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Let's spice it up. Ginger goes sweet and savory, so get inspired with creative cooking ideas from Chowhounds, plus ask your ginger-related questions.

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To Peel or Not: Ginger Root

by cayjohan 11 years ago

I use a lot of ginger root in cooking. I generally scrub the root under water with a stiff brush, then grate on a cer...


fourunder commented 20 days ago

Leftover Crystallized Ginger

by MrStayPuft 8 months ago

Hi there, Long time lurker here. I have some crystallized ginger left over from late winter that's still good but I'...


Querencia commented 23 days ago

Ginger - what do they mean by 1-inch?

by hirsheys 1 month ago

I'm wondering if someone can help me decipher what recipe writers mean when they call for "1-inch" of ginger, minced....


ricepad commented 1 month ago

Looking for dessert recipe - Bon Appetit November 1990?

by Maria_B 3 months ago

Hi - Looking for a dessert recipe that I think was in the November 1990 (maybe December?) edition of Bon Appetit. I ...


Bloominanglophile commented 3 months ago

Preserving grated ginger?

by Fuffy 5 months ago

I often use small amounts of grated ginger and would like to make my daily cooking easier by grating a large batch t...


Fuffy commented 5 months ago

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

Dongpo Pork, "Land of Fish and Rice"

by dekokisindekitchen 6 months ago

So I stopped in at Venezia's on Germantown Pike to see if they had any pork bellies with skin on. As it happened, the...

Cake with ginger preserves?

by NYchowcook 12 months ago

I was given a beautiful jar of fresh ginger preserves and want to bake a cake with it without simply dumping the pres...

Ttrockwood commented 12 months ago

Ginger - Futurologists Take Note

by jounipesonen 1 year ago

I have diced fresh ginger into small bits. Packed a Ball jar full - and then continously poured in honey. It wa...


jounipesonen commented 1 year ago

Galangal vs. ginger

by sandiasingh 4 years ago

I just taste tested grated galangal (which I have used for years) vs. grated ginger. The galangal, which is called a...

paizley commented 1 year ago

Need help tweaking gingerbread cookie recipe

by EncycloPotunia 1 year ago

My grandmother made Christmas cookies when I was a kid in the 1950s. Here's the recipe she typed up and gave to me. ...


somervilleoldtimer commented 1 year ago

Candied ginger... my sugar coating keeps melting

by Karka 1 year ago

I make fabulous candied ginger, BUT after I let it rest and even cool it, in a few days (while in the fridge) the sug...


Karka commented 1 year ago

Ginger Ales You have Loved

by pengcast 10 years ago

The message about root beer made me think about the great ginger ales I have had. The best was Jamaica Dry, which ca...


mel_h_md commented 1 year ago

Ginger Ale - Homemade - Help!

by tangoking 1 year ago

Heya Peeps, I'm trying to make home-made ginger ale, but I'm having problems. I hope that someone can help. Key poi...

Jim Dorsch commented 1 year ago

How to crack the Benihana ginger salad dressing recipe?

by frobe 8 years ago

I've been trying for a while now to duplicate Benihana's ginger salad dressing and it just doesn't seem right. The ...

ChristinaMason commented 1 year ago

Markets & Stores Be the first to comment

Spring ginger season

by applepandowdy 2 years ago

where can I find young/spring/pink ginger in chicago markets?

Japanese restaurant salad dressing

by bamasuz 3 years ago

I've tried several different recipes, but none taste like the ginger dressing served in Japanese restaurants. Please...


arp29 commented 2 years ago

Ina Garten's Indonesian Ginger Chicken???

by mochi mochi 11 years ago

Has anyone tried this recipe for Ginger Chicken? I was thinking of making it for a potluck dinner. I was thinking of ...


shrdlukia commented 2 years ago

Ginger beer in Westchester

by i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream 2 years ago

Hi everyone, I am looking for either ginger beer that is already made or ginger beer syrup to make my own ginger bee...

Sra. Swanky commented 2 years ago

Ginger Beef (Calgary)

by Mawson Plan 9 years ago

Hello Hounds. I apologize if I am putting my foot in my mouth on my first post (I have done a basic search to find a...


Shazam commented 2 years ago

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