Frozen Food

The deep freeze is here. Find what you need to know about frozen food, from storage suggestions to favorite frozen foods to recipes using frozen foods.

Here's Why Frozen Food Is Having an Unlikely Boom

Millennials have been accused of killing everything from napkins to Applebee's. But there's one surprising industry they're helping to revive–frozen food. According to a report in Bloomberg, for the...

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Transporting Frozen Food

Chew on That
by Chew on That 12 years ago

Hi guys, My brother asked that I bring him frozen food when I visit him, but to visit him requires a 4.5 hour flight. We're of course packing the food in hot/cold bags made for preserving hot o...

Restaurants & frozen food (beef, fish, etc)

by Howard_2 12 years ago

I was thinking about how restaurants work, in terms of being able to serve patrons the items on the menu without running out, yet not having to throw out food that's spoiled, such as beef, chicken,...

Ratatouille...Celeb Chef w the Frozen Foods

by chrisinroch 12 years ago

Did the scene with the frozen foods make you think of particular chef? I thought of wolfgang puck. Anybody else have somebody in mind?

Where to Buy Insulated or Foam Containers in the Los Angeles Area for Shipping Frozen Food?

by Pamela 12 years ago

I've decided that I will buy many dozen frozen tamales from a local establishment and ship them to a couple of places in the United States, including one to the east coast. I plan to ship the tama...

Good Frozen Food and Food Ingredients

by Frederick 12 years ago

In Paris and France at large, there's a chain called 'Picard' that specializes exclusively in frozen food, from ingredients (rhubarb, chopped onions, meats, fish, sauces etc.) to full dishes (appet...

Shipping frozen food: need advice

bananna slug
by bananna slug 12 years ago

I am out of control craving one of my very favorite meals/memories of growing up. There is a place called the Pasty Kitchen in Los Alamitos, California that serves amazing pasties and has for prob...

A la Zing ... fantastic frozen food?

by rworange 12 years ago

Gee, I don't know where to post this. I guess it is mail order food so ... Has anyone tried this and could you explain how this differs from buying frozen dinners at the market except that they ...

Fresh frozen foods

Bob Catt
by Bob Catt 12 years ago

You already may know of it, but recently we discovered a trove of freshly frozen foods out on Old Kingston Rd.in Ajax. It's MacMillan Orchards, where we stocked up on what they called "Macpancakes"...

RAVE! Havana Roadhouse Cuban Sandwiches - in the frozen food section

by SLL1065 14 years ago

I'm a big fan of the Cuban sandwich. For me, all other sandwiches pale in comparison. So when I saw Havana Roadhouse Cuban Sandwiches in the frozen food section of my local supermarket, I figured t...

Passover Frozen Food on Clearance@Ralphs Grocery Stores

by davinagr 13 years ago

Was in Ralphs last night in Southern California and they had an end-cap freezer full of frozen Kosher for Passover food at rock bottom prices (75% off). Large rolls of frozen Gefilte Fish for $2, ...

Trader Joe's Frozen Foods: food coloring?

by TJ shopper 13 years ago

Hello Chowhounds, After a quick Googling turned up very little, I thought I'd post here. I used a Trader Joe's frozen strawberry as an ice cube in my seltzer water last night. Within 1/2 hour,...

meal prep, frozen food, stock the freezer

by schifrin 13 years ago

Out here in Los Angeles, there are a number of shops that provide customers with the all the necessary foods and materials to assemble full entrees (uncooked), ready to pop into the freezer for lat...

Atlanta. Chef Liu. When Frozen Food Happens To Good People.

by Steve Drucke 14 years ago

I stopped at Chef Liu on Buford Hwy for lunch yesterday. A few minutes before my order came up, a cook came out of the kitchen and opened the big white chest freezer out by the register. He pull...

Andronico's bi-annual frozen food sale - WOW!

by kimchee 14 years ago

I was at Andronico's this morning grabbing bananas and noticed that they are having an amazing frozen food sale. The cashier told me they do it twice a year. 50% off all frozen foods except ice c...

frozen food store

by franknbean 15 years ago

hi everyone - I hear there is a store somewhere on the upper east side that only sells frozen foods - and a huge variety of them..,I'm so curious! What is it and where is it exactly? I think its...

Shipping Frozen Food - Need Advice

by Cathy2 16 years ago

Hi! My sister lives in Mississippi and keeps nagging me to send her frozen deep dish pizzas from Chicago. I have explored some of the issues: - Ordering and shipping pizza from her favorite vend...

Frozen Foods

by baby_tran 16 years ago

Does anyone have any favourites/dislikes from M&M Meatshops? How about any other brands? I've tried President's Choice. They're OK in a pinch. I need something to keep on hand for emergencies...

frozen crab legs

by Val G 17 years ago

A quick crabby query... I bought some frozen snow crab legs. Should I thaw before steaming them? Is there a trick to cooking them so that the meat slides easily out of the shell?

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