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Grass fed beef in Atlanta

by Kingrover 14 years ago

Does anyone know a restaurant that serves grass fed beef? One poster said that it was available at the Morningside Farmers Market, but it seems tricky to cook, and I'd rather have a professional...

source for local grass fed, free range poultry?

by chicken 14 years ago

Anyone have a source for local free range, grass fed, organic chicken, turkey, eggs.... ? Happy = yummy! -Thanks

PL Bar Ranch Grass-Fed Beef from Gonzales

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 14 years ago

This week's circular from Star Market in Salinas has a special on the "Certified Organic All Natural PL Bar Ranch Grass-fed Beef" from Gonzales, CA, just down the road. $11.98/lb NY Steaks $12.9...

Grass Fed Beef

by gato 14 years ago

Any buzz about where to purchase grass fed beef in SE Mass/R.I. area??

Wanted: Superior Grass Fed Lamb

by JudiAU 14 years ago

Wanted: Superior Grass Fed Lamb Can anyone suggest a source for excellent, domestic grass fed lamb? I am primarily interested in buying a whole, portioned lamb with perhaps an extra shoulder or ...

Grass-fed cows' bright yellow butter and questions about food coloring

by grocerytrekker 14 years ago

The grass-fed cows' butter I tasted recently was sunny yellow due to natural carotene content. Now, I've seen some very yellow butter, good quality butter and otherwise. (Similar quality variati...

Grass-fed beef [moved from General Topics]

Robert Lauriston
by Robert Lauriston 15 years ago

From Harold McGee: "... is grass-fed beef a meaningful source of omega-3s? No. An entire grass-fed beefsteak contains hundredths of a gram of long-chain omega-3s, and less than a quarter of a gr...

Grass-Fed Beef

by DAC1971 15 years ago

Is there anywhere in Orange County where one can purchase grass-fed beef?

SF/Berkeley/Oakland restaurants with grass-fed/pastured meat

by mchan02 15 years ago

i posted a similar posting a few months back, but i'm trying to compile a list for myself of restaurants in SF, Berkeley, and Oakland that serve grass-fed, humanely treated meat. This hopefully wil...

organic and/or grassfed beef soup bones?

by LLB 15 years ago

Hi ya'll! I'm new to you ----just registered! I'm so excited to hear your thoughts----I wondered if any of you have found a butcher or meat market to purchase some really great soup bones ( knuck...

ISO grass fed beef

by RicRios 15 years ago

After reading Michael Pollan's book "The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals", we decided to give up on corn fed beef. For a long time we've been customers of Whole Foods, but they ...

Grass-fed london broil, frozen for over a year. Advice on how to cook this hunka meat?

by JenMarie66 15 years ago

So it won't be incredibly tough? I'd be thankful for any thoughts. Could I cook it brisket-style?

looking for great quality, humanely treated, grass-fed meat

by mchan02 15 years ago

i'm was thinking about breaking my vegetarianism for one evening only. i'd prefer that this doesnt turn into a big moral debate. any suggestions on where i can get some good organic, grass-fed meat?

Restaurant serving grass-fed beef?

by Hackenbush 15 years ago

Can anyone suggest one? This has been discussed before here but most of the postings were several years old.

grass-fed good news

by Daniel Duane 15 years ago

Bi-Rite suddenly has Marin Sun Farms beef, making this the first regular retail outlet for locally pastured, beyond-organic beef (outside the farmer's markets). I bought and ate a hangar steak yest...

Grass-fed beef, pork, and lamb suppliers?

by siesta 15 years ago

My partner and I just received a free, large chest freezer from a family member and now we are eager to fill it up! We really want to support local ranchers by buying beef and pork (and maybe la...

Grass fed beef in San Luis Obispo

by jake 15 years ago

I'm looking for a good, reasonably priced restaurant in San Luis Obispo that serves grass-fed beef.

Where to Buy Head-On Shrimp? Grass-Fed Meats?

by ddeebs 15 years ago

Any suggestions in Manhattan to buy Head-On Shrimp (to cook). I'm preparing them for July 4th and can only find shell on (head off). Also, any suggestions for good grass-fed meats would very appr...

shalimar report (grass fed lamb?)

by brian j 15 years ago

randomly ended up in the tenderloin last night. it seemed like the perfect chance to try shalimar for the first time. ordered some dishes for take out and grabbed a taxi home. the bhuna caught my...

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