These Are the Top 10 Tools for the Minimalist Kitchen

Trying to pare down your kitchen tools, or build up a solid collection for a new place? Melissa Coleman—designer, author, self-proclaimed simplicity chaser, and creator of The Faux Martha—is a great...

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Using microplane grater for garlic and ginger

c oliver
by c oliver 8 years ago

(If everyone already knows about this, don't beat me up, okay?!?) I was making mapo tofu last night and the instructions were to grate the ginger and garlic with the microplane grater. This was...

Do I need a rasp grater if I have a regular medium microplane?

by kdlalib 8 years ago

I've been zesting lots of lemons lately and I've been using my regular medium microplane. Should I be using a microplane rasp grater instead so as to avoid the pith? ETA: It's the Microplane Fin...

Does passing spaetzle dough through a cheese grater really work?

by Lady_Tenar 8 years ago

I've seen many recipes suggest this but it seems dubious to me. Has anyone actually tried it and, if so, does anyone have any tips and/or a recipe for a dough that works particularly well for this ...

looking for a cheese grater for crumbly cheese

free sample addict aka Tracy L
by free sample addict aka Tracy L 8 years ago

My mother had a cheese grater that was basically thin metal rods/wires that criss-crossed in a horizontal and vertical pattern and was attached to a rectangular frame and had a handle. It was grea...

Where can I find a 6.5" round ginger grater in Edmonton?

by chefathome 8 years ago

The last two times in Edmonton I asked at T&T and was told they did not carry them. Are you aware of any other stores that do? If not I will just order from Amazon.

Kyocera Ceramic Grater- Do the teeth come off?

by iluvveg 9 years ago

I just realised that some of the teeth of my ceramic grater came off after I used it to grate a small apple and a carrot recently. That really surprised me as I had not bothered to take a close lo...

Ultimate Box Grater

by LaureltQ 9 years ago

I am on my 3rd microplane box grater in 3 years. The plastic surrounding the metal inserts keeps breaking. I have tried 2 different models of microplane graters. Yes, I put them in the dishwashe...

Cheese grater?

by swurvestar 9 years ago

I really love to grate my own cheese. I find it melts better, I use less and it tastes better - weird I know. There's just something with those prepackaged shredded cheeses that just makes them di...

Julienne grater

by pantani 9 years ago

Looking for a general purpose grater that will also do fine julienne or matchstick with hard to grate foods like beets. Needs to be durable and easy to clean Thanks

Coconut grater

by suetrees 10 years ago

Cannot find one of these items in the whole of Oz...any one help me locate please..URGENT Thanks Sue

Carrot grater that turns them into 'angel hair pasta' strands?

by FishTales 10 years ago

We enjoyed a carrot salad at a Japanese restaurant that had carrots grated about as thin as angel hair pasta. No, I don't think they were hand-cut. We've poked around online & in a few Asian stores...

Latkes: Box-grater vs food processor

by pixellle 14 years ago

I always make my latkes the way my mother did, on the ol' box grater. I'd heard that using a food processor was too rough on the potatoes and the final product wasn't the same. Is this true? Als...


larry ziegler
by larry ziegler 10 years ago

I plan to buy a hand grater for garlic,so which kind of grater should I get: coarse, medium,or fine grind? p.s. I like a strong garlic flavor. thanks -- LARRY ZIEGLER

Can I still buy a nonstick box grater?

by ratgirlagogo 12 years ago

We got a nonstick box grater from Lecter's probably ten, maybe even twelve years ago. We quickly grew to love it (for grating soft cheeses like mozzarella , especially), but one of our cats knock...

Looking for a microplane zester/grater in the west GTA

by duckdown 10 years ago

Hey all, looking to pick up a microplane zester/grater for things like parmesean cheese and mostly lime and lemon zesting. Like this: http://ca.microplane.com/microplaneclassicseriespremiumze...

Ginger Grater

by Cookie Baker 11 years ago

I often make hot and sour soup which calls for fresh grated ginger. Can anyone recommend a good ginger grater and where to purchase it?

Found: Good coconut grater

by DistrictDarling 12 years ago

I'm pretty sure I've seen postings here (or maybe over on Home Cooking, not sure) about where to find a coconut grater. The good ones (counter clamp, solid stainless blades) are hard to come by. ...

Which box grater?

by josephnl 11 years ago

Seems like a silly question, but I don't know which one to get to replace my very old box grater which is getting very dull. The new Microplane box grater looks terrific, but I wonder if it isn't ...

Reporting back on the Microplane graters I acquired (with your help!)

by visciole 11 years ago

I posted a while back asking for help deciding which Microplane graters I *needed* most. So I ended up getting a boxed set of the box grater, the original long grater/zester, and a spice grater. I...

best grater for potatoes/carrots etc?

by qwerty78 11 years ago

Hi everyone, I have a microplane which i use for garlic/cheese/sesting etc, but it's really not big enough for potatoes for hash browns and a few other recipes I'd like to try. any suggestions for ...