Whether you like it in a punch, cocktail or tonic, the spirit has a broad variety of uses. Explore the juniper-based liquor with our vast selection of drink recipes.

How to Make the Summer Bloody Mary of Your Dreams

A fresh, light Bloody Mary recipe is perfect for summer, and starts with fresh tomatoes, but doesn't have to stop there. The Bloody Mary may be the ultimate brunch cocktail, and they're good all year...

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Gin punch for V Day Massacre Party?

by lindseyquinn 12 years ago

I'm having a St. Valentine's Day Massacre potluck and Masquerade in a couple of weeks, for which I'll be making a Maryland-style crab boil (because seafood, I think, is appropriately lusty, and 'Cr...

Really great gin?

by vb_lady 13 years ago

I'm getting my boyfriend an antique cocktail shaker and want to round out the present with a really nice gin. We have Sapphire at home, but is there something really fabulous and over the top? I'...

Tonic Water - for Gin

by Sam Ottawa 13 years ago

Not sure this is the right board for this... but given that it is a mixer, this seems to be the closest match. Recently read an article (I think it was NYT)about "boutique" tonics. While I've...

Has anyone tried Zuidam Dry Gin?

by JMF 13 years ago

Has anyone tried Zuidam Dry Gin? It's from Holland and to my taste it is actually part way between a Dry Gin and Genever or Holland Gin. It has a bit more body and sweetness than a Dry Gin but now...

Seagrams Gin / Citrus Flavored Gins

by JMF 13 years ago

I was just doing a tasting of Seagrams Extra Dry Gin. This gin has a light citrus taste with a hint of spices and a base of juniper followed by a nice alcohol presence. I found it one of the better...

Gin No. 209

by JMF 13 years ago

I just finished a tasting of Gin No. 209 from San Francisco, CA. This is another citrus flavored gin. The nose is very juniper with a hint of citrus and herbs and the taste is majorily citrus with ...

vodka and gin

by AnneM 13 years ago

While cleaning for a move of a parent we found a bottle of unopened gin and vodka. Both, I'm sure are about 10 years old. Is there a shelf life? I'm just an occasional wine drinker.

plymouth gin

by xman887 13 years ago

anyone have any musings about plymouth gin? i read a while ago that it is a very old distillery in england that went out of business and was revived a few years ago. i remember something about th...

Magellan Gin

by viperlush 13 years ago

Has anyone tried the clear Magellan gin (in the blue bottle)? I have a couple of bottles of the blue coloured (in the clear bottle) and I want to know if I should continue to ration it or just suck...

Cucumber-Infused Gin?

by maillard 13 years ago

Someone had posted a week or two ago about making cucumber-infused gin. I have a lovely cucumber. I have a lot of gin. I have mason jars. What do I do? How much cucumber to gin? How long to i...

Wet by Beefeater is all WET!

by 1 wiener hound 13 years ago

First I want to ask what is it? I purchased it in the gin section of the package store. The Associate who said he enjoyed gin liked it and they were selling alot of this product. There was no bo...

Brand of gin for negronis?

by The Turtle (Bay) Dove 16 years ago

I've recently realized the extent to which I like different gins for different gin-drinks (for the record, my current favorites - which I'm sure others would disagree with - are tanqueray ten for m...

Pink Gin: The Backbone of the Empire

by Simon Majumdar 19 years ago

I am posting this here rather than in reply to Pepper further down because it is too damn important to get lost in an old thread. Pepper, sir you are a scoundrel to suggest such an abomination....

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