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup?

by roze 2 years ago

Having a serious craving for one and trying to find the best. All I can think of is the one at the Blind Tiger but there must be more in the city that are great. Looking for a thick, hearty tomato...

Grilled cheese sandwich

by abloh 3 years ago

Seems simple enough to make a grilled cheese sandwich. Except I put some oil in a stainless steel pan and then a slice of marble rye bread. The bread stuck like it was part of the pan!! The pan was...

It's National Grilled Cheese Day. What are YOU doing about it?

by tibbles 3 years ago

I'm making aged cheddar, marmalade, bacon in one, and brie, caramelized red onion, and fig jam. Or you could just go to FARM and eat theirs.

Fall party menu for 50

by nckrsz 4 years ago

Dear Hounds, I am hosting a backyard bonfire party for 50+ on the second Saturday in November. I need help with a menu that balances my big ideas with feasibility. I'd like good, warming season...

Best grilled cheese?

by Daisygirl009 4 years ago

I am a grilled cheese fanatic - any advice on where to find the best in the city? I am on the west side, but I'd go anywhere for a great grilled cheese.

Grilled cheese sandwich in Santa Monica/Venice

by spoonlicker 4 years ago

Who makes a mean grilled cheese within strolling distance of Main St? Preferably within the bounding-box of Lincoln Blvd, Main St, Venice Blvd, and Pico Blvd, but those are dotted-line boundaries. ...

Roxy's Grilled Cheese: Some Killer Items, Some Ho-Hum

by opinionatedchef 4 years ago

I daresay you will arrive at Roxy's brick and mortar in a much better mood if you don't have to drive there, because the traffic at that 4 way intersection- is completely nuts , and parking takes a...

Grilled Cheese Month at Clementine

by dkme 7 years ago

Starts today! Cheesemageddon 2012 with 15 glorious grilled cheese sandwiches all April... http://clementineonline.com/docs/menu_grilledcheese See you there!

Good bar/pub grilled cheese?

by Robert Thornton 4 years ago

I'm looking for bars/pubs that offer a good grilled cheese. I don't need the fanciest ingredients, just good bread, crispy crust, cheesy. And decent beer on tap. Extra points for Northeast LA, Pasa...

Bacon Avocado Grilled Cheese Sandwich

by saviyou 5 years ago

I saw a photo of this somewhere and thought I'd give it a try...really friggin delicious! I had a simple arugula and red onion salad along side but might be good with a tomato bisque or just plain ...

POLL: What's the best cheese for a grilled cheese sandwich?

Chris VR
by Chris VR 5 years ago

(Wondering if this might be a good use of Q&A format) If you're in the mood for a regular old grilled cheese sandwich, what's your go-to cheese? Upvote your favorite (or add your own) below!

Grilled Cheese Throwdown Roxy's vs Munch Mobile 11/6 Malden

by Labrys7502 5 years ago

This sounds like it could be a fun event. They are offering a three course dinner (assuming 1 course is grilled cheeses) and Aeronant Brewing Co will be there also. I am not a big fan of Roxy's (...

The Farmer's Wife Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (Healdsburg, Sonoma County)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

Last month I had a chance to grab a grilled cheese sandwich brunch at the Healdsburg farmers market from The Farmer's Wife stand. http://thefarmerswifesonoma.com/ Catching the last gravs of th...

Greenspan's Grilled Cheese Opens Friday

by wienermobile 5 years ago

After a very long wait Eric Greenspan's Grilled Cheese opens this Friday April 11th. 7461 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046 Nice menu: SANDWICHES Classic – white bread with American Cheese $3 ...

Grilled Cheese Fest 2014 - Going out with a limp

by ns1 5 years ago

Anyone else go? Terribly disappointing. About half the vendors as last year, it looked like everyone just dialed it in. Got there late at around 1:30, left by 3pm. It was basically a food tr...

Best Grilled Cheese sandwich

by foodwhisperer 5 years ago

Grilled Cheese or as some say "Grill Cheese" is a simple common dish. However, all too often, the bread isn't cooked properly, or the cheese is barely melted or something else lacks. Even most di...