Pungent, sure, but garlic is an essential flavor. If you're craving it, Chowhounds know where to find the best garlic-centric eats, plus we've got discussions on cooking with garlic, storing it, and more.

Can You Cook with Sprouted Garlic?

As a species, we’ve been handling garlic for more than 7,000 years: Ancient Egyptians left it as an offering in tombs, Indians hung it from doors to ward off evil spirits, and as late...

Refreezing raw (thawed) organic garlic

by Emilybh 6 months ago

Has anyone ever stored raw garlic cloves frozen in plastic bags; had the garlic thaw and then refrozen it and used it (after it was frozen a second time) in either a cooked or raw dish? I've ...

Is there an "order" in which to add ingredients to saute?

by bxgirl 8 months ago

I wam making chili, and have never thought about this before, but is there a "correct" order in which to saute the onions, beef, and garlic? I've never thrown them all in at once, so, separately, ...

Humid, mildewy smelling garlic?

by joeelgringo 8 months ago

So I regularly buy a certain organic brand of garlic at my local Shoprite (NJ grocery store chain). Last month when I bought it I noticed that the garlic came from Spain instead of Mexico, where it...

Addicted to garlic stuffed olives . . . the best ever

by danhole 14 years ago

I found a new item at the store about 4 months ago. It was Mezzetta (Napa Valley Bistro) garlic stuffed olives, with fresh olives, marinated in herbs and Napa Valley Chardonnay. The sodium is less ...

Garlic by the pound in East Bay?

by trueblu 1 year ago

I'm looking to buy bulk garlic (around 10lbs). Most stores except wholefoods (!!!) only sell by the piece, much to my shock and dismay. Any inexpensive stores in East Bay that sell garlic by weig...

Garlic burning my fingers

by RodrigodelR 5 years ago

I have been cooking for 15 years and about 3 years ago I started having a problem when working with garlic. When I cut garlic it burns the outer part of my fingers which are in contact with the ...

can I "can" roasted garlic in oil?

by Lynndsey Rigberg 10 years ago

Hi Chowhounds, I got a tremendous bounty of peeled garlic and thought about roasting garlic in oil in the oven and then once it cooled, I would put them in jars and then seal them. Hopefully, I...

Garlic. Peeled? Unpeeled?

by StevietheFish 1 year ago

I have been seeing, with increasing frequency, recipes that call for adding whole garlic cloves with the peel on. This seems to be a recent innovation. I don't recall ever seeing this in older cook...

Creamy Garlic Dressing Recipe? (Chicago style)

by tiffeecanoe 9 years ago

I miss the amazing creamy garlic salad dressings popular, or well, once popular, in Chicago restaurants, especially Italian. My all time favorite will always be from Tony & Lil's that used to be i...

botulism from garlic in olive oil?

by Kalyov 9 years ago

I have heard that you can create botulism from putting garlic in olive oil. Is that just making garlic infused oil? Or does the same risk appear if I want to use it in a soup? This is the recipe...

Fresh garlic in salad dressing

by musiclvr56 1 year ago

I prefer to use fresh garlic for health reasons - it releases allicin after it sits for about 15 minutes. The taste is too strong to use in my salad dressing. Is there something I could do to the ...

Is Pink Garlic Safe?

al b. darned
by al b. darned 11 years ago

A friend gave me a ziplock bag of peeled garlic cloves which I tossed into the fridge. Well the migrated to the back and got lost. When I pulled them out I discovered they have turned pink. Does an...

how to keep roasted garlic

by ChrisKC 10 years ago

I'm not sure what I was thinking, but a couple days ago I roasted a head of garlic & only used a little.. Now I'm going out of town for a week,, is there a way to keep it? I thought about trying ...

Peeling garlic a week before planting

by Shrinkrap 5 years ago

I have the good fortune of being in Florence right now,and see the most amazing looking "Aglio Rosso" garlic at the market. I want to bring some home to grow, but you can only bring peeled cloves...

Is garlic salt iodized?

by Reston 8 years ago

My internet search did not give me an answer, and I don't feel like calling McCormick. Anybody know if it's iodized?

Can I re-roast garlic cloves?

by spock74 3 years ago

Here’s the thing, I just got an Instant Pot so of course I’m ooohing and aaahing over all of the “Did you know you could do X in this miracle device?!?!” post I come across. Fast forward to last ni...

Any recipes for sour (not dill, not garlic) pickles?

by labkfoodie 13 years ago

I'm looking for a recipe for something I've never seen in the stores: sour pickles that are neither dill nor garlic. Does anyone have a recipe? A quick version would be nice, too. Thanks!

How do you stop pickled garlic from turning blue? (Not a joke!)

by howard-2 18 years ago

Recipes for pickled garlic always have you put the garlic (peeled or unpeeled, whole or separated into cloves) into a solution of vinegar, sugar, water, and salt. Then you put something on top of ...

Onion & garlic turn green when sautéed!?

by specialk 14 years ago

While cooking a massive batch of black bean burritos bound for the freezer , I was sautéing garlic (20 cloves, crushed) and onions (4 large, minced) in olive oil in a Calphalon pan. While cooking...

A handful of garlic scapes

by nofunlatte 3 years ago

Eight, to be exact. I went to pick up some chickens at a local organic farm and one of the farmers gave me a handful to take along. What would you do with them? Add them when making a basil pesto (...