Eating out in Glendale? Get recommendations from our community for every kind of meal, from a quick drink to a business dinner.
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La Santisima in Glendale

by Earglasses 3 years ago

Guy Fieri was right. This place makes the best mole sauce under the sun. I've tried three of their dishes that featur...

Scottsdale -> Glendale lunch?

by Fida 3 years ago

Wow, what happened to this forum? Did everyone move out of Phoenix in search of better restaurants? A friend in S...


hohokam commented 3 years ago

Pre-hockey suggestion in Glendale

by BStone1 4 years ago

Any recs for good non-chain place before a Coyotes game? Any type or price is good with us. Thanks.


johnseberg commented 4 years ago

Restaurants in Glendale, AZ

by gands 4 years ago

Going to be in Glendale the weekend before Thanksgiving. Have been looking through the blogs and all I can find is re...


exit2lef commented 4 years ago

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Seoul Korean Grill (Glendale): Has anyone here been? Thoughts?

by hohokam 6 years ago

I just ran across this place while scanning a list of Groupon deals and was wondering if anyone here had given it a t...

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Anything new in Glendale?

by Random987 7 years ago

I have to meet a friend in Glendale for lunch tomorrow. He wants me to pick the restuarant.. Are there any new rest...

Moving to Glendale, AZ What's to eat?

by bagdoodle 9 years ago

We like just about everything, but Asian (Thai) and Mexican are particular favorites.


drobe30 commented 8 years ago

Solo dinner in Glendale, AZ

by LisaLM 8 years ago

Hi Chowhounders, I'm visiting from San Diego, and I need to find a spot to eat in/near Glendale, AZ tonight. I'm di...


LisaLM commented 8 years ago

New "Twilight Farmers Market" in Glendale AZ

by Rubee 9 years ago

I was thrilled to hear about a new farmer's market in North Glendale in my NW Valley neighborhood and, even better, l...


Rubee commented 8 years ago

PHX - Jug 'n Barrel (N. Glendale)

by Rubee 10 years ago

Since we moved to AZ a few months ago, I've been hoping to find a casual, cozy neighborhood restaurant with great foo...


kcarizona commented 8 years ago

vegetarian in Glendale

by scveggiegirl 8 years ago

Looking for great places with vegetarian options in Glendale near Phoenix. Thanks!


scveggiegirl commented 8 years ago

Lunch Near Arrowhead Mall? (Glendale, AZ)

by ejs1492 9 years ago

Can you recommend someplace for a casual lunch, dining solo, within five miles or so of Arrowhead Mall? I don't spen...


ejs1492 commented 9 years ago

Need a Glendale, AZ Recommendation

by ejs1492 9 years ago

Can someone recommend a few good options for a nice dinner in West Phoenix or, preferably, in Glendale? We tend ...


Rubee commented 9 years ago

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Glendale, AZ - Arrowhead Grill, Tutti Santi, Sportsman's, Pedro's, and the Ranch Market

by Rubee 9 years ago

Recently one of E’s clients/friends stayed with us for a couple of days, and we stayed local and visited a couple of ...

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Shish Kebab House in Glendale has finally opened!

by Firenza00 9 years ago

I decided to drive by Shish's new location today and they had the Grand Opening sign up and the Open sign lit. I wen...

Review: Maharaja Palace - Glendale, AZ (w/ photos!)

by Seth Chadwick 9 years ago

When J. is in town, there are two things he always reminds me of regarding food: he wants Indian food and he wants to...


themis commented 9 years ago

Chicago STUFFED Pizza in PHX/Glendale

by honeysbrat 9 years ago

My husband and brother in law are from IL and miss the pizza! They have tried MANY pizza chains and can't seem to fi...


themis commented 9 years ago

Best of Glendale, AZ

by bklynbeth 9 years ago

I'm headed to Glendale next week and haven't seen much here about what it has to offer. Any suggestions for reasonabl...


haichowhai commented 9 years ago

E-Wha Korean Bbq Restaurant- Glendale, AZ

by ciaogal 9 years ago

Saw a sign for a Grand Opening today for E-WHA Korean BBQ restaurant today on 43rd Ave and Peoria...I decided to give...


Rubee commented 9 years ago

Is there anywhere decent to eat in Glendale?

by wolive 9 years ago

We will be attending the Fiesta Bowl National Band Championship on New Year's Day at the University of Phoenix Stadiu...


azkitch commented 9 years ago