Eating out in Glendale? Get recommendations from our community for every kind of meal, from a quick drink to a business dinner.


La Santisima in Glendale

by Earglasses 6 years ago

Guy Fieri was right. This place makes the best mole sauce under the sun. I've tried three of their dishes that feature mole sauce, and every one was different, and spectacularly good. The tacos mol...

Scottsdale -> Glendale lunch?

by Fida 7 years ago

Wow, what happened to this forum? Did everyone move out of Phoenix in search of better restaurants? A friend in Scottsdale proposes to drive to Glendale to cruise antique stores. I've never be...

Pre-hockey suggestion in Glendale

by BStone1 7 years ago

Any recs for good non-chain place before a Coyotes game? Any type or price is good with us. Thanks.

Restaurants in Glendale, AZ

by gands 8 years ago

Going to be in Glendale the weekend before Thanksgiving. Have been looking through the blogs and all I can find is recommendations for restaurants in Phoenix. Are there any good/interesting restaur...

Seoul Korean Grill (Glendale): Has anyone here been? Thoughts?

by hohokam 10 years ago

I just ran across this place while scanning a list of Groupon deals and was wondering if anyone here had given it a try. The menu isn't exactly extensive, but it does have dishes (japchae, haemul p...

Anything new in Glendale?

by Random987 10 years ago

I have to meet a friend in Glendale for lunch tomorrow. He wants me to pick the restuarant.. Are there any new restaurants that I should check out? If not, I will have to go to me old standby "P...

Moving to Glendale, AZ What's to eat?

by bagdoodle 13 years ago

We like just about everything, but Asian (Thai) and Mexican are particular favorites.

Solo dinner in Glendale, AZ

by LisaLM 11 years ago

Hi Chowhounders, I'm visiting from San Diego, and I need to find a spot to eat in/near Glendale, AZ tonight. I'm dining solo, so in addition to looking for a great meal in a relatively safe neigh...

New "Twilight Farmers Market" in Glendale AZ

by Rubee 12 years ago

I was thrilled to hear about a new farmer's market in North Glendale in my NW Valley neighborhood and, even better, late hours. It's held at Citadelle Plaza at 59th and Utopia, from 6-9 pm on Wedn...

PHX - Jug 'n Barrel (N. Glendale)

by Rubee 13 years ago

Since we moved to AZ a few months ago, I've been hoping to find a casual, cozy neighborhood restaurant with great food and a friendly staff where "everybody knows your name" (yep, I'm from Boston)....

vegetarian in Glendale

by scveggiegirl 12 years ago

Looking for great places with vegetarian options in Glendale near Phoenix. Thanks!

Lunch Near Arrowhead Mall? (Glendale, AZ)

by ejs1492 12 years ago

Can you recommend someplace for a casual lunch, dining solo, within five miles or so of Arrowhead Mall? I don't spend much time in that part of town but will find myself there tomorrow and need so...

Need a Glendale, AZ Recommendation

by ejs1492 12 years ago

Can someone recommend a few good options for a nice dinner in West Phoenix or, preferably, in Glendale? We tend to frequent places in Scottsdale, CenPho and the East Valley but are meeting up ...

Glendale, AZ - Arrowhead Grill, Tutti Santi, Sportsman's, Pedro's, and the Ranch Market

by Rubee 12 years ago

Recently one of E’s clients/friends stayed with us for a couple of days, and we stayed local and visited a couple of our favorite Glendale spots. Arrowhead Grille was packed for Happy Hour on a...

Shish Kebab House in Glendale has finally opened!

by Firenza00 12 years ago

I decided to drive by Shish's new location today and they had the Grand Opening sign up and the Open sign lit. I went in and ordered a small hummus to go for Tara, as she was enjoying a rest day a...

Review: Maharaja Palace - Glendale, AZ (w/ photos!)

Seth Chadwick
by Seth Chadwick 12 years ago

When J. is in town, there are two things he always reminds me of regarding food: he wants Indian food and he wants to try Nogales Hot Dogs from the cart at 20th Street and Indian School Road. As mu...

Chicago STUFFED Pizza in PHX/Glendale

by honeysbrat 13 years ago

My husband and brother in law are from IL and miss the pizza! They have tried MANY pizza chains and can't seem to find what they like. They really want to find the Chicago Style Stuffed Pizza...t...

Best of Glendale, AZ

by bklynbeth 13 years ago

I'm headed to Glendale next week and haven't seen much here about what it has to offer. Any suggestions for reasonably priced dinner (any cuisine) at a place that wouldn't balk at a party of six?

E-Wha Korean Bbq Restaurant- Glendale, AZ

by ciaogal 13 years ago

Saw a sign for a Grand Opening today for E-WHA Korean BBQ restaurant today on 43rd Ave and Peoria...I decided to give it a try. I am a Takamatsu fan....and I was headed that way for a Kalbi Fix! ...

Is there anywhere decent to eat in Glendale?

by wolive 13 years ago

We will be attending the Fiesta Bowl National Band Championship on New Year's Day at the University of Phoenix Stadium. I cannot seem to find any non-chain restaurants in the area of the stadium. ...