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How do you keep your frittatas from sticking?

by Gretchen 5 months ago

The only frying pan i have that i can put under the broiler is my enameled Le Crueset and i think i have destroyed th...


dtremit commented 5 months ago

What pan to use for frittata?

by Bethcooks 8 years ago

I need a nonstick pan that I can put in the oven to finish off a frittata. The pan I used was fine for the oven but...


MedMarine64 commented 2 years ago

Baked Frittata

by bxgirl 2 years ago

I am planning to make a frittata for a crowd this weekend. I want to make it in a rectangular pan, rather than a fry...


bxgirl commented 2 years ago

Seeking Feedback on Frittata-Rolling for a Sausage Egg Pastry Roll

by opinionatedchef 3 years ago

I started thinking about a handheld Breakfast Sandwich wrapped in Puff Pastry or Filo. But I would rather be armed wi...


Ttrockwood commented 3 years ago

Frittata keeps sticking to my cast iron-what am I doing wrong?

by justlauralibrarian 3 years ago

So I just moved and unpacked all of my kitchen stuff. Staring me in the face was my beautiful Griswold cast iron that...


justlauralibrarian commented 3 years ago

Stovetop/Oven Frittata in Tri-Ply Stainless Steel

by PeasantFood1985 4 years ago

I'm trying to add a frittata to my weekly repertoire-- with stainless steel, tri-ply pans. After cooking with a set o...


katarina88 commented 3 years ago

Favorite Frittata for a Group?

by sf415 4 years ago

Hello, I'm hosting a brunch/baby shower next month and would love to hear everyone's favorite frittata recipes. I...


Multifoiled commented 4 years ago

Frittatas that don't deflate???

by Jackie 13 years ago

First time making frittatas. I didn't use a recipe. I ssed 6 whole eggs, 6 egg whites, 1/2 minced red and yellow pe...


Arugala919 commented 4 years ago

scaling up a Frittata from a recipe

by violin 4 years ago

I am cooking a recipe today from the Smitten Kitchen cookbook. It is a feta/bacon/potato frittata. I am bringing it...


schrutefarms commented 4 years ago

Freezing a Frittata?

by September29 5 years ago

Have a bunch of chard and mushrooms in my fridge right now that I thought would be good in a frittata (with a potato ...


greygarious commented 5 years ago

Lunch (Not Quite Kosher): Frittata Ebraica (Jewish Italian Omelet) [moved from Kosher]

by ChiliDude 5 years ago

Using an old-fashioned 10.5" cast iron skillet that is well seasoned, this was lunch today, 18Feb14. Powdered egg whi...


ChiliDude commented 5 years ago

Broccoli & Ham Frittata --need advice

by x3LaLa 5 years ago

Hi All, I'm making a frittata for my work and I need help figuring out food safety issues. I plan on baking it in th...


sisterfunkhaus commented 5 years ago

Frittata vs. Omelet - What's your opinion?

by fldhkybnva 5 years ago

I posted a thread on "scrambled eggs vs omelet" and proclaimed a severe dislike for omelets. However, now that they ...


Wawsanham commented 5 years ago

Overnight guests- quiche, frittata or baked eggs?

by lab294 5 years ago

Hi there- I am having a group of 10 adults for an overnight stay in a few weeks. I am all set with dinner, but it ...


lab294 commented 5 years ago

Another Successful Frittata

by ChiliDude 6 years ago

I often make a frittata for lunch. My frittate (plural in Italian) have one unusual ingredient because of my choleste...


Gail commented 6 years ago

Best Frittata?

by Charles Pepper 6 years ago

My New Years Resolution is to eat less omelettes and more frittatas. Any suggestions for outstanding frittatas?


Servorg commented 6 years ago

Favorite frittata?

by mom22tots 8 years ago

Made a frittata yesterday with mushrooms, shallots, zucchini and parmesan cheese that was delicious. Would love sugg...


bmmer100 commented 6 years ago

Best frittata in SF?

by djquinnc 7 years ago

Any recommendations on where to get a really good frittata in SF. Staying near Fishermans Wharf/North Beach, but will...


zippo commented 7 years ago

Fantastic Frittata

by ChiliDude 7 years ago

This frittata is prepared so that flipping, as suggested by many recipes, is not necessary. Dried egg whites are used...


hotoynoodle commented 7 years ago

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

Frittata That Looks Like Pizza

by ChiliDude 7 years ago

(Frittata che assomiglia a pizza) This frittata is prepared so that flipping, as suggested by many recipes, is not...

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