UF grads: Do you remember a sub shop that delivered to the dorms in the early '60s?

by Big Bad Voodoo Lou 6 years ago

Hey Chowhounds! I was wondering if anyone attended the University of Florida or lived in Gainesville back in the early '60s. My mom was trying to remember a sub shop that delivered to the dorms b...

Old-School Eats in Northern Florida?

by saltsmokesun 6 years ago

I'm looking for your favorite barbecue joints, meat-and-threes, seafood shacks, and other old-fashioned spots in the vicinity of Jacksonville, Gainesville, and St. Augustine. Especially anywhere se...

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Skeeter's Big Biscuits

by cindycat 17 years ago

Forgive me if this is slightly off-topic. I'm looking for info on a restaurant that probably isn't there anymore. I'm working on a museum research project and would like to find out about Skeeter's...

Options for a Gainesville weekend

by Susan54 6 years ago

We've got two nights in Gainesville, Saturday and Sunday. Where should we eat that's authentic? Breakfast recommends welcome, too.

Gainesville Christmas dinner

by OysterHo 7 years ago

Hi, going to run away to gator country for the holidays. Any super nice romantic places to recommend? Thanks!

Russian grocery/deli in Gainesville/Jacksonville/Orlando?

by maralenenok 12 years ago

Hi guys, I wondered if you could help me out. My parents recently moved to Gainesville. So far they haven't found a Russian grocery store, or some other eastern European grocery that stocks Russian...

Gainesville: Any Hope At All?

by taiga 7 years ago

Looking for cool, simple places in Gainesville. Some style a plus, but unpretentious holes in the wall preferred over tacky tourist spots. Ethnic all good. Old fashioned also good. Sports bars no g...

Thanksgiving Dining Out in Gainesville Area

by jasdeans 8 years ago

Where to eat on Thanksgiving in Gainesville? What restaurants are serving.

Gainesville on a Sunday night (open past 8 p.m.)

by mikeh 8 years ago

Flying into Gainesville, FL around 7:30 p.m. on an upcoming Sunday and facing a few hours' driving thereafter. Would like to get some decent grub for dinner before hitting the road. Ideally, I'd ...

Good news for Sinophile Gators -- REAL Chinese food in Gainesville! (kind of long)

by FeliciaL 9 years ago

I'm a longtime CH lurker finally moved to post: A couple of credible, authentic Chinese restaurants have finally opened in Gainesville! As I've been suffering from extreme dim sum/congee withdraw...

UofFL/Gainesville area

by mushroomaffairs 9 years ago

Hi all, I'll be in Gainseville and U of FL in two weeks! (go Gators, lol). Any suggestions for nice restaurants in the city -- any and all options, cheap, expensive, any cuisine, breakfast, lun...

Trader Joe's coming to Gainesville!

by Lindamccat 9 years ago

An article in Friday's Alligator said that a Trader Joe's is coming to the Butler Plaza in Gainesville this year! Yayy! Tallahassee next???

Weekend in Gainesville

by prairieprincess 9 years ago

I'd like recommendations for "Good" food in Gainsville. Anything ethnic would be appreciated.

Tell me about the state of food in Gainesville

by Big Bad Voodoo Lou 9 years ago

Hey, folks! I lived in Gainesville from 1996 to 2003 as a poor student, and I've hardly been back since. I was just wondering about the food scene in town, since it changed a lot while I was ther...

Anything Good in Gainesville?

by tlpollard 14 years ago

Going to Gainesville for UF's family weekend in Oct. ls there anywhere good to eat besides chain restaurants? My daughter says she's found a good sushi place, but my husband refuses to eat sushi....

Gainesville in July - Need Dinner

by RisaG 10 years ago

On the way to Sarasota and Siesta Key for a week, we'll be stopping in Gainesville. I want a place that is good local eats - fish, seafood, anything good that is reasonable in price. No more than $...

Suggestions for Gainesville

by air 11 years ago

I ran a search and majority of the posts from the other Gainesville threads looks dated, so I'd like to get some more recent input. I'm coming from Dallas for a business trip and I will have a car....

Easter Sunday Brunch in Gainesville?

by adesalvo 10 years ago

What restaurants offer Easter Sunday brunch in the Gainesville area? Buffets or menu ordering are both good options; reservations ideal. Any suggestions are helpful!

Any new places good in gainesville?

by gatoredu 11 years ago

Tried all the old favorites and are tired of them or they have lost their luster. Mildred's, Emiliano's, Amelia's have all gone down hill. Dragonfly continues to please. Back in town this month ...

is Fresco in Gainesville still good?

by Ignatious Riley 11 years ago

Have not been in a while. For us, it is hard to drive past the Blue Highway in Micanopy. Need to go back.