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The deep freeze is here. Find what you need to know about frozen food, from storage suggestions to favorite frozen foods to recipes using frozen foods.

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Defrost frozen fish in original plastic packaging. Safe?

by mike2401 6 years ago

Why does my fozen salmon purchased from store in plastic wrapping warn AGAINST thawing in its original plastic wrap? ...


cwegv commented 7 days ago

Schwans Home Delivery

by mamamia 10 years ago

(the title should have the correct spelling - Schwans) On my drive home I was next to a Schwans delivery truck. I...


dfrostnh commented 20 days ago

Bagel Dogs! Help!

by moochia 5 years ago

The Husband's birthday will soon be here. He's been craving bagel dogs since Costco stopped carrying them years ago....


msnikkib143 commented 1 month ago

Canned frozen lobster: worth eating?

by stak 4 years ago

On sale right now at my local grocer: cans of frozen lobster for $15, regularly priced at $25. I assume it won't be a...


dhp699 commented 2 months ago

Cooking instructions for frozen pot pie

by dmd_kc 8 years ago

And no, the answer is not, "Just check what Banquet printed on the box!" ;) Thanks to other posters here, I've decid...


jtetmom commented 2 months ago

Fish Sticks--yes, fish sticks!

by randyjl 5 years ago

I remember how good fish sticks were back when I was a kid. The best ones I have found today are Schwann's. Can anyon...


Querencia commented 2 months ago


by Jim Leff 2 months ago

I just polished off the last of a big stack of frozen spicy lahmacun from a company called Kupelian, in New Jersey. N...


Anicca commented 2 months ago

How to cook frozen steam buns

by hlbones 10 years ago

I got some frozen steam buns in Chinatown and tried to cook them. I steamed them in a bamboo steamer (over a wok); on...


rowrow123 commented 2 months ago

How to use a bag of frozen mixed seafood so that it isn't chewy as gum.

by Full tummy 9 years ago

I recently purchased a bag and used it in a pasta sauce; it has mussels, squid rings, and octopus, among other types ...


JacKla commented 3 months ago


by laura_de 4 months ago

Does anyone know where i can find bagel dogs. Costco cisco'd them. I haven't been able to find them anywhere. Im clos...

Ttrockwood commented 4 months ago

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Frozen Sour Cherries: Long Island NY?

by sbp 4 months ago

Anyone know where to find frozen sour cherries on Long Island? Nazar Turkish market in Deer Park used to carry them, ...

Can I cook a frozen pan of lasagna?

by laredo 6 years ago

I don't think I worded the title very well.......Sorry. Brain not working.... I have a nine-inch pan of lasagna, ...


goldengrain commented 4 months ago

In Praise of Mrs. Smith's Berry Pie

by zackly 4 months ago

I picked up one of these on sale for $2.00 last week. I don't know the regular price. I baked it off to have as one o...


sedimental commented 4 months ago

HELP! - Bagel dogs, lots of 'em

by captainzen 12 years ago

Anyone have any idea where a person could buy bagel dogs in bulk, preferably on the Peninsula? Costco and Smart & ...


laura_de commented 4 months ago

Recs for best frozen pans of lasagna in Woodbridge or Mississauga

by itryalot 5 months ago

Want to buy some meat and non-meat (open to things like butternut squash or ricotta/spinach) frozen lasagnas for a po...


Crepes Suzette commented 5 months ago

Optimum freezer temperature

by Boxman 5 months ago

Intellectual curiosity got the better of me this evening, so I'm turning to the experts. What is the optimum free...


MikeG commented 5 months ago

Help! Is my pork sausage okay to eat?

by claireheinze 5 months ago

I had taken a roll of Jimmy Dean pork sausage out of the freezer around 12:30 and I forgot about it until a little af...


LorenzoGA commented 5 months ago

Befuddled by Cooking Instructions for Frozen Chinese Dumplings

by Bookwich 6 months ago

I bought a bag of Chinese dumplings and the cooking directions are to boil the water, add the dumplings, boil, add a ...


Bookwich commented 6 months ago

Special Find! WILD Heads-on Argentinian Prawns

by Charles Yu 7 months ago

Mid-Autumn Festival Special at Foody Mart ( Steeles/Warden ) WILD Heads-on Argentinian Red Prawns ( 10/20 ). Was $...

Charles Yu commented 6 months ago

Surprising and amazing frozen 'Har Gow' find!

by Charles Yu 7 months ago

If you are in the mood for quality ' Har Gow' shrimp dumplings at home, forget about all those inferior and mediocre ...


MattHooper commented 7 months ago