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Banana Bread Granola 3 Saves

Banana Bread Granola

Here's an easy way to get the banana bread taste you love, in granola form. Try our Chowhound recipe...

Popped Amaranth Granola 109 Saves

Popped Amaranth Granola

This sweet, nutty cereal goes great with yogurt or can simply be eaten by the handful.

Chocolate Banana Crunch Muffins 6 Saves

Chocolate Banana Crunch Muffins

The combination of chocolate and banana may sound decadent, but these chocolate banana crunch vegan...

Basic Granola 431 Saves

Basic Granola

Customize your homemade granola for your next hiking or camping trip nourishment, DIY gift, or daily...

Savory Pumpkin Seed and Rye Granola 44 Saves