Let's spice it up. Ginger goes sweet and savory, so get inspired with creative cooking ideas from Chowhounds, plus ask your ginger-related questions.

Jamaican-Style Rice and Peas Are the Perfect Side Dish

Ayesha Curry, cookbook author, TV personality, and entrepreneur, certainly can wear a lot of hats. She launched the quarterly lifestyle magazine “Sweet July” this summer, founded the nonprofit Eat Learn...

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Ginger Altoids redux

by Ruth Lafler 19 years ago

I was in my local Trader Joe's (Alameda, CA), and the shelves were well-stocked with ginger Altoids. I mentioned to one of the crew members that I'd heard they were being discontinued. She insisted...

Ginger Altoids Discontinued

by galleygirl 19 years ago

So, I finally remembered to check at my neighborhood Trader Joe's for the Ginger Altoids, celebrated in song and legend..;) The cupboards, all of them, were bare, and the cashiers said that they ...

Ginger altoids again

by MiriamTeresa 19 years ago

Hi all, If I remember rightly there was a discussion on Ginger Altoids on this board not too long ago. Since that time I have been looking all over for them and can't find them. Where did you fin...

Helen Witty's Fancy Pantry crystallised ginger recipe

by Yvonne Lai 19 years ago

A while ago I posted asking for a crystallized ginger recipe and Joan gave me one from Helen Witty's Fancy Pantry recipe. I'd like to make it today or tomorrow, and just printed off the recipe, an...

Ginger Ice Cream in Detroit?

by Maureen 19 years ago

Is there anywhere in the Detroit metro area (west side preferably - Livonia etc) to buy ginger ice cream? Not single servings from a restaurant, but instead in boxes/tubs from a "grocery store" typ...

Ginger Beef

by sskwire 20 years ago

This is our favorite. Made it again last night, and thought you might like to have it. Ginger Beef 1 lb top loin steak sliced very thin (or whatever you like for stir frying) 2 T oil 1 1/2 T so...

Stringy Ginger

by Nancy Ives 21 years ago

I use fresh ginger all the time but it is so stringy or should I say fiberous! What is wrong?

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