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Adapting granola into granola bars

by swfood 3 months ago

I found a recipe for granola (from CH, actually) that is a big hit with our family and I'd love to adapt it (or part ...

iheartcooking commented 3 months ago

Need advice on turning GF Pumpkin Cranberry Cookies into a granola like topping

by MsBees 7 months ago

Hi all, I made some GF pumpkin breakfast cookies for a gluten free guest. I will try them again but want to add more ...

ChristinaMason commented 7 months ago


by bxgirl 1 year ago

This may sound silly, but can soneone help me out with the Food52 Granola recipe? Do the individual ingredients (oats...

alex9179 commented 1 year ago

Granola Bark recipe?

by zook 9 years ago

I happened to stumble across some granola bark in the bakery department of my supermarket. It was really delicious; ...


prego_cook commented 1 year ago

Need storage ideas for bulk granola and other dry goods

by IndyGirl 5 years ago

Hi everyone, Well, one of the threads on here got me making my own granola. I made sixteen pans of it tonight so I w...

mcf commented 1 year ago

oh no--lost my Whole Earth Catalog and I need the recipe for

by toodie jane 9 years ago

Granola! Seriously, anyone still have a 60's era no-fail granola recipe? C'mon all you hipppies out there....


celesteweaver commented 2 years ago

Granola Bars Not Sticking Together

by arielleeve 6 years ago

Hi all, I have been trying to make homemade granola bars for some time now. I've been using a combination of Alto...

nancycola commented 2 years ago

Granola Bars using Homemade Granola

by caylanotcarla 2 years ago

I have a recipe for homemade granola that is easy and delicious. Every time I eat it for breakfast with yogurt or mil...


bustlingswan commented 2 years ago

Looking for printed bags for granola.

by LilliesFreshFoods 2 years ago

I'm trying to get a nice wedge bag printed up with logo etc on it. Where do I begin? What companies do this?


JoeBabbitt commented 2 years ago

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ISO Rogers Granola

by williej 2 years ago

This brand of granola is available in Western Canada but I have yet to see it in Montreal. If anyone has seen it, ple...

Cafe Fanny granola sucks!

by Please hold me Larry! 11 years ago

Sunflower seeds in granola? give me a break. What has Berkeley come to? they do have a good cafe au lait though.


wally commented 2 years ago


by ChowHappy 10 years ago

Hey All! I'm sick and tired of overly-sweetened oil filled granola masquerading as health food. Gimme my granola str...

THewat commented 2 years ago

Passover granola

by cheesecake17 3 years ago

Tried and true recipe? I saw a few boxed brands, but they were very expensive. Plus I already bought sugar, brown...


speedymoose commented 3 years ago

Seeking Sublime Granola Recipe

by Jennalynn 10 years ago

I want to make my father homemade Granola for Father's Day. He likes nuts and dried fruit... and I don't care if i...

Science Chick commented 3 years ago

Vanilla Granola

by soccermom13 3 years ago

I'd like to make a granola that has a distinct vanilla flavor. I've looked at three recipes, including my gold stand...


HillJ commented 3 years ago

Granola as good as Cook's Farm?

by chuck s 3 years ago

I was not a granola fan until I tasted the the granola from Cook's Farm at my local farmers market. Now I'm addicted...

Science Chick commented 3 years ago

ISO Stephano's Deluxe Granola east of the DVP and north of The Danforth

by Googs 3 years ago

The website list of retailers is woefully inadequate. Does anyone know where to find it? http://www.stephanosbakedg...

Googs commented 3 years ago

Best granola?

by slexie74 4 years ago

I love granola with lots of nuts and dried fruit when I go out for breakfast/brunch. I do like it at Good Day Cafe b...


JimGrinsfelder commented 4 years ago

Granola: Why the oil?

by sbp 4 years ago

I had been making granola recently, and following virtually ALL the online recipes, had been adding a decent quantity...


valadelphia commented 4 years ago