Let's spice it up. Ginger goes sweet and savory, so get inspired with creative cooking ideas from Chowhounds, plus ask your ginger-related questions.

Jamaican-Style Rice and Peas Are the Perfect Side Dish

Ayesha Curry, cookbook author, TV personality, and entrepreneur, certainly can wear a lot of hats. She launched the quarterly lifestyle magazine “Sweet July” this summer, founded the nonprofit Eat Learn...

Does pickled ginger go bad?

by veronykah 12 years ago

I have some pickled ginger in my fridge, and have NO idea how old it is and it never seems to go bad, does it?

Does anyone have a good recipe for the dressing you get on salads at a Japanese restaurant?

by AksarBhai 2 years ago

Hello all. I'm looking for a recipe for the dressing you typically get on a side salad at a Japanese restaurant. I believe it is some kind of ginger dressing. I've done some looking in stores and f...

Question about Ginger Root

by HolySoldier613 13 years ago

i bought some ginger root on December 22nd of last year and put it on top of the fridge after i bought it cause i thought id use it soon. but it has sat on top of the fridge since then. do you thin...

Ginger - what do they mean by 1-inch?

by hirsheys 4 years ago

I'm wondering if someone can help me decipher what recipe writers mean when they call for "1-inch" of ginger, minced. I'm assuming this means a one-inch length of ginger? If so, what width of ginge...

What is a good substitute for ginger?

by chocolatejam 10 years ago

I don't care much for the taste of ginger and so I avoid most recipes that require it. What is a good substitue? I did buy a small piece of ginger root today to sample it again, maybe it ...

Looking for dessert recipe - Bon Appetit November 1990?

by Maria_B 4 years ago

Hi - Looking for a dessert recipe that I think was in the November 1990 (maybe December?) edition of Bon Appetit. I have searched Epicurious in vain, as well as myriad other web searches and canno...

Does candied ginger go bad?

Green Omnivore
by Green Omnivore 12 years ago

I just found an unopened bag of Trader Joe's uncrystaliized candied ginger which has an expiry date of April 2009. I opened it up and it smells like ginger, feels like ginger, tastes like ginger. ...

Nabisco Ginger Snaps

by Pat Hammond 16 years ago

I bought some with the idea of crushing them for a pie crust. I never got that far. They're my idea of a good ginger snap cookie. They're crisp beyond crisp, with some nice heat from the ginger....

To Peel or Not: Ginger Root

by cayjohan 15 years ago

I use a lot of ginger root in cooking. I generally scrub the root under water with a stiff brush, then grate on a ceramic ginger grater. Recently, some friends have been telling me that I should pe...

Leftover Crystallized Ginger

by MrStayPuft 4 years ago

Hi there, Long time lurker here. I have some crystallized ginger left over from late winter that's still good but I'm not sure what to do with it now that the warmer months are here. I used it for...

Preserving grated ginger?

by Fuffy 4 years ago

I often use small amounts of grated ginger and would like to make my daily cooking easier by grating a large batch to keep on hand. I seem to remember a friend used to preserve grated ginger in sh...

Dongpo Pork, "Land of Fish and Rice"

by dekokisindekitchen 4 years ago

So I stopped in at Venezia's on Germantown Pike to see if they had any pork bellies with skin on. As it happened, they were sent some by mistake and I happily grabbed two pounds, took it home and p...

Cake with ginger preserves?

by NYchowcook 5 years ago

I was given a beautiful jar of fresh ginger preserves and want to bake a cake with it without simply dumping the preserves into a cake to make a gingerbread-ish spice cake. Something that preserve...

Ginger - Futurologists Take Note

by jounipesonen 5 years ago

I have diced fresh ginger into small bits. Packed a Ball jar full - and then continously poured in honey. It was evenutally all filled - the solution was watery in the end - as the honey no d...

Galangal vs. ginger

by sandiasingh 8 years ago

I just taste tested grated galangal (which I have used for years) vs. grated ginger. The galangal, which is called an "upscale version of ginger," is very hot/spicy--tip of the tongue spicy. The ...

Need help tweaking gingerbread cookie recipe

by EncycloPotunia 5 years ago

My grandmother made Christmas cookies when I was a kid in the 1950s. Here's the recipe she typed up and gave to me. When I make it , the cookies taste very blah. What am I doing wrong? Here is ...

Candied ginger... my sugar coating keeps melting

by Karka 5 years ago

I make fabulous candied ginger, BUT after I let it rest and even cool it, in a few days (while in the fridge) the sugar coating ALWAYS melts. WHY? Its still delicious, BUT I can't wrap it and give ...

Ginger Ales You have Loved

by pengcast 14 years ago

The message about root beer made me think about the great ginger ales I have had. The best was Jamaica Dry, which came in a green bottles with red and white printing.

Ginger Ale - Homemade - Help!

by tangoking 5 years ago

Heya Peeps, I'm trying to make home-made ginger ale, but I'm having problems. I hope that someone can help. Key point: I'm trying to keep it as authentic as possible, so I'm not adding baker's ye...