9 Ways to Enjoy Biscuits and Gravy at Breakfast & Beyond

Biscuits and gravy is as classic Southern comfort foods as it gets. Buttery biscuits, creamy gravy loaded with sausage, and your tastebuds. However, why stop there when you can take it a step further...

Brandy Recommendation, Please

by Wtg2Retire 2 months ago

Will y'all point me in the direction of a decent brandy to use in turkey gravy? I haven't bought brandy in many, many years and have no current knowledge of which brands are good for cooking.

What's the difference between Bechamel and white gravy?

by Chandler114 10 months ago

What on earth is the difference between bechamel and white country gravy? I don't like sausage in my gravy so not all of them have sausage so that can't be it. Every time I see someone make bechame...

La Hacienda - Mason City Help!

by Morganna 12 years ago

I lived in Mason City during my teen years. There was a family-run Mexican place called La Hacienda that had these fabulous enchiladas with a brown beefy gravy instead of the usual more red or gre...

Turkey breast

by musiclvr56 2 years ago

I made a popular recipe- turkey breast in a crockpot with a can of cranberry sauce and an envelope of onion soup mix-the recipe states not to defrost the breast. This is my first time making it an...

How to make gravy using chicken carcass and giblets?

by LMK 2 years ago

I've been tasked with bringing the mashed potatoes and gravy to thanksgiving dinner. I have at least a couple chicken carcasses (roasted) in my freezer plus a couple bags of giblets (raw). Can i ...

Kiva fast-acting cannabis gravy?

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

This write-up in Sunset Magazine doesn't say anything about how this just-add-water packaged gravy tastes. Anyone tried it? Available only in San Francisco and Los Angeles, currently. https://ki...

Are biscuits and gravy usually served with anything else?

by J and V 4 years ago

Going to try a recipe I cut out of the Wall Street Journal of all places which looks good but wondering: does one usually serve eggs or anything else with B and G or do they just stand alone?

How many people will a goose feed?

by MrFerociousDinosaur 3 years ago

I am going to host a dinner on July 29, and there will be 7 people eating, myself included. As stated in the title, the main course will be a goose. For vegetables, I will serve carrots and green b...

Removing turkey wings and/or legs prior to cooking?

by E_M 5 years ago

I have a recipe for make ahead gravy that calls for the wings and maybe a leg or two. I would like to remove them from the turkey to use them separately, but then of course the turkey has these gia...

Gravy made easier....

by Emerogork 4 years ago

"The whole purpose to cook a turkey is to make gravy. The whole purpose to make gravy is Mashed Potatoes." I have been making gravy for 40 years and it is the same way my mother made it. II...

Pheasant gravy

by cotyrae 4 years ago

I made gravy out of fried deer meat drippings and used the chicken broth that I cooked pheasant in, in a crockpot. It was refrigerated for a few days, then I set it out to take out of town, but I...

Open-faced chicken sandwiches with mashed potatoes and gravy

by mrjones15 4 years ago

I've been searching for a recipe for this and cant seem to find anything I seen one or two recipes on google and nothing really stood out to me was hoping someone here could point me in the right d...

After straining ground beef, what is yellow-brown fluid/jelly under tallow?

by SnowMonkey 5 years ago

I decided to save the tallow when I browned a large amount of ground beef. I strained the ground beef, then strained the resulting fluid with a finer screen to remove all solids. I poured the res...

ISO Gravy Advice

by Deborah R. 5 years ago

Hello -- Is it possible to make a palatable gravy without drippings? I have some good homemade chicken stock on hand. If I reduced it, would it be able to stand in for drippings? If so, what els...

How to use leftover gravy?

by rworange 10 years ago

It is not that I don't enjoy gravy. However ... the calories ... the fat ... I eat it on Thanksgiving with the turkey ... that's it.. I bought gravy at two stores. I bought a backup medium size...

Turkey stock for chicken gravy?

by DuffyH 5 years ago

I'd planned to make Amish chicken this week, but find myself with about a quart of leftover turkey stock I need to use. I thought I'd change the plan to chicken smothered with chicken gravy, still ...

Gravy seasoning

by E_M 5 years ago

I made ATK make ahead gravy (with white wine)! I seasoned with white pepper and salt. It is unusually yummy...but is there anything else I can add to make it WOW! Any secret ingredients? Thanks.

Chicken broth vs. stock

by E_M 5 years ago

My turkey (the basting part), make ahead gravy, and day-after turkey pot pie call for chicken broth. I have a can of chicken stock that I'd like to use up. Can I substitute it in the gravy and/or p...

Make ahead gravy?

by sljones 5 years ago

Any recipes for make ahead gravy that don't involve purchasing extra turkey parts? I've seen some recipes that call for making ahead w/ legs and wings, but I can't justify the cost/waste. Any other...

Cornstarch Gravy - Sitting in Slow Cooker for PotLuck

by samara11278 5 years ago

I am making gravy for a potluck tomorrow (thanksgiving theme) and I want to use cornstarch because I feel more comfortable with it as that is what I use at home, and because it's gluten free. I...