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Home made Gnocchi Pesto recepe

by Serge 17 years ago

This was such a success that I thought I'd share with fellow chowhounds For the Pesto: In a food processor or blender, add: 4 cups packed fresh basil leaves, washed and dried in a salad spinn...

Looking for Gnocchi Downtown -- Italian Restaurant

by Nancy 17 years ago

My 76 year old uncle is coming to town from Seattle and wants to go to an Italian restaurant. He is staying with his son on Houston Street. I would love to find a place that makes airy gnocchi. ...

looking for good gnocchi recipe

by jq 17 years ago

Trying my hand at making gnocchi and was wondering if anyone out there has a good recipe for the light and fluffy kind. My husband is Italian and I would like to surprise him with a meal he probabl...

Gnocchi & Washington Square Reviews

by wendyphilly 17 years ago

Like some other posts that I read, I found Washington Square's food to be overly salty. To fully understand this criticism, you must know that I do like salt in my food - and have quite a high tole...

Good gnocchi? Good prices? Looking for an Italian joint

by jschyun 17 years ago

Hi, I'm looking for an Italian/Italian American joint (I use that word purposefully) in L.A. that is very inexpensive, popular and serves fairly decent grub. Not looking for 4 star cuisine here....

Attn: Lauren J - re: Studio's gnocchi

by kc girl 17 years ago

In your recent reponse re: Studio, you mentioned you had "herb-mascarpone gnocchi with Parma ham and aged Parmesan-Reggiano." Since their menu changes quite often, and they do not have any gnocch...

Gnocchi at Dedo

by Dax 17 years ago

Stopped in around 9:30 for a quick bite as I was semi-hungry but only wanted an appetizer and a glass of wine. Actually I had walked over to Masa to sit outside and read while eating a round of...


by Julie 17 years ago

Hello everyone - I've had a craving for gnocchi lately that needs to be satisfied. I have yet to eat anywhere in little Italy (being relatively new to Chicago). Does anyone have any recs for r...

Gnocchi (sp?)

by Silver 17 years ago

I tried the gnocchi a la sorrentina from Savoia on Smith St. and it was uncooked inside. I wonder if this is how it was supossed to be (since they told me they cook it in the oven) because I didn't...

Best gnocchi in the city

by gnocchisnob 18 years ago

I am a huge gnocchi snob andwas curious as to where the best gnocchi can be found in the city. I have heard that Babbo and a place on the UES called Lusardis have excellent ones. Do you all know...

Any gnocchi pros out there?

by Dipsy 18 years ago

On a whim yesterday I decided to make gnocchi to serve to my dinner guests last night. I made it several hours ahead, and the end result was actually quite wonderful. Light and puffy, as they sho...

Looking for great gnocchi in Chicago

by fairlyunbalanced 18 years ago

I'm spending several days in downtown Chicago next week, and would like to find a place with great gnocchi dishes. Suggestions, anyone?

Does gnocchi exist outside of Montreal restaurants?

by StarvingStudent 18 years ago

Exams have been driving me crazy so I decided to indulge and make some of my favourite homestyle comfort food. I have sought out Gnocchi at my local provigo, metro, 4 freres, and the Omni dep. Can ...

Gnocchi in Mpls/StPaul?

by MariQ 18 years ago

My Italian family has this tradition to eat gnocchi every month on the 29th. I usually make them at home (not every month), but I was wondering if there are any restaurants that offer GREAT gnocchi...

Fresh pasta and gnocchi in Dallas?

by Addie 18 years ago

Does anyone know a store to find good fresh pasta and especially gnocchi in Dallas? I've tried Central Market and other grocery stores to no avail. I just got back from Italy and want to make gnocc...

Good Gnocchi in the City

by jat15 18 years ago

Will be visiting SF for the weekend in a couple of weeks, so I'm planning out the eating now. My boyfriend has a serious thing for gnocchi, so I have promised him I will find somewhere for him to ...

"best" gnocchi in town?

by Dax 19 years ago

So all the recent posts re: gnocchi here, gnocchi there are killing me. The selections at the old upstairs Newbury Davios were always enjoyable. But who has the best gnocchi of them all? I gener...


by jean 19 years ago

Does anybody know where to buy freshly made gnocchi on the peninsula? Having discovered it in Tuscany, I've found that freshly made is the best!! I've had the shrink wrapped versions here, and they...

Gnocchi quest

by Katie 19 years ago

I had a fantastic food experience I can't shake and need a fix. I had an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING plate of gnocchi in a parmesan cream sauce a little while ago at TRU. They were unreal - light yet satis...

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