Our 15 Favorite International Potato Recipes

With coronavirus making travel a tricky and even potentially dangerous prospect this year, we're embracing the summer staycation. All week (and all summer) long, we'll bring you transportive flavors...

Da Flora To Go | North Beach - San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Long-time board favorite, Da Flora, was infamous for its salty founder/owner, Flor, unique Venetian-influenced dishes and a terrific wine list. I was lucky to be introduced to her by one of her reg...

Making gnocchi ahead of time: freezer or fridge?

by csdiego 12 years ago

I want to make potato gnocchi, maybe with some spinach, for dinner after work on Friday night (there's this guy... he's a picky eater but I'm confident gnocchi will work... Friday night will be qui...

Gratin with gnocchi

by michaeljc70 4 years ago

I was thinking of making a gratin with gnocchi for Christmas since it will be something a little different than a regular potato gratin. Almost all the recipes I've found call for homemade gnocchi...

Frozen Gnocchi?

by andreapowers 5 years ago

Hey all, I made sweet potato Gnocchi and put half the dough in the freezer thinking I could thaw roll and cut it later, and all would be well. Have I wasted this wonderful dough??

Sauce for sweet potato gnocchi?

by piccola 11 years ago

Hi guys, I made a big batch of sweet potato gnocchi this weekend, and after the initial victory dinner, froze the remaining uncooked gnocchi for later use. Here's the twist: I'm kind of tire...

Resturant 30 to my wife

by maozikansky 5 years ago

Hi, My wife celebrate 30 on sunday. She is really want to eat after long time one of: 1. Sweet potato ravioli 2. Chestnuts gnocchi Are they available in decent resturant inn San Francisco or...

Cauliflower Gnocchi

by outRIAAge 5 years ago

I thought this recipe was from "Pasta By Hand," but turns out I invented it while reading the book and then promptly forgot (it's that kind of book). The key is to extract lots of water from the ca...

Another Winning Dinner at Red Bird

by opinionatedchef 5 years ago

When Red Bird first opened, we ate there a number of times, and we were big fans. Then we hit a not-so-successful-dinner, so we lapsed for a long stretch because we kept waiting for the menu to ch...


by mookied39 5 years ago

Wife is a gnocchi mark of the highest degree. Being we now live on the west coast of Florida...not a lot of great gnocchi here. So Chow friends, where should we go for the best gnocchi? It has t...

Gnocchi vs. Gnudi

by Amandarama 5 years ago

What is the difference between gnocchi and gnudi? I would have thought that it was the way in which flour is either incorporated into the dough (gnocchi) or coats the dough (gnudi). However, I've...

Instant Mashed Potato Gnocchi & Dumplings

by zackly 5 years ago

There are a lot of favorably reviewed recipes online for gnocchi & potato dumplings using instant mashed potatoes. Cooking potatoes is time consuming so I'd like to have a quicker option to make a ...

How do I make Gnocchi the right way?

by carmonadeanjesse 5 years ago

I bought fine flour (cake flour), idaho/russet potatoes, added egg yolks, bought a potato ricer, and scraper to properly mix everything. I put the potatoes in the oven, until soft. Then, riced them...

Anyone seen potato gnocchi and pancetta at Costco?

by Monica 5 years ago

I need a large amount of gnocchi and pancetta for an event. Does anyone here know if Costco carries gnocchi and pancetta? Specifically, the Taterborough or the Wayne location. Thanks!

Freezing gnocchi

by Alisonlou 11 years ago

There are quite a few older posts that cover this topic, but I'm still really torn and could use some input. I'm about to make a batch of gnocchi from a recipe I found on Epicurious. Every recipe...

Ramen Underground | San Francisco Japantown

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

The Japantown location of Ramen Underground has been mentioned a few times but not recently and not in its own topic, so I’m starting one to collect updates. Here are a couple favorable recs, ...

potato gnocchi Sorrentino recipe search

by dfrostnh 6 years ago

On a long road trip thru rural NY state we stopped at a small, local Italian restaurant which looked like a typical strip mall pizza place. They also served some pasta dishes so two of us ordered p...

Favorite gnocchi?

by Simon 6 years ago

Any neighborhood, but downtown and casual preferred...no Batali places...thanks in advance...

Rescue gnochhi or pitch?

by Harts52 6 years ago

I made a batch of gnocchi a few days ago following this recipe: 2# russets 8 large yolks 1 cup grated Parm salt/pepper 2 cups ap flour It's the same recipe I always use and it usually tur...

Gnocchi cooking question

by Maryld 6 years ago

Every time I cook gnocchi, according to directions, I wind up with gnocchi with a gooey film clinging to them. It's almost like they're dissolving. I usually just strain them, and add them to the ...