How Did the Most Popular Apples Get Their Names?

Ever wondered how certain apples got their names? Here are the stories behind a few of our favorite apple varieties. There’s a plethora of perfect produce this time of year, and our favorite seasonal...

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seed and pit edibility: please dispel myths from my childhood...

by silence9 13 years ago

Hiya... I will sheepishly admit that I do not know if it is OK/safe to consume the seeds and pits of common fruit. Sometimes I just want to eat the entire apple, orange, grape, pomegranite, etc., s...

Fruta Extraña: The Story Of Fruit In Latin America, Told Through Music

ISO Niagara Fruit and Produce on Friday (markets?)

by itryalot 4 years ago

Just found out will be in the Niagara area on Friday (Oakville too) for work. Where is there a great place to buy local fruit and veggies (some unique too)? I only know of the Port Colbourne city h...


by clairelv 4 years ago

Does anyone know enzymes? i mean fruit enzymes. was told that is very good for our health and skin, even helpful for losing weight. is it? do you know how to make it?

Quality of fruits and vegetables on the market.

by ZEEDAN 4 years ago

Is there a way to know when was fruits or veggies harvested? The quality of fruits is in a sad state on our shelves. Is calufornia so far that we might be eating more than 3 weeks food. I...

Exotic fruits(esp mangosteen) in the Bay Area?

by terin238 4 years ago

Does anybody know where the best place to get rare fruits would be? I'm specifically looking for mangosteen, but I'd love the opportunity to discover and explore other fruits as well.

Allergic reaction to fruit acid

by margoladybug 4 years ago

I am 43 and have all a sudden been having a reaction to certain fruits. Basically the only fruits I can eat are: bananas, melons, apples, and pears. Does anybody know what to do because berries are...

Chinatown fruit report, 2015 edition.

by buttertart 5 years ago

Xin nian kuai le! The 2014 thread has seen some action of late, so let's make a new start for this year. It has been pretty much status quo in Manhattan Chinatown, citrus and pomegranates and so ...

Need to get a fruit basket delivered...best value for quality

by itryalot 4 years ago

Hi all - I have a friend who is ill and I wnated to send a fruit basket. I don't know TO enough. She lives in the city and I'd like to get some recs for quality and price. I'm not looking to spen...

Where do *you* buy good fruit in Manhattan?

by tanno 4 years ago

I'm so tired of eating mediocre plums, disappointing cherries, bland peaches, and blasé nectarines. Where do you buy your fruit from? (Sigh. From where do you buy your fruit?) I live in Chels...

Fresh yuzu or sudachi?

by heyitsjai 9 years ago

I'm not even sure when the growing season is, but does anyone know where I can find fresh yuzu or sudachi? It seems like half the restaurants in LA are using yuzu nowadays... are they all using bo...

Is there any reason to NOT wash fruit before canning?

babette feasts
by babette feasts 4 years ago

I'm not doing the canning, but recently I've watched people process cherries and apricots for canning without washing the fruit first. Now I realize that tree fruit is pretty clean, canning should...

Using old fruits?

by missi14 4 years ago

I thought I asked this already, but there's no sign of the same. Anyway, I'm wondering what to do with old oranges or old citrus in general. I think Mark Bittman suggests macerating? (info ...

Tips for Muddled Fruit Drinks?

by Klunco 4 years ago

Does anyone have tips for incorporating fresh fruit into drinks via muddling? I've seen bars muddling half peaches into drinks or blackberries. My attempt at a muddled-peach whiskey smash wasn't ...

From the Farmers’ Market to the Freezer

by MGZ 4 years ago

I'm glad to see the strengthening of this practice - both in homes and restaurants.

Best way to eat dragonfruit (aka pitaya)

by megek 13 years ago

My friend and I bought these at the farmer's market because they are so pretty, and neither of us had ever tried one. She ate her's and claimed it tasted terrible, bland with chemical after-taste. ...

Biling Fruit

by thechez5 4 years ago

Growing up in Sri Lanka, the Biling fruit was my favorite. It is a sour fruit that is eaten with salt. I can't think of anything that it is comparable to, sorry. Has anyone seen this particular fru...

Pie Fruit Isn't Sweet - Or Is It?

by MissDior 4 years ago

I started another thread in which I related a failed experiment at trying to rescue mushy blueberries with a prepared pie crust (because it was cheap and I didn't want to fuss). I added hardly any ...

I'm blocking for the name of a dessert

Pat Hammond
by Pat Hammond 4 years ago

It's been a long time since I prepared this. In my memory, it starts with a "c" but maybe not! It puffs up sort of like a Dutch baby pancake and fruit is added, as in raspberry --------, blueberr...

In your seasonal culinary garden, what do you grow EVERY year?

by msmarm 5 years ago

(Maybe share the size of your garden, your average weather conditions, consistent pests like deer, rats, etc.) I'm in SoCal and have a 20'x20' plot in a community garden about 10 minutes from ho...

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