Game Meat Recipes for the Big Game

The Super Bowl, by any other name, is one of the biggest sporting (and TV-watching) events of the year, and a prime time for packing away massive amounts of food, much of it meaty. Given the occasion...

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Suggestions for celebratory dinner in barcelona

by coookie 4 years ago

hi hounds, my wife and i are traveling to barcelona this summer. we're looking for a special restaurant to celebrate my parents' 40th wedding anniversary. party size will be 6 people. one din...

Roy's Swiss Sausage Factory | Greenfield - Salinas Valley

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

Swiss Sausage is a specialty of this part of the world, brought here by the Swiss-Italian families who settled in the Salinas Valley to farm. When you're lucky enough to find it in the retail case,...

Paca or gibnut in Boston area?

by BlakeGumprecht 4 years ago

I teach a course on the Geography of Food at the University of New Hampshire. I'm preparing a short lecture of native meats of South America and have been reading about paca, sometimes also called ...

Best Game meat.

by Moosemeat 13 years ago

I was just wondering if anyone on the boards could reccomend a good place to buy game meat, especially caribou or moose. It would be great if you know of somewhere that has all-year offerings, but ...

Dry Aging Meat at Home

by vikingkaj 4 years ago

This is also included in a larger post, but I am re-posting as a standalone for anyone who is look for a quick guide to dry aging at home. First and foremost, the practice of dry aging or hangin...

Elk, Buffalo, etc--do they taste good? Help needed!!

by Howard_2 13 years ago

I was recently in the Northern rockies (Wyoming, Idaho, etc), and of course, some menus listed elk or buffalo in some form. I ordered a dish that had elk *loin*, and it didn't taste very diffe...

I hate organ meat

by JuniorBalloon 9 years ago

There I said it. I love to cook and I like to try different foods, but can't stomach organ meat. When in Palermo Italy we did a market tour and cooking class. Part of the tour was a taste of some o...

What are your favorites for wild game in December?

by LillianDish 6 years ago

What are your favorites for the wild game? We're in Paris during the first week in December. Thanks!

Yak burger at Restaurant Shambala

by eatsfromtheeast 4 years ago

http://restaurant-leshambala.ca/ I believe this place has been around for a while but I personally just randomly discovered it and was intrigued by the Yak burger and Yak tartare. Didn't try the...

Saddle Peak Lodge to DineLA or Not? A No Lose Situation.

by wienermobile 5 years ago

Went to DineLA at Saddle Peak Lodge this week for their DineLA 6 course Elk Tenderloin $50 special dinner (that everyone around us was ordering and really enjoying) but of course then on the menu I...

March 2012 COTM: The Olive and the Caper: Birds; Wild Game; Sauces and Toppings

by L.Nightshade 8 years ago

Please use this thread to discuss the recipes in the chapters on Birds; Wild Game; and Sauces and Toppings (pages 406 - 487) If you are reporting on a recipe that has not yet been reviewed, plea...

Spargos Grille in Manalapan

by MishyPoo 11 years ago

I must say....I am really in shock that there is not already a thread regarding this restaurant on Route 33 in Manalapan (in Andee Plaza). I was there tonight for their Game Tasting Menu, and as...

Wild Game Butchering The Way Our Ancestors Did in Plantation Days

by ennuisans 5 years ago

This is graphic, with photos, but educational. You might need to clean an eel some day.

January 2012 COTM: Essential Pepin: Poultry and Game

by LulusMom 8 years ago

Please use this thread to discuss and review recipes from the chapter about poultry and game. The Chowhound Team has asked me to remind you that verbatim copying of recipes to the boards is a v...

Venison Tenderloin

by picklelicious 8 years ago

Someone has given me a venison tenderloin, which I was very pleased to receive, but I have never prepared one before. I was wondering if any of you could give me your thoughts on the best way to p...

June 2009 COTM Elizabeth David Classics: Poultry & Game

by MMRuth 11 years ago

Welcome to Elizabeth David Classics, which includes these three books by Elizabeth David: A Book of Mediterranean Food [M] - "Poultry & Game " Summer Cooking [S] - "Poultry & Game " French Cou...

Anyone for Black Bear Burgers?

by Dave Feldman 19 years ago

I went to the Waterfront Ale House last night, looked at the blackboard for specials, and found the game burger of the day was "Black Bear." I've managed to live my all-too-long life without ev...

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